The SMOKtech Fury-S: A Quality Mechanical MOD That Fits Any Budget
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The SMOKtech Fury-S: A Quality Mechanical MOD That Fits Any Budget


It seems as though you must either pay top dollar for a quality mechanical MOD, or deal with one that will constantly give you headaches. However, SMOKtech has recently released a genuinely high-quality mechanical MOD at a very affordable price—the all-new SMOKtech Fury-S Mechanical MOD.

SMOKtech Fury-S MOD

At first glance, this beautiful device makes a real impression. From its dazzling stainless steel construction, to its intricate details, to the unique skull design on the side of the MOD, you know you’re dealing with something special.

However, SMOKtech didn’t just make the Fury-S beautiful, but also very functional as well. For starters, the Fury-S is equipped with SMOKtech’s signature magnetic button system. This is a true benefit, as polar magnets rather than a spring repels the button, making it very durable and long lasting. In time, springs will almost certainly lose their bounce, whereas magnets will always maintain their integrity regardless of how many times the button is depressed.

The SMOKtech Fury-S Mechanical MOD is also smartly built with a Smart Lock System, which allows you to lock the fire button when the device is not in use. For anyone who has experienced accidental firing of your MOD while its being carried in your pocket or bag, you know what an important feature this is. Not only does it help save your coils, juice, and wicks, but also helps eliminate a major hazard. Since mechanical MODs don’t have any electronics or circuitry, they generally don’t have the safety options that APVs do, such as automatic shutoff. For this reason, the ability to prevent accidental firing while your MOD is not in use is very important.

SMOKtech Fury-S MOD

Moreover, unlike many MODs on the market today, the SMOKtech Fury-S has built-in cooling vents, which allows the heat generated by using it to dissipate through them. This isn’t only an important safety feature, but also makes using it much more comfortable. MODs that aren’t designed with cooling vents tend to get extremely hot when used for a period of time, which makes it difficult to handle. Although a seemingly minor and obvious feature, many MODs on the market don’t have cooling vents built in.

The SMOKtech Fury-S Mechanical MOD generated an output voltage of 3.7V – 4.2V, and takes standard IMR 18650 batteries. Equipped with a 510 thread, this beautiful device can be used with many popular RDAs available.

All in all, we are very impressed with the new SMOKtech Fury-S, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, yet affordable, mechanical MOD. However, make sure you purchase your Fury-S from a reputable company, as there are already many reports of knockoffs being sold and distributed out there. You can purchase your genuine SMOKtech Fury-S Mechanical MOD at the lowest price by clicking HERE.

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