The All-New Joyetech Evic Supreme Advanced Personal Vaporizer
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The All-New Joyetech Evic Supreme Advanced Personal Vaporizer

by Jenny Spring

Having established itself as one of the innovators of the APV market with the introduction of the eVic, JoyeTech follows up on the premium model's successes with the latest eVic Supreme. Despite the original vaporizer's renowned quality and rich aesthetics, JoyeTech has managed to raise the bar once again, culminating in rave reviews by enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Joyetech eVic Supreme APV

Of immediate note are the visual cues, both subtle and conspicuous, that distinguish the eVic Supreme from its competitors. The stainless steel chassis glistens with a weighty texture, supported by a hint of matte finishing. The exterior lining are more sharply defined than its predecessor, accentuating its superior workmanship. Aside from its artistry, the new eVic Supreme APV is articulated by functional aesthetics, namely, the larger OLED display which allows pictures to be uploaded and viewed from its screen (through the updated firmware). The enhanced surface area produces crisp imagery and details more information than its predecessor model.

The biggest distinguishing factor in this second-generation offering is the core electronics. The Joyetech eVic Supreme's maximum output has been increased to an impressive 30-watts, an attribute that is the exclusive domain of vaporizers priced $150 and above. Of course, voltage has been improved as well, moving up to a maximum of 6 volts. The flagship eVic Supreme also supports an adjustable range between 0.5 Ohms to 5.0 Ohms, a modularity that will undoubtedly cater towards the "cloud chasing" crowd. Actual power is supplied via Sony's 2100mAh lithium battery (sku # US18650VTC4), a model known for its safety, stability and extra-large capacity.

An ergonomic issue that hindered the original eVic was the design of the USB port, the fragility of which led to breakage of the rubber port cap protecting the connective gateway. The problem stemmed from the hinging of the port cap to the eVic chassis : once separated, it could not be reattached. Joyetech responded to consumer concerns by introducing a removable port cap that slightly protrudes when fully inserted, allowing for easy access.

Joyetech eVic Supreme APV

Also receiving the ergonomic treatment is the end-cap, which is perfectly threaded and polished. Removal of an old battery is a simple and fluid operation, an underappreciated ode to the overall quality of the new Joyetech eVic Supreme. The ease of use translates into the 360-degree adjustment dial, which sets voltage or wattage according to user preference. Each twist on the dial is met with a firm click, accommodating precise modifications.

Clearly, JoyeTech expended enormous amounts of time and money into consumer analytics. The outcome is a successor model that not only addresses prior issues, but forwards additional innovation on a platform renowned for that basis.

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