The Kanger Emus Starter Kit: An Advanced Compact Electronic Cigarette Kit
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The Kanger Emus Starter Kit: An Advanced Compact Electronic Cigarette Kit

by Jenny Spring


If you're one of several vaping enthusiasts who simply enjoy the quality of the experience without all the extraneous luxuries, then the Kanger EMUS is just for you! Featuring all of the necessities required to extract the perfect vape, the EMUS is distributed in a clean, discrete package with multiple color options. As an added bonus for the purist, the pricing for the starter kit and its associated accessories is very difficult to beat!

Kanger Emus Starter Kit

Aesthetically, Kanger's "fighter model" is the ultimate companion piece, a sturdy and reliable vaporizer for the busy professional and anyone who finds themselves subject to a constantly rotating schedule. Relatively smaller compared to traditional e-cigarette offerings, the EMUS' chassis is articulated with rich colors and premium finishing.

On the performance front, the battery power is nearly on-par with the popular eGO, with a manufacturer's rated output of 550mAh. The settings on the clearomizer can be adjusted for preference, with a range between 1.5 - 3.3 ohms. The EMUS is also 510 Threaded, providing the option of using other clearomizers. Enthusiasts may find this a particularly useful modulation, as the supplied clearomizer is of a bottom-coil variant, whereas the latest consumer trend is shifting towards dual coil.

Finally, who can beat the price? With several retailers selling the starter kit below $50, the EMUS is in a class of its own, offering unrivaled bang for the buck! The vaping quality matches that of more expensive brands, while the adequately powered battery and smaller chassis size complements the functional purpose of the EMUS.

All in all, the Kanger EMUS is designed for the mobile enthusiast in mind, and in that context, it fires on all cylinders. The combination of aesthetic finish, performance, and price suggests that the EMUS will find a hearty welcome within the vaping community for years to come!

As with most name brand electronic cigarette kits and devices, there are a host of knockoffs in the marketplace. Make sure that you purchase your Kanger Emus Kit from a reputable company. For the lowest price on a genuine Kanger Emus Starter Kit, click here.

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