Kanger Evod Starter Kit: The Perfect Way To Start Vaping
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Kanger Evod Starter Kit: The Perfect Way To Start Vaping

by Jenny Spring


As one of the pioneers in the e-cigarette industry, Kanger has consistently established itself as a trusted source for quality vaping experiences. While they may be more known for their innovations in the atomizer department, the demand for starter kits has been rapidly increasing as the traditional cigarette consumer base becomes exposed to the vaping craze in large numbers. Fortunately, Kanger has leveraged their ground-breaking technologies and workmanship into their latest offering, the eVod Starter Kit.

Kanger Evod Starter Kit

Don't let the name "starter kit" bias you into preconceived notions of cheap and inferior. From the get-go, the entire eVod package evokes discreet quality, with the body lines and branding indicative of understatement rather than garish showmanship. Inside the box are the essential pieces of the kit, which include two 650 mAh-rated Evod batteries (manually operated), two EVOD clearomizers, 5 spare atomizers coils, a wall adapter, and a USB charger.

The provided batteries are both eGo and 510 threaded, making them compatible with eGo and 510 devices, a significant advantage to have in a starter kit due to the propensity for vaping enthusiasts to tinker with several accessories in an attempt to customize the draw and heat of their vapes. The Evod kits are available in black, stainless steel, blue, pink, purple, and wine red. Selection of course is left to personal preference, although the red option is particularly attractive with its juxtaposition against the minimalist gray corporate branding.

Length of performance is exceptional, with the 650 mAh powered batteries providing six hours of usage for the moderate vaper, a principle advantage of higher capacities. Since they are manually operated, this allows the user to turn the device completely off, thus helping to prevent accidental depletion. One of the underappreciated qualities of the Kanger eVod kit is the length of time it takes to recharge a battery, which is around 4 hours. With the provided spare battery, an enthusiast could easily vape away while the other one rejuvenates. A handy light on the USB charger turns from red to green once the battery is fully charged.

Kanger Evod Kit

Of course, the vaping experience is what drives consumers to shell out their money, and in this regard, the eVod truly impresses. Flavors from your e-liquid of choice come through with rich fullness, leaving behind remarkable depth of clouds. None of the cheapness or strange tastes associated with lesser kits emanated from the Kanger eVod. Reviews from industry critics and comments from the vaping blogosphere articulate this motif as well, noting the excellent flavor and the stability of the product.

Overall, the Kanger eVod Kit fires on all cylinders, delivering exceptional performance at a very reasonable price point. The quality craftsmanship and durability in the physical framework, along with the subtle nuances of higher capacity batteries, provides both novice vapers as well as seasoned veterans an everyday workhorse that extracts the perfect vape!

As with most electronic cigarette and vaping products, there are a lot of knockoffs floating around the market.  Click HERE to purchase your genuine Kanger Evod Starter Kit at the lowest price on the net.

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