The All New Aspire Nautilus Mini: The Best Just Got Better!
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The All New Aspire Nautilus Mini: The Best Just Got Better!

by Jenny Spring


Offering exceptional performance at reasonable price points combined with the aesthetic undertones of "fashionable spartanism," e-cigarette company Aspire has found a strong and loyal fan base since its inception in 2013. As one of the youngest vaping manufacturers, it also happens to be amongst the most innovative, perhaps in part to the bold moxy that is often exhibited by competitors that have something to prove. Their latest model, the Nautilus Mini, is in line with the company's short but remarkable legacy, an alchemy that has resulted in big vapors in a diminutive package.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Clearomizer

Unlike some glassomizers which are short on price and on quality, the Nautilus Mini is endowed with a deliberate strategy. Featuring the classic, understated lines that Aspire is famous for, the Mini is solidly built, with adjustable parts fastening into place and limiting opportunities for accidental removal.

However, it's the internals of the Aspire Nautilus Mini that distinguishes the brand from the plethora of vaping competition. At the heart of this composition is Aspire's patented BVC, or Bottom Vertical Coil atomizer technology. According to their corporate slogan, this results in "much better taste, much more stable, much longer lifetime, much huger vapor." Aside from the tongue-in-cheek grammatical liberties, the BVC-powered Mini Nautilus lives up to its advertised claims, quickly winning over initial commentators after product launch.

One of the physical changes evident in this glassomizer is the improved four-port adjustable air flow system, which allows the user to modulate draw intake, vapor warmth, and the amount of vapor produced. The ultimate result for the vaping enthusiast is a pure and clean taste extracted from the litany of e-liquids and juices. The compact design allows for easy installation and removal, making refills and cleaning less of a hassle.

Although not part of the officially advertised attributes, consistency of performance has been one of the talking points in vaping forums, comment sections and the blogosphere. Despite chronic usage (and in some cases, over-usage), the Nautilus Mini chugs like the workhorse it was designed to be, limiting the number of annoying dry hits and sloppy gurgles.

Aspire has been hitting it out of the ballpark in only their second year in business and the vaping community at large is all the better for it. The Nautilus Mini is as good as advertised, even adding nuances to the overall end-user experience that exceeds expectations, especially at the offered price point. Click HERE to pick one'll be glad you did!

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