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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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10 Things Newbies Should Know About Vaping

10 Things Newbies Should Know About Vaping

by Todd Slater

 For many of us, vaping has become one of the center points of our lives, but it took a great deal of research and inventive personalities to get to where we are today.  There’s a lot of us that have already paved the way for those just entering this technology packed way of nicotine delivery.  However, learning about vaping still requires extensive research and those who are new often become overwhelmed.  With that said, we’re going to cut to the chase and list 10 things newbies should know about vaping.

1.) Opinions and Views From The Public

The first thing you should know about vaping, is that a lot of the public doesn’t know about vaping, and there are others that do, but haven’t been informed on them properly.  Because of the immaculate success from vaping, big pharmaceutical companies and those who have fought against tobacco products hire high paid PR firms to spread propaganda on vaping throughout the media.

What’s sad, is that vaping has had more success in eliminating smoking than Chantix, Nicotine Gum and the rest of the quitting tools combined.  Although this has been proven, there are still those out there that have negative views against vaping, and that mostly the result of the public being uninformed of the truth on vaping.  Those of us who have been vaping for some time have learned the best way to combat this is by continuing to inform the public with truth and our personal success stories.

2.) How To Vape Properly

When you’re new to vaping, you might notice that the first few times you use a vaporizer, that you’ll cough.  The reason why you cough is because your lungs are used to tobacco smoke, not vapor.  It is your body’s natural reaction to cough when something unfamiliar enters your airways.  After a few times of using your vaporizer, your airways will become familiarized with vapor and the coughs will disappear.

Though it seems odd, since you were never coached to “smoke” properly, vaping the right way could possibly be a make it or break it deal.  When you smoked, you would do a hard and quick pull from your cigarette.  However, when vaping, you’ll want to do a slow and steady pull.  The reason for this is, that the atomizer coil has to have time to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid.  When using a more advanced and powerful vaporizer, it has the ability to heat e-liquid quicker, which will allow you to do quicker pulls.

Additionally, once you take a pull from your vaporizer, you’ll no longer want to pause by holding the vapor in your mouth.  The longer you hold the vapor in your mouth, the less vapor you’ll have to exhale.  Vapor dissipates very quickly, so once you inhale, immediately exhale for the best vapor production.

3.) What’s Actually In E-Liquid?

Unfortunately, those who are against vaping try to smear the industry by spreading false information, claiming that there is this and that in e-liquid.  The truth is, there are only 4 ingredients that make up e-liquid:  Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and Flavoring.  Aside from the nicotine, the 3 ingredients are food grade products, and are actually used in many of the products we already use on a daily basis.

4.) The Different Types of E-Cigs

Kanger eSmartAs you first begin to learn about vaping, you may see multiple e-cigs that aren’t like the first one you’ve purchased.  What many people do not know, is that there are different types of e-cigs.  There are some that are made to be discreet, while others are made to simply perform.

A small e-cig that resembles the look of a traditional tobacco cigarette is called a “cig-a-like” or “stick e-cig”.  The next type of e-cig is called an “eGo type”, Innokin iTaste 134which is commonly used by beginner vapers who don’t mind the increase in size.  The larger the device becomes, typically means the larger the battery.  However, as technology has progressed in the industry, there are some smaller e-cigs that are able to outlast the larger ones when it comes to battery life.

The next type of e-cig is referred to as a “Mod” or “Advanced Personal Vaporizer”.  These mods are typically larger, have an increase in battery life, as well as performance.  There are two types of mods: tube mods and box mods.  As you would suspect, a tube mod is a device that has a tube shape, while a box mod has more of a boxed shape.

5.) The Different Types of Atomizers

Kanger Aerotank v2 ClearomizerThere are 4 types of atomizers.  The first being a standard atomizer, and the second is a standard cartomizer.  These types of atomizers, though still on the vaping market, are typically not in use by most vapers these days because they’ve become outdated as new technology has been presented to the industry.

The third type of atomizer is called a Clearomizer.  The clearomizer is commonly used by all vapers, no matter the experience level.  And, the last type of atomizer is called a Rebuildable Atomizer, which is commonly used by experienced and more advanced vapers.


6.) How E-Cigs Make Vapor

The part of the e-cig that makes vapor is actually the atomizer.  How this works is, inside the atomizer is a coil, and when you apply power from your device to the atomizer, the coil will begin to heat up.  Once the coil has reached a certain temperature, the e-liquid will then begin to turn into a vapor.

7.) The Costs Associated With Vaping

Aspire Premium KitThough many used to view the initial cost to begin vaping as expensive, as the industry has progressed, those initial costs have decreased dramatically.  Once the initial purchase of a Starter Kit or E-Cig setup has been made, there are only two items that you will have to continue to purchase.  The first being your e-liquid, which is the part to be vaporized.  The more you use your e-cig, the quicker you’ll have to purchase a new bottle of e-liquid.

The costs solely depend on how much you use your device.

The second item you’ll continue to purchase is the replacement coils.  The replace coil is what actually heats the e-liquid and turns it into a vapor.  After the coil is used over a period of time, it begins to not perform as well as it once did when it was new.  Typically, a coil can last between one to two weeks, but varies depending on use.  

8.) Vaping Lingo

As you’re just coming into the world of vaping, you might find that the words you are using are different from what other vapers use.  To clear things up, we’re going to list a bit of vaping lingo so that you’re not caught up in one of those awkward moments.

  • E-Liquid:  The liquid that is vaporized.
  • E-Cig:  Any device used to vaporize e-liquid.  This is a general term for all e-cig types.
  • Mod: Any device that is used to vaporize e-liquid and has been modified from the traditional e-cig appearance or performance.
  • Replacement Coil:  The part you replace in your clearomizer.  The replacement coil holds the wicking material.
  • Throat Hit: The feeling you receive in the back of your through when vaping.  Throat hit is increased by nicotine and propylene glycol.

9.) American E-Liquid vs Chinese E-Liquid

Though the Chinese were the first to invent this industry, they’re not very popular when it comes to the manufacturing of e-liquid.  Chinese e-liquid is often found redistributed by USA vs Chinese E-Liquidlarge, commercialized companies, where they rest behind the counters of gas stations and retail chains across the world.

Chinese e-liquid received its bad reputation because of a study that was conducted on China made e-liquid, which resulted in metal particles being found, as well as other ingredients that aren’t commonly seen in American made e-liquid.  In addition, China made e-liquid usually consists of single flavors, which are usually presented to taste like a fruit, but have no resemblance in taste or the resemblance is poor.

American made e-liquid is highly known around the industry as the Premium when it comes to e-liquid.  Moreover, American has a large number of e-liquid manufacturers, with some making their mark as the leaders within the industry.

American e-liquid is known to offer quality, consistency and ingredients are typically sourced better than what you would find in Chinese e-liquid

10.) Propylene Glycol vs Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are two of the four ingredients used to make e-liquid.  Both of these ingredients play a vital role in the way e-liquid is used with an e-cig.

Propylene Glycol:  

Widely referred to as “PG”, Propylene Glycol is used in e-liquid to dilute it.  In addition, it is highly known throughout the electronic cigarette industry, that if you want more flavor, that your e-liquid PG/VG percentage should retain more PG.  Another thing PG is highly known for is increasing throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerin:  

Widely referred to as “VG”, Vegetable Glycerin is used in e-liquid to thicken it.  However, it is also the main source to make e-liquid actually turn into vapor.  Since it has the ability to trap moisture molecules, it is highly known throughout the electronic cigarette industry, that if you want more vapor, that your e-liquid PG/VG percentage should retain more VG.

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