The Best Box Mods of 2014 / 2015
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The Best Box Mods of 2014 / 2015

By Blake Brown  

What’s fascinating about the vaping market is the ever constant flow of vaping devices.  In fact, at one point Innokin Technology claimed that its research and design department was creating one new product every three months.  Being the vaping industry has almost exhausted itself with manufacturers, you can easily visualize the continuous outpour of products.  To narrow it down and to make your choosing that much easier, today, we’re going to list the best box mods of 2014 / 2015, as well as telling you why we believe they are the best.

VaporShark rDNA40

To start off this list, we’re going to first include the highly popular VaporShark rDNA40.  VaporShark first began as a typical e-cigarette vendor that was headquartered in sunny Miami, Florida.  The company’s unique name didn’t expel out the mouths of many until it became one of the only vape store’s that was available via an Android / iTunes Application.
Vapor Shark rDNA 40The ease of access and its shark themed logo, however, wasn’t enough to make it a true success in the eyes of consumers.  That is until it released the VaporShark Box Mod, which would be powered by an Authentic Evolv DNA Chipset.  Almost overnight, the company flourished into one of the most widely known and respected box mod manufacturers.  The series of VaporShark devices continued, and that leads us to its latest release, the VaporShark rDNA40.

The VaporShark rDNA40 sits as one of the best box mods of 2014 / 2015 because of its simple, yet detailed design.  Covering the Authentic Evolv DNA40 Chip is a Zinc metal material that gives a solid feel and adds to its fascinating durability.  On the bottom of the rDNA40 is an OLED screen, uniquely placed, but notably a comfortable position for viewing the device’s features.  

However, what sets this device apart from the rest isn’t its ability to give off 40 watts of power or its ability to read resistance levels down to 0.16 ohm’s... its because this technology packed device has the ability to read the temperature of coils and lets you control that temperature.  This feature is ground-breaking, and being packed into VaporShark’s stellar box mod, has made the product and brand a staple within the industry.

Purchase or learn more about the VaporShark rDNA40 HERE

SmokTech XPro M65

The next to make it to our list of the best box mods of 2014 / 2015, is the SmokTech XPro M65.  SmokTech has been a pioneer within the vaping industry since 2010.  It first made headlines when its Shenzhen based facility manufactured dual coil cartomizers, which was a ground-breaking product in its current time.  Those dual coil cartomizers led into SMOKtech XPro M65cartomizer tanks, where it then grew a following long before many of the other manufacturers you see present today.  However, seniority doesn’t hold much value within this industry as it’s more about what company can make the best product at the given time.  And, this is the exact reason why Smok Technology continues to hold its authoritative position within the vaping marketplace, because it has continued to deliver an outstanding stream of products, such as its latest, the SmokTech XPro M65.

The SmokTech XPro M65 comes in at one of the smallest box mods within the market, but being small doesn’t make you the reigning champ.  However, being one of the smallest box mods and producing up to 65 watts of power surely does.  Moreover, attaching any atomizer to the XPro M65 comes seamless, as it has the ability to read resistance levels down to to 0.2ohm’s.  The M65 not only offers a very endowed performance, but it also offers a modern appearance as lines stretch across the side of its body for heat dissipation.  Located on the opposite side of the device sits an OLED screen, where the device’s features can be viewed and monitored.

Why the SmokTech XPro M65 has made it to this list is because of its versatility, such as its “Mech Mode”, that gives users the ability to receive power directly from the battery as if you were using a mechanical mod.  The SmokTech XPro M65 has the features, the functions, and it delivers substantial performance, all packed into one small device.

Purchase or learn more about the SmokTech XPro M65 HERE


Pioneer4You iPV3

Our last inclusion into our list of the best box mods of 2014 / 2015, is the Pioneer4You iPV3.  Though most know them as Pioneer4You, the company is actually Green Leaf.  The web URL for the company is Pioneer4You, which has become widely known through its Pioneer4You branded products.  Green Leaf claims to have been founded in 2005, but Pioneer4You IPV 3consumers weren’t aware of them until its first solid release, which started the iPV Series of box mod devices.

The first iPV offered up to 35 watts of power, which, in its time, was an industry first.  As each new version was released, both the power and performance continued to climb.  With its high wattage capabilities, the Pioneer4You brand and its products became one of the best things to hit the market in the eyes of consumers.  What made it a staple within the marketplace is one of its most recent releases, the Pioneer4You iPV3.

The Pioneer4You not only packs a hard hitting 150 watts of power, it can also be upgraded via the USB port that allows you to connect the device to your computer to receive firmware updates.  The iPV3 now has the capability to push up to an extraordinary 165 watts of power from its YiHi SX330 V3S Chipset.  In addition, the iPV3 has the ability to read down to 0.1 ohm, and after the upgrade, it has the ability to read down to 0.08 ohm, which is phenomenal in itself.  Aside from its 0.69” OLED screen, which allows you to monitor settings, such as wattage, voltage, resistance and battery life, the device iPV3 is made to house two 18650 batteries, which doubles the amount of vaping time, giving you more time between charges.  The iPV3 is truly a magnificent box mod, which is why we believe it is one of the best box mods of 2014 / 2015.

Purchase or learn more about the Pioneer4You iPV3 HERE

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