Tips on Reducing Nicotine Gradually
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Tips on Reducing Nicotine Gradually

by Todd Slater

 There are three different types of vapers when it comes to nicotine.  The first type being someone who enjoys nicotine and doesn’t look to ever stop or reduce their nicotine strength.  After all, electronic cigarettes weren’t designed as a quitting device, but more of an alternative to traditional cigarettes, where people could continue to receive their nicotine, just without all the other harmful chemicals.

The second type would be the one’s who are looking to continue using nicotine, but reduce the nicotine strength where they feel they’re not as dependent on it.  What’s interesting about this, is that many people believe they’re addicted strictly to nicotine and that’s why they continue to smoke or continue to vape.  However, the addiction strands from more than just nicotine.

Addiction is something that occurs when you do something excessive or more than normal.  It also comes from using something to cope with an issue that may be unmanageable.  What solidifies someone as addicted, is when they go from using, to abusing.  This means that you can become addicted to anything and shouldn’t be associated strictly with nicotine, nor drugs specifically.  With this being said, the act of inhaling and exhaling a cloud like substance, the act of continuously holding something in your hand, the throat hit received during an inhale, among others, are all traits that can be just as addictive.  As notation, becoming addicted is easier when someone has an addictive personality, which Electronic Cigarette E-Liquidleaves them more sustainable to addiction from owning that chemical imbalance.

The third type are those looking to quit completely.  This means the person has picked up vaping to stop vaping, and can often mean that they don’t use nicotine at all with their electronic cigarette.  These are typically the people that understand that nicotine isn’t the only source of addiction, so they continue to use an electronic cigarette, just without the nicotine.  These type of vapers are often referred to as “no-nic vapers”.

Anyhow, today we’re here to share our tips on how you can reduce your e-liquid nicotine strength gradually.  Those who have already been vaping sometime more than likely already put these tips into play, but those who are new to electronic cigarettes need a bit more guidance, and that’s what we’re here for.

The most common nicotine strengths, and have become more of the standard for the e-cigarette marketplace, are 24MG, 18MG, 12MG, 6MG, and 0MG, which contains no nicotine at all.  Being that electronic cigarettes do not provide as much nicotine as a traditional cigarette, when you begin vaping, you’re already taking a big reduction in nicotine strength right out of the gate.  The common nicotine strengths used with e-cigarettes aren’t far apart from one another, and you more-so than none will not even notice a difference when you drop from one strength to another, but what you will notice is that the throat hit has been greatly reduced.

The nicotine in traditional cigarettes provide, what many call, a throat hit.  This throat hit is that harshness feeling you receive in the back of your throat when you take a puff from your cigarette.  When you use electronic cigarettes, you still receive that same throat hit since there is still nicotine in the e-liquid that is vaporized.  As you can begin to understand, e-cigs aren’t just about the nicotine itself that urge you to use them, it’s the cessation, which is what many researchers have been claiming for years.

The best way to reduce your nicotine strength is to gradually lower it over a set time period, as well as changing out those strengths during a months time.  For example, if you’re currently vaping at 24MG nicotine strength, drop down to 18MG for a week, then back to 24MG for a week, then the next two weeks back to using 18MG.  What this does is, it gradually gets you used to the lower nicotine strength, as well as getting you used to not being so reliant on the throat hit.  You can continue to repeat this process until you hit a desired nicotine strength you would like to continue using.  Another way to reduce your nicotine strength gradually would be to not vape as often.  If you endure longer times without using your e-cigarette, you are less dependent on vaping itself, which will make lowering your nicotine that much easier.  This works because the more you vape, obviously, the more nicotine you will intake.

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