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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Getting Started With Vaping

Your First Ecig Setup - Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

by Todd Slater

Acquiring everything that is needed for your first setup was once a breeze for new vapers, but the vaping industry has evolved far greater than many have imagined.  This has opened the doors to new technology, more product options and the want for customization.  That being said, finding a starter kit that’s enriched with today’s features and performance has become scarce.  While the industry was still an infant, products required less knowledge, but now they’re more technology packed, being powered by different chips, elaborate features and greater performance that makes information more vital.  Follow along as we tell you everything you need to know to get started with your first setup.

Mapping Out The Basics To A Setup

Though many newcomers feel a bit confused and easily lost when it comes to what a setup consists of, it’s all very simple in the grand scheme of things.  Your first visit to a vape store or listening to a friend after trying to pry information can often be even more puzzling since they’ve contracted this sort of vaping lingo that only they (vapers) understand.  However, we understand this, we were once in the same situation, so we’re going to explain it in the simplest form possible.

The way a vape setup works all consists of power from a battery.  Like many of the electronics we use today on a daily basis, those batteries have enclosures and are stored away out of sight.  Those batteries are, however, the most prominent part to the setups operation, as it is used to deliver power to a source.  So, the e-cigarette (or mod) itself is the enclosure to your setup, and it holds the battery.  When you press the button on your “device”, you are completing a circuit and delivering power to a source.  In this case, the source is an atomizer (or clearomizer) attachment and is the part of the e-cigarette (or mod) that actually vaporizes the e-liquid.  This attachment is separate from the device.  Understanding this, you’ve learned that there are 3 most prominent parts to a setup… the e-cigarette (or mod), the battery, and the atomizer (or clearomizer).

In the midst of things, all it is, is a battery to produce power, an e-cigarette (or mod) to hold electronics and the battery, and an atomizer (or clearomizer) to vaporize the e-liquid.  Simple enough?

Understanding The Difference In Setups

Not all setups are made alike, and to be quite honest with you, there’s an enormous amount of setup options available on the market.  Because of this, we’re going to list each setup type and explain them.

Electronic Cigarette KitTraditional E-Cig Setup:  A traditional e-cig setup, such as the Kanger eSmart, will highly resemble a tobacco cigarette in size and often in appearance as well.  Being that this type of e-cig is so small in size, it only has enough room for a very small battery.  The atomizer (actually called a cartomizer) that come in this type of setup are very small, so they lack any reasonable tank capacity.  In addition to the atomizer, it also doesn’t provide any low resistances, meaning you’re not going to produce much vapor.  These type of setups were more-so used when the industry was birthed, but still, however, sit on the shelves of gas stations all across the United States.  They give someone a good idea of what vapor feels like, but will not hold anyone over for any lengthy period of time.

Electronic cigarette eGo KiteGo Setup:  The eGo setup, such as the Kanger Evod, has been one of the most popular setups used.  It offers a step up in battery life, so its size is more comparable to a cigar.  What’s great about this type of setup is that they are used with clearomizers, making the vapor production, flavors and experience plentiful, which is why they’ve been favored for so long by the newer vapers.  However, times have changed and manufacturers have started creating mods that also cater to these newer vapers, making eGo setups less desirable.  We’re not wanting to completely knock an eGo setup, so we much inform you that there are many people that still use them and prefer the tube shape that they have.

Electronic cigarette MOD kitMod Setup:  A mod setup, such as the Innokin iTaste SVD, has now become some-what of the industry standard for device of today.  The reason for this is, manufacturers are now creating very small mods that hold large batteries, so battery life with this type of setup is the best in class.  We normally wouldn’t recommend a mod to a new user back two years ago, but times have greatly changed, and these mods offer not only the best battery life, but also offers outstanding safety features and performance features.  In addition, many of these mods come with an internally charged battery, so there is no need to purchase additional batteries or chargers, making the experiencing of getting things setup as easy as you would find with something such as an eGo setup.  You’ll also experience a boost in performance as you’ll have the ability to raise and lower the wattage (power), and to keep a check on that wattage and battery life, an OLED display screen will be viewable on the device.  Another notable thing to mention about a mod setup, is that you’ll have the ability to change to any clearomizer or rebuildable atomizer available on the market.  These devices were made to give the ability to customize, so there are plenty of options available.

The market has changed over the course of years within the vaping market, and many users are beginning to skip the traditional ways of the industry and move directly to a mod setup since it offers more advanced features, delivers a better performance and has a substantially longer battery life.

What To Look For In A Setup

The next thing you’ll need to know is what to look for in a setup.  We’re assuming you’ll want to purchase a mod, being they’re suited with today’s technology and features, so below you’ll find everything you need to look for and compare.  With an eGo setup, some of the below will apply, but very little.  An eGo setup is mostly compared by its appearance and battery life, so if you’re looking to go that route, keep those things in mind and shoot for what you feel is best.

What To Look For In A Mod

Size / Comfortability:  

There are many sizes available with mods.  Unlike other setup types, just because a device is smaller doesn’t always mean it has any less battery life.  There are plenty of small devices that really pack a punch.  You’ll want to look for a size that suits you best, and a mod that looks and feels most comfortable to you personally.


The appearance of a mod is more vital than you think.  Remember, making a purchase for a device is like an investment, and you’re planning to have it for a good while.  With that said, you’ll be the one using it, so you might as well get something that appeals to you.


The features that come packed in a mod is also very vital.  You’ll want to look for performance features, other standard features and even safety features.  The more features a device has doesn’t always mean it’s the best though.  The best thing to do is compare the features between mods and see which of them are features added for show, and what features you’ll actually benefit from.


Wattage is how you control the power your mod delivers to the atomizer (or clearomizer).  There are mods that offer past 100 watts easily, but we feel that numbers in that range aren’t needed, especially for a new vaper.  We do however, recommend that you look for a bit more wattage than what you’ll actually need so that it gives you a bit of leeway in case at a later date you need a step up in wattage for specific atomizers (or clearomizers).

Battery Life:  

The battery life is typically measured in the mAh (Milliamp Hour) rating.  The higher the mAh rating on a battery/mod, the longer the battery life you’ll have.  Obviously, we recommend that you look for the best battery life between mods, as it will give you more time between charges.

What To Look For In A Clearomizer

Size / Tank Capacity:  

With a clearomizer, which is what is most used, you’ll need to look for a size that will suit you best.  Some don’t mind carrying around a clearomizer with a large tank, while others like that low, sleeker look.  However, when you go with something that is a smaller size, you’re also giving up a larger tank capacity.  This means, the clearomizer will hold less e-liquid with a smaller clearomizer/tank.  You’ll have to try to find a medium that fits you best.


Much like a mod, since you’ll be using this pretty much everywhere you go, you’ll want to find something that appeals to you.  Appearance isn’t a life or death choice when it comes to clearomizers, but obviously choosing something you’re more comfortable with visually will cause for a better experience.


Features in a clearomizer usually include things like adjustable airflow, airflow availability, airflow design, material and coil design.  It’ll be best to compare those features with other tanks and judge which would be best for you to get the most from it.


Resistance of coils available is something that has become huge for clearomizers.  There are still many consumers that do not mind high resistances, while others look for a lower resistance.  To explain it best, the higher the resistance, the less wattage (or power) that is needed, but often yields a more cooler vaping experience. Many like to use lower resistance levels, then apply higher wattage to it, for a warm, dense vape.  Manufacturers will often produce two coils for a clearomizer, one in a high resistance and one with a low resistance.  Lower resistance are more favored because it helps with producing a larger vapor production.

Making Your First Purchase

Now that you know what to look for in your first setup, you now need to apply that information into your first purchase.  We recommend that you go with what suits you best all across the board, whether it be from size to wattage, go with something that will partain most to your personal liking.  Browse the Vapor Authority store and we’re sure that you’ll find something to suit your vaping needs.
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- January 09, 2016

Mod joytech evic vt cant function correctly..cant firing..after remove tank it still appear atomizer reading..try to recoil and assy again but nothing happen..before that can firing but after a few time atomizer reading suddenly cant function and atomizer reading remain show even no tank or plug in tank or try to make new recoil..pleasex10 help

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