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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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8 Things to Look For In A Disposable Vape Pen

8 Things to Look For In A Disposable Vape Pen

Presently, disposable vapes are proving to be a highly valuable addition to the vaping market and have taken off in a way that demonstrates that they are a lot more than just a trend.  Technology behind vaping has gotten so advanced that these seemingly small and simple vaping setups can offer huge amounts of gratification to anyone seeking out excellent flavor and a solid serving of salt-based nicotine without having to engage in any of the hassle that comes with operating more advanced equipment.

For those new to the concept, disposables are all-in-one vaping setups that require no assembly, meaning that they can be taken right out of their packaging and vaped with no preparation required.  The battery does need to be charged or the cartridge refilled with e-liquid.  Once the juice runs out, the entire device is disposed of and to then be replaced with a new one.

Now, while the vaping scene now offers a huge variety of disposables from many popular brands, such as the Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape Pen or the VaporLax Disposable Vape Pen Pod Device, they all share some basic things in common with one another that makes it easy to compare one disposable to the next. 

What Should Vapers Lookout for When Buying a New Disposable Vape Pen?

Truth: not all disposable vaping systems are created equally.  That is why there are some key things you should always be aware of when trying to select the best device for your vaping needs.

#1: An E-Liquid Flavor That Excites Your Palate

Currently, the disposable vape market is larger than ever before, and that means that there are more flavors on the market to choose from.  Just like you carefully choose your bottles of vape juice, you should be selective when it comes to the flavor you pick, because once you have selected it, you’re stuck with it.  Know the type of flavor you prefer, whether it be a dessert, fruit, tobacco flavor, or what have you, and see what flavor profiles are available to find one that you know will suit your vaping needs.

#2: A Capable Battery

Disposables come in different sizes, which means that they carry differently sized batteries.  The capacity within the battery determines how long the battery can supply power to your device, and because disposables use nonremovable, non-rechargeable batteries, it’s extra important to make sure that the device you choose has a decent battery capacity.  Usually, disposables contain batteries with 280mAh capacities or higher, to ensure that the battery lasts until the last drop of e-liquid has been vaporized.  The more powerful the battery, mind you, the stronger each puff will be.  All resulting, of course, in more vapor production.

#3: Enough Puffs to Make Your Vape Sessions Worthwhile

Most companies/manufacturers label their disposables with an “approximate puff count”. This tells you about how many puffs can be expected when vaping with that said device.  Most disposables offer somewhere between 300 all the way up to 1500 puffs per device, For reference, 300 puffs is usually compared to the number of puffs in a pack of cigarettes.  Ultimately, you can decide for yourself how much you care about puff count, based on how heavy of a vaper you are.

#4: A Good Reputation

Of course, you always want to make sure that you’re buying a disposable vape from a company that has a good reputation.  Always check to make sure that they have a website that provides information about the products, and customer service contacts.  These two things show you that the company takes pride in their work and has a desire to make their customers feel satisfied with their purchases.  You can also look at reviews to see what other vapers have to say about a brand’s disposables, in terms of flavor, longevity, durability, and so on.

#5: A Size That’s Compatible with Your Needs

One of the most appealing aspects of disposable vapes is their portability.  Many vapers love the fact that they can keep their vaping system in their pocket throughout the day.  If portability is a big priority of yours, you’ll want to check out the dimensions of a disposable vape.  While most devices are extremely slim, lightweight, and compact in nature, some of the more advanced models that are coming out have more weight to them, and are even larger in size. 

Tip: Larger the disposable device, the more e-liquid it contains and the more powerful it is.  So, there is a tradeoff in that a device that’s less portable will last longer and deliver more vapor per puff.

#6: Quality Construction

Disposables are rarely made from the heavy-duty materials seen in box mod construction, like aluminum alloy, stainless-steel, and durable glass.  How come?  Well, because they are not built to last for years, but days or sometimes up to a few months at max generally.  Plus, the batteries and coils don’t get as hot, so the materials can be less resilient, which helps keep costs down as well.  Still, that doesn’t mean that you want a disposable device that’s made with low-quality materials, either.  Most of the disposables out there on the market are constructed from very high-grade and resilient plastic materials.  Basically, if the disposable feels nice and sturdy in your hand, you can count on it lasting until you’re done with it, rather than coming apart. 

#7: The Right Salt-Based Nicotine Concentration to Keep You Satisfied

Disposables are almost always made with salt-based nicotine.  This is to provide a nicely potent blast of nicotine to the back of the throat.  The majority of disposable devices use a 5% (50mg) salt nic concentration, as this is standard for e-liquids made with this type of nicotine base.  If you do have a need for a higher or lower concentration of nicotine, you’ll want to pay attention when reading the description of a particular disposable model.  Some simply do come in different nicotine strengths, while others do not.

#8: A Trusted Source

Sadly, there are counterfeit disposable devices out there, and it can be hard to identify one since nowadays, sketchy companies can do a great job making a product look and feel like the real thing.  Some signs to look for, however, would be the following:

  • Unusual packaging design without the brand’s name or any other information
  • Misspellings
  • Low-quality print
  • Outdated packaging
  • No: Batch/Serial/License Number
  • No: Manufacturing/Packaging Date
  • No: QR Code
  • Low Concentration

Tip: Avoid purchasing disposable vape pens from pop-up shops as well as any of them being sold on the black market.  If you think you are saving money, know that the risk is simply not worth it.  And, if in doubt, just compare your purchased product with what’s displayed on the manufacturer’s website before you start using it.

To avoid fake disposable devices, find a source you can trust, like Vapor Authority, where you know that you’re only getting authentic vaping goods.  As you can see, disposables come in all shapes, sizes, battery capacities, flavors, etc. We carry a wide variety of disposable vape pens which are easy to use, conveniently functional devices that ensure vapers can find exactly what they’re looking for.  

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