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USA-Made Vs. Chinese-Made E-Liquids

With the tremendous growth of electronic cigarettes within the past five years, manufacturers of both devices and liquids have provided a seemingly endless supply of innovations for the electronic cigarette industry as a whole.  Due to the vast investment capital needed to engineer, create, and manufacture hardware, the industry has seen a much greater surge in the establishment of mom-and-pop e-liquid manufacturers than what has been seen with hardware devices.  However, inasmuch as this increase allows for greater variety, it also makes it rather difficult to ascertain the good from the bad.  One of the primary variables in selecting the best e-liquid producers, and hence one of the most debated topics amongst electronic cigarette users, is the country in which the e-liquid was manufactured.  Although e-liquid is manufactured all around the globe, the majority of e-liquids are either created in China or the United States.

Chinese Made E-Liquid

There are a multitude of claims on either side of the spectrum regarding the quality of various e-liquids that come from China as well as the United States.  Regarding Chinese-made e-liquids, one of the primary concerns is the sanitary conditions of the lab in which the product is manufactured.  As with any product, it is impossible to lump all of the different companies into one category solely based on the country of origin.  Dekang, for example, is one of the larger producers of Chinese e-liquid.  Upon careful examination of their lab facilities, it is clear that sanitation is a top priority for them.  The facility is treated as a true laboratory, as anyone entering the “Clean Room” must wear lab coats, shoe covers, gloves, hair covers, and face masks.  Other brands, however, may not necessarily take the same precautions.  
Another concern with respect to Chinese e-liquids is the quality of the products used and the ways in which the nicotine is extracted.  Chinese e-liquid manufacturers are notorious for using pesticide-grade nicotine as well as industrial Propylene Glycol. These inferior-grade ingredients potentially pose an increasing risk to electronic cigarette users.  For this reason, it is important to determine if the specific manufacturer complies with standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which regulates the quality of e-liquids in China.

USA-made e-liquids, on the other hand, must abide by regulations set forth by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  Although this Act does provide for higher quality ingredients, The FDA is currently underwriting more comprehensive regulations for the manufacturing and sale of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes in the Unites States.  As it stands today, all USA e-liquid manufacturers must use only Pharmaceutical-grade and United States Pharmacopoeia-grade (USP) ingredients. The USP is an official public standard-setting authority for all prescription and over the counter medicines, healthcare products, dietary supplements, and food ingredients sold in the United States.  USP establishes standards for the quality, strength, consistency, and purity of these various products, with the public health as the primary concern.

Made In The USA E-Liquid


However, irrespective of this, due to the fact that electronic cigarettes are relatively new, they are not widely regulated as of yet. Many of the USA e-liquids available on the market today are run by individual manufacturers who create their liquids in substandard environments, such as basements, with little quality control.  This equates to great inconsistencies in the final product, such as inconsistent nicotine levels.  For this reason, the sheer fact that liquids are manufactured in the United States does not necessarily mean that they are superior products.  Likewise, all Chinese e-liquids cannot be dismissed as inferior solely due to the country in which the product was made.  It is, therefore, crucial to research the various manufacturers of e-liquids to determine which brands truly offer the best products.  Vapor Authority has spent countless man hours, and thousands of dollars testing the top selling e-liquids from around the world.  VaporAuthority currently carries a wide variety of e-juice lines including HaloCosmic FogFive Pawns, Highbrow Vapor, CuttwoodSpace Jam, BeardSuicide Bunny, Jimmy the Juiceman, O.F.EMr. E-Liquid and many more.  All of which are USA e-liquid brands that offer exceptional quality products, with more brands already in the pipeline. Vapor Authority implements a painstaking multi-step testing system to adequately test each and every e-liquid line that we offer on our website. Unless the e-liquid line passes each and every one of our rigorous quality standards, we will refuse to offer the line to our customers. This way, you can always be 100% confident that whatever e-liquid that you purchase from Vapor Authority will be made with the highest-quality ingredients available. Check out all of our wonderful e-liquid lines today!


  • Posted by Walter Dorsey on Jul 16, 2017

    I tried both e-liquids, but I love american made e liquid

  • Posted by Amber Barton on Feb 19, 2017

    I’m really interested in your brand of e liquid. I hope you givr me a chance to try it. I always feel I’m getting ripped off when I go to certain stores.
  • Posted by Mike on Mar 14, 2014

    I only vape usa juices. Halo is awesome!

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