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Kanger ProTank 2 In Stock!

It seems as though every day there’s a new brand of electronic cigarettes hitting the market.  However, there are only a handful that consistently provides high quality, and highly innovative products. Kanger, who is the inventor of glassomizers, is certainly one of those brands. In their continuous effort to improve their line of electronic cigarette products, they have recently released the second version of their extremely popular ProTank Glassomizer.  The Kanger ProTank Glassomizer 2 is a fantastic successor to the original, and offers some great new features.

Kanger Protank 2 Clearomizer

Although extremely well-made, one flaw that existed with the original Kanger ProTank was the tendency for the parts to become unglued when the tank got too hot. Although this was a relatively rare occurrence, it was something that Kanger took seriously and determined to resolve. Their solution was to make the ProTank 2 absolutely glue-free, thereby eliminating any possibility of the various parts dismantling in any way.  Kanger coupled the strength of the glue-free design with a much stronger base that is better capable of supporting the weight of the glassomizer, and making it much sturdier overall.  Not only is the base stronger, it’s also been redesigned to control the airflow, thereby providing a much richer and thicker vapor.

Another big improvement to the ProTank 2 is that it can be broken down into individual parts for extremely easy cleaning.  This capability offers the added bonus of allowing the user to replace the Pyrex glass tank with great ease.  The tank, however, is slightly smaller at 2.8 ml compared to the 3 ml tank in the original ProTank. 

Kanger Protank II Glassomizer

 The original ProTank also had a non-replaceable metal drip tip.  It looked great, and although this was not a problem for many, some complained that they did not like the metal feel in their mouths.  Kanger’s answer was to make the ProTank 2 with the ability to use any 510 drip tip.  This doesn’t only solve the problem of the metal feel of the drip tip, but also allows the user to customize the look of their glassomizer.

 However, not all has changed with the Kanger ProTank 2.  It is still comes with the eGo thread; it is still a bottom coil design; and it still allows for replaceable atomizer heads.  The atomizer heads are interchangeable with the original ProTank as well as the Kanger ProTank mini, so there is no need to purchase different heads for each glassomizer.

If you are a fan of the original ProTank you will absolutely love the all new Kanger ProTank 2! To purchase your very own Authentic Kanger Protank 2 Clearomizer, click HERE.


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