Genuine Kanger™ Protank 2 Glassomizer

By Kanger

30 reviews
List Price: 24.99
Our Price: $15.99

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Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer:

Although not widely known, Kangertech is the company that invented the glassomizer. That is, a clearomizer that uses Pyrex glass rather than plastic for the e-liquid tank portion. This revolutionary device was debut to the world with the introduction of the original Kanger ProTank Glassomizer. The Kanger ProTank 2 is the new and improved version of this historic device.

The body Kanger ProTank 2 is made with solid and durable 304-grade stainless steel. As opposed to other classes of steel, 304-grade is blended with approximately 20% chromium and 11% nickel. The combination of these alloys results in a superior class of metal that is not only strong and extremely resistant to corrosion, but is also relatively lightweight and very beautiful.

The ejuice tank component of the Kanger ProTank 2 is made with high-quality Pyrex glass. This feature is one of the primary highlights of the ProTank line of glassomizers. Plastic is very vulnerable to erosion from the acidity found in e-juices. Various flavor categories, such as fruit, contain higher acidity levels than others; however, all e-liquids contain some amount of acidity. Glass is 100% resistant to such deterioration, and therefore never shows sign of wear. This not only adds to the life and aesthetic appeal of the ProTank 2, but also results in a much higher quality vapor as well. Without being tainted by plastic slowly percolating into the e-liquid, the taste of the vapor remains much purer and truer.

Additionally, the Pyrex glass tank of the Kanger ProTank 2 is completely transparent. This allows you to see the amount of ejuice that remains in the tank. This takes the guesswork out of knowing when to add more e-liquid to the tank. Kanger also released replacement Pyrex glass tubes in the event that your tank breaks or is otherwise damaged. Not only can you replace the tank, but you can select among several colors as well. This allows you to customize the look of your ProTank 2 and match it with your battery.

The Kangertech ProTank 2 is designed to use Kanger’s renowned atomizer coils. The ProTank 2 coils are available in three resistances: 1.8 ohms, 2.2 ohms, and 2.5 ohms. This wide range of available resistances allows vapers of all sorts to achieve their specific vaping preferences. Similar to the original ProTank, the Kanger ProTank 2 is engineered to house the atomizer coil at the base of the device. This bottom-coil design allows you to vape down to the very last drop of liquid. Regardless of the resistance, all of the ProTank 2 coils offer a flavorful and thick vapor that you will surely enjoy.

Kanger brilliantly designed the ProTank 2 Clearomizer so that it can be completely disassembled. This is a truly wonderful ability, as it allows you to access the tank’s various components. This makes cleaning and maintaining your ProTank 2 very easy. The ability to remove the drip tip also permits you to swap the metal drip tip with one made of another material and/or color.

Another extremely intelligent and innovative characteristic of the ProTank 2 is the glue-free structure. Tanks that are glued together not only eliminate the ability for them to be disassembled, but also tend to come apart after a period of time, as the heat causes the glue to melt. The Kangertech ProTank 2, on the other hand, completely glue-free. The various components screw in together for a secure connection that is not susceptible to becoming detached from use.

Kanger also made an optional airflow control valve that can be purchased separately for the ProTank 2 Tank. This incredible component screws onto the base of the clearomizer, and allows you to accurately adjust the amount of air that is drawn into the tank when taking a hit. The capability of controlling the air intake not only allows for a more customized vaping experience, but also helps eliminate flooding and gurgling as well.

In every way, the Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer represents the culmination of quality materials, advanced technology, sheer ingenuity, and a dedication to excellence. If you are looking for your very first clearomizer, or want to add a new tank to your collection, the Kanger ProTank 2 is an excellent choice.

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Kangertech Protank 2 Atomizer Coils

To Purchase Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Kanger ProTank 2, Click HERE


Kangertech Protank 2 Replacement Glass Tube

To Purchase Replacement Glass Tubes for the Kanger ProTank 2, Click HERE


Kangertech Protank 2 Airflow Control Valve

To Control The Amount of Airflow To Your ProTank 2 Glassomizer, Click HERE To Add The Kanger Airflow Control Valv






2.8 ml






1.8 Ohms, 2.2 Ohms, 2.5 Ohms


Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Threading: 510

E-Liquid Capacity: 2.8 ml

Body Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Available Resistance: 1.8 Ohms, 2.2 Ohms, 2.5 Ohms

Recommended Voltage (1.8 Ohms): 3.1V - 3.4V

Recommended Voltage (2.2 Ohms): 3.5V - 3.8V

Recommended Voltage (2.5 Ohms): 3.9V - 4.2V

Length: 1.93 Inches (49 mm) – (Without Drip Tip)

Diameter: 0.75 Inches (19 mm)


Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer Includes:

1 x Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer

2 x Kanger ProTank Atomizer Coils

1 x ProTank 2 Metal Drip Tip

1 x User Manual

Kanger ProTank 2 Glassomizer Features:

Body Made From 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Substantially Improved Airflow

Can Be Fully Disassembled for Easy Cleaning

Can Accommodate All 510 Drip Tips

Pyrex Glass E-Juice Tank

100% Glue-Free Design

Replaceable Atomizer Heads

Large E-Liquid Capacity

Great Flavor Production

Wonderfully Thick Vapor Clouds

Beautiful Sleek Design

Clear Tank Allow You to See Remaining E-Liquid

Bottom Coil Design Allows You to Use All Your E-Liquid

Tips For Using The Kanger ProTank 2:

  • - Avoid placing your glassomizer in your pocket, as it is constructed with glass, which can break. If the glass cracks or breaks inside your pocket, it can cause injury.
  • - You will notice a hollow metallic tube directly in the center of the tank. This tube is solely for airflow from the tank into the mouthpiece. Avoid allowing e-juice to get into the tube when refilling your tank, as this can cause the e-juice to get into your mouth.
  • - We recommend using a cloth towel or paper towel when replacing the atomizer coil or refilling the tank with e-juice, as leakage can occur.
  • - You may experience flooding or gurgling from time-to-time when using this tank. This can be the result of e-juice having gotten into the center airflow tube. Cleaning the tube out with water and thoroughly drying it will resolve this problem. Gurgling and flooding can also be the result of wattage/voltage that is too low to adequately vaporize the e-juice. Increasing the output power will help resolve this issue. Lastly, gurgling and flooding can be the result of an atomizer coil that is in need of replacement. Simply replacing the old coil with a new one will help resolve this issue.
  • - When you remove the base from the body of the tank, the atomizer coil may accidentally unscrew as well. It is always good practice to ensure the atomizer coil is securely screwed into the base prior to attaching the base back onto the body of the tank.
  • - If you notice small traces of e-juice on or around the battery thread area where the battery makes contact with the tank, do not worry. This is a normal occurrence that is experienced by all vapers. We suggest using a cloth towel or paper towel to sufficiently dry the area prior to attaching the tank back onto battery.
  • - We recommend keeping your tank more than 1/3 full of e-juice at all times. This assists in ensuring a proper vacuum within the tank, which not only helps optimize the vape, but also helps reduce the change of leakage.
  • - Depending on how much you vape, atomizer coils generally last between 5 – 10 days. We recommend replacing your atomizer coils within that time-frame for optimal results.
Reviews for Genuine Kanger™ Protank 2 Glassomizer
4.8 out of 5, based on 30 reviews
from Texas on
This is my favorite tank that I always come back to after trying new ones periodically. The one I have now I've used for over a year and it's working just fine but I know this tank is an older model so I'm worried they will eventually quit making it. So I ordered 2! Received via mail quickly and packaged well.
from California on
I received the 2 Protanks II, and they arrived rapidly,well packaged,and all of the necessary authentication certifications. The Protank II is the VERY BEST. I have used only this type of tank for 3 years. Thank you very much!
from St. Charles on
Will this work with Joyetech's cuboid box mod?
from Arizona on
Just a question....Will this work with the Joyetech evic mini mod?
Response from Vapor Authority
Oct 26, 2015
Yes it sure will. You will want to put your evic mini in VW/VV mode.
from Texas on
A really great tank I just got this protank 2 and also have a protank 2 mini and I love both of them. I tried comparing them and it's hard to tell which one does better for me but they both work good. Thank You!
from beverly hills, ca on
one of the best tanks i have tried to date. incredible hits, and i never get liquid in my mouth, which has been a constant issue with other tanks.
from Oregon city oregon on
Amazing product! Vapors dream. I vape Cinnamon on a daily basis and this tank is awesome! Vapor Authority has the best prices that I have seen and the fastest shipping. Top notch products and best service around!!
from Connecticut on
This gizmo speaks for itself.Anyone who has done any research on clearos/glassomizers will find this badboy high on the list.Got mine today and it hits like a dream.
from Wisconsin on
No joke probably the best clearomizer I have ever used. The hits are just insane. And the craziest thing is that liquids that I didn't really like with my old clearo actually tastes good in this pt2!
from California on
This is def one of the best tanks on the market right now no question. It breaks apart into pieces so you can clean it, and they make colored glass for it, which is sweeeet! I'm suuuper happy with it!!!

ps, Vapor Authority, you guys are probably the best vape site I've bought from, and I've bought from them all!!
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