Kanger eSmart: Small & Simple
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Kanger eSmart: Small & Simple

Kanger eSmart Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better!

It appears as though we are currently at a stage in the evolution of electronic cigarettes trending towards larger, bulkier mods. But if you prefer small and simple the "Kanger eSmart" may be the ecig for you. It seems that everywhere you look, someone is holding a large battery topped with a massive clearomizer capable of holding upwards of 4ml of e-liquid. Many of these devices, such as the popular Joyetech eVic, are also technologically advanced and able to be linked to your computer.

Kanger eSmart Starter Kit

However, there is still a relatively large population of vapers that still like, even prefer, small and simple. Kanger is proving this to be true with the recent launch of their eSmart kit.  Although not marketed as such, the Kanger eSmart is essentially a competitor to the Joyetech eCab.  However, unlike the eCab, the eSmart comes standard with a matching clearomizer—a feature that has been very well-received by the vaping community.  In addition, Kanger very smarty designed the eSmart with both 510 and 808D-1 threading, allowing the user to interchange the eSmart clearomizer with the wildly popular Kanger 808D-1 and 510 cartomizer.

Functionality is not the only strength of the new Kanger eSmart electronic cigarette.  It is also very well-designed and ultra-sleek. The compact designed is coupled with a high-gloss finish, and then finished with a beautiful clearomizer of matching color.  It is certainly one of the nicest compact electronic cigarettes on the market today. 
Given its compact design, the Kanger eSmart is surprisingly powerful.  Each battery provides 320 mAh of power, which is quite high given the size.  The kit comes with two batteries, so regardless of how much you vape, you’re virtually certain to make it through the day. 

If you are a fan of compact electronic cigarettes, then the new Kanger eSmart kit is definitely for you! Purchase your very own Genuine Kanger eSmart Starter Kit at the lowest price available from HERE.


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