Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0
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Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the all new Innokin iTaste MVP v 2.0. Innokin has done it again with this spectacular APV, demonstrating their relentless effort to dominate the MOD/APV market. The Innokin iTaste MVP version 2 is an Advanced Personal Vaporizer for the serious vaper. It packs a powerful punch with its massive 2,600mAh battery, sure to please even the heaviest of vapers.

Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0

The iTaste MVP is truly a powerful device, bursting with a plethora of advanced features. It comes with one of the most powerful batteries on the market today. At 2,600mAh, this battery doesn’t just power your clearomizer, but can also charge your phone, iPod, tablet, and even your digital camera. This impressive device comes smartly equipped with three separate outputs: Mini USB, Micro USB, and iPad/Ipod. This makes the iTaste MVP extremely versatile, and will come in very handy when your electronic device needs a little boost. Not only does the MVP offer you the ability to charge virtually any portable device, but you can do so while simultaneously vaping.

The Innokin iTaste MVP also comes with a host of other features. It is passthrough capable, so you can vape while the battery is being charged. In fact, you can vape, while charging your MVP battery, while your MVP battery is charging other electronic devices. Now how’s that for innovative?  Whats new in this version is that it is variable voltage and variable wattage, and can therefore detect the optimum power setting for the atomizer being used using the ohms meter. This allows you to interchange virtually any clearomizer, glassomizer, or cartomizer without worrying about the resistance level of the atomizer being used. The iTaste MVP also displays a puff count and shows your battery life through green, yellow, and red indicator lights.

It is clear that Innokin designed the iTaste MVP v2.0 to satisfy a specific need—a powerful device that doesn’t only last days without the need to charge, but can also act as a charger for other portable electronic devices. For those who simply want a powerful, durable, and versatile device, the Innokin iTaste is just for you. You can find the Innokin iTaste MVP at the absolute lowest prices from Vapor Authority by clicking HERE.


  • Posted by justin howard on May 05, 2017

    hey im trying to figure out were to oreder coils an a maybe a shorter tank for the mvp 2.0 please msg back asap

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