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Boro AIO Box Mod Devices

A New Way to Vape: Introducing Boro Mods, Tanks & Accessories

The world of vaping hardware is always evolving, and it seems like every couple years, a huge trend appears out of nowhere.  This year, it’s boro mods, aka boro box mods.  Now, if you’ve never heard the term before, you’re not alone.  And no, “boro” isn’t a brand, or a line of hardware from a popular vape company.  It’s a specific type of device that’s completely new to the industry, and your favorite hardware companies are already releasing their own versions onto the market as we speak.

So, what are boro box mods?  While not as easy to find as other types of mods, like pod mods, box mods, and the newer disposables, they’re making their mark on the industry because of how unique they are.  In the simplest terms possible, they’re something of a hybrid between a pod mod and a box mod in terms of the benefits that each type of device can offer.  But, at the same time, they’re so much more, that to reduce them in that way would be a disservice.  Let’s elaborate.

What is a Boro Box Mod?

The term “boro” isn’t exactly brand new – it goes all the way back to 2012, when the first boro box mod was released: the OG Billet Box.  “Boro” is short for “borosilicate,” which is the type of glass used for the included tank and drip tip.  All boro hardware uses a borosilicate glass drip tip, and that’s something that makes them easy to recognize.

Basically, a boro box mod is an all-in-one (AIO) vape system, similar to a pod system.  But, it’s technically a box mod in terms of its design.  It uses a unique tank system that is compatible with RBAs or “bridges” that allow the tank to use pre-built coils.  Overall, it’s a super customizable setup by design, while being extremely compact.

Another thing to know about boro systems is that as all-in-one systems, all of the necessary components are found within the device, including your atomizer, coil, battery, and mouthpiece.  One way in which it differs from pod systems, however, is that it requires a lot more technological know-how, since it features far more rebuildable and/or customizable features that require some experience with vaping technology – especially if you plan on building your own coils through an RBA, which is the most common way to use this type of system.

Now, let’s dissect each component of this type of vaping system to give you a better idea of what it can offer.

Boro Box Mod

First, we have the box mod, which either utilizes an internal battery or single 18650 battery that is sold separately.  These types of devices are meant to be compact compared to more traditional box mods – and the tradeoff for a pocket-friendly device is a generally lower output range.  The majority of boro box mods you’ll find on the market reach up to 60-80 watts at most, which can give you some major cloud-chasing action despite the small size of the device. That’s actually a big part of the appeal – this is really the only type of vaping system that offer the portability we associate with pod mods, while giving you major cloud potential.

These devices often come with different output modes as well, including temperature control, which makes sense since they are typically paired with an RBA so that vapers can build their own coils.  You’ll almost always find a display screen on the device that lets you adjust output, along with a type-C charge port that lets you charge your device rapidly, without ever having to remove the battery.

Boro Tank

Then comes the tank, and there are three main styles to choose from.  Just like we’ve seen with 510-threaded vape tanks and traditional box mods, boro tanks use a universal connection design so they can attach to any boro box mod.  The three types of tanks are:

  • Boro Tanks: Boro tanks operate like traditional tanks, in that they have a juice well, and you can install a prebuilt coil. But, they look more like pod cartridges, in terms of their shape and general design, being rectangular and box-like.
  • Boro RBAs: There are lots of RBAs on the market that are compatible with boro devices, for those who do want to build their own coils.
  • Boro Bridges: Finally, we have boro bridges, which allow you to use prebuilt coils with your RBA. They act as an attachment for your RBA that takes prebuilt coils.

The majority of boro atomizers are RBAs, and a bridge serves the purpose of allowing you to use a premade coil if you’d prefer to not build your own.  That being said, a big appeal of boro systems is that they allow you to use RBAs while enjoying a more compact, travel-friendly setup. A lot boro systems that are coming out right now arrive with both a tank and an RBA.

Plus, with boro setups, you can explore a wide array of coil configurations, so that you can enjoy MTL, DL, and RDL (RDTL) vaping styles as you so choose. 

What are the Pros and Cons of a Boro Box Mod System?

If you’re on the fence about a boro setup, it might be helpful to weigh the pros and cons, so that you can compare it to other types of vaping systems that you’re more familiar with.  Let’s start with the pros.

  • Compact and Portable: A boro system is pocket-friendly, compared to box mod setups. So, you can enjoy many of the functions of a box mod in a way that’s far more portable.
  • More Customizable than Pod Systems: Boro systems are super customizable compared to pod systems, while still being very compact. They typically feature a broader output range, more coil compatibility, more output mode options, and of course, the ability to build your own coils.
  • All-in-One: The all-in-one nature of a Boro kit means that you’ll spend generally less time managing and maintaining your system. The system still requires a lot of customization, so we aren’t calling it beginner-friendly.  But, in terms of things like cleaning, you’ll spend less time overall.
  • Compatible with RBAs: Anyone who loves RBAs but doesn’t want to lug around a larger vaping kit will probably be relieved when they start using a boro kit instead.
  • Mixing and Matching Hardware: With a boro system, you can mix and match different mods and tank styles because of their universal connection, for a setup that totally suits your needs. This is different from pod kits, where generally, the mod you buy is only compatible with a specific pod.
  • Affordable Compared to Box Mod Systems: Most boro kits are about $30-50, which is usually cheaper than box mod setups.
  • Fantastic Battery Life: Boro box mods are very battery-efficient compared to traditional box mods, which is always a big plus, especially if you’re a heavier vaper.
  • Different Vaping Styles: Like we said, you can get lots of satisfaction whether you’re a vaper who prefers MTL, DL, or RDL vaping styles, as this type of system can accommodate all 3 beautifully.

Now, let’s talk about some drawbacks that vapers may encounter when switching to a boro setup.

  • Requires More Tech Experience: Especially if you’re going to be using an RBA, a boro setup definitely requires a lot more technological skill, experience, and understanding. In other words, this is definitely not a beginner-friendly type of device.  It requires a lot of customization before you can begin using it, as well as an understanding of what kind of hardware components to buy to deliver the experience you’re looking for.
  • Larger Than Most Pod Systems: A boro setup is definitely more compact than a traditional box mod setup, but if portability is your main priority above all else, you might be disappointed, as many pod systems are still notably slimmer and smaller than boro kits.
  • More Expensive Than Most Pod Systems: Again, a boro kit is usually cheaper than a box mod kit, but still more expensive than most pod systems on the market. That’s because this type of kit uses far more advanced technology, and has many more components that add to the cost.
  • More Room for Error: With more customizability comes more room for error, so you may have to tinker around with this kit a lot more than you would with either a box mod or pod mod setup. These devices operate very efficiently, and almost always employ safety features in their chipset, but there’s always the risk of using incompatible settings or hardware components that lead to a disappointing vaping experience, while pod systems are typically more streamlined in that regard.

Is a Boro Mod Setup Right for You?

The bottom line is that a boro mod isn’t for everyone, but there will always be a community of vapers who have been eagerly waiting for something like this to emerge on the market.  The wonderful thing about the vape market is that there is a type of hardware setup for every vaper.  If what you’re seeking out is something compact, customizable, powerful, and compatible with RBAs, then a boro kit is absolutely worth exploring.  Its features are totally unique, as is its distinctive design, and over the next few years, they’re only going to get more advanced as they continue to explode in popularity.

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