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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Bantam E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Bantam E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Every brand has a story. With Bantam®, that story is you. From initial blueprinting to core ingredients down to the product packaging art, the consumer drives the narrative. It’s a simple but extremely effective strategy that has garnered Bantam Vape broad acclaim and industry recognition. And that’s an incredibly difficult achievement in this stage of the vaping game.

Bantam E-LiquidA substantial allure of the e-liquid arena is the relatively low barrier to entry. With a modicum of investment outlays, an upstart organization can quickly set up shop.

Such a dynamic is great for the consumer in terms of diverse product options. However, the reality is that the e-juice market has absolutely no shortage of players. To attract the initial consumer base, and then to maintain relevancy in this ever-evolving market, takes exceptional effort and acumen.

Enter Bantam Vape.

Unlike many other e-liquid companies that merely produce products to make up the numbers, every cog in Bantam’s supply chain represents a carefully deliberated and measured protocol. From providing a detailed provenance of every bottle that leaves the factory floor to the lighting arrangement utilized in their cutting-edge promo videos, absolutely nothing is taken to chance.

For some, that might seem a bit draconian. However, a dropped ball anywhere in the production and marketing process levers an exponential influence on the consumer’s perspective. After all, the customer is always right. Moreover, the loyal enthusiast is often not aware of the granularity involved in the retail machinery.

They see a brand and associate any related experiences to that brand. For Bantam Vape, nothing is more important than protecting this vital bloodline.

There is a price to perfection, one that Bantam Vape is more than willing to pay. And that’s perhaps the most powerful ingredient in the company’s vast portfolio of delectable products and cutting edge, proprietary assets.


Bantam Vape Profile & History

Like most successful businesses, Bantam Vape started with a question: How can they produce the most compelling e-liquids while retaining both modern cultural relevancy and a tribute to tradition? The answer to this critical inquiry involved a lengthy methodology. First, it required understanding the marketplace and competition, and later, progressing their findings into one of the world’s most Bantam Vape E-Liquidpowerful vaping brands.

Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, Bantam Vape plies its trade in one of the most tradition-steeped areas of the U.S. The state is also home to a rich, vibrant history of tobacco farming. It’s this heritage that subtly carries into each Bantam e-juice flavor, from the first hit to the last draw. That provides the organization with a weight of authority and authenticity that you simply don’t find in most e-liquid manufacturers.

Still, vaping is very much a culmination of various technological developments. As such, the industry attracted several players that only focused on this particular aspect. Indeed, many newcomers didn’t have any experience in the analog field. Thus, many of the products that were proliferated in the nascent stage of the vaping phenomenon merely met technical specifications but lacked the fine touch and quality of premium labels.

This is where Bantam Vape filled the void. With an ode to both tradition and innovation – you can respectively try out their highly regarded nicotine-salt blends and extraordinary fruit flavors for the embodiment of these attributes – Bantam e-juices quickly earned mass appeal and praise. From the initial burst into the enthusiast arena, word of mouth quickly took over.

And then something beautiful happened. While Bantam Vape has always levered a creative advantage regarding their marketing approach, once the first batch of liquids hit the retail floor, the consumer base assumed the bulk of the company’s advertising presence.

Connoisseurs down to casual enthusiasts don’t just vape Bantam flavors – they have a true passion for the brand. Through organic synergies, the company grew to astounding heights. Yet they have maintained their consumer-centric ethos, consistently delivering premium, relevant blends at very accessible prices.


Next-Generation Technology for Vaping’s Second Wave

When people think about the vaporizer platform, the underlying technology is immediately what first comes to mind. Take a look at any of the major full-sized APVs (advanced personal vaporizers): most of them feature an array of end-user modulation systems and conveniences, such as variable wattage, temperature control, and safety mechanisms.

Bantam VapeBut where advanced tech doesn’t quite fit in from a public point-of-view is the e-liquid format. In many cases, it’s just the end result of various ingredients and compounds put together. However, Bantam Vape would like to change that stereotypical perception.

If you ever have a chance to visit the company’s production facility, you’ll be forgiven for thinking this is an advanced biotech firm rather than an e-liquid manufacturer. Straight from conceptualization, every step undergoes a meticulous and scientific oversight procedure.

For instance, all Bantam flavors are created in-house at the molecular level. Although extremely rigorous compared to vaping industry standards, it’s an extra level of commitment that ensures that every batch is tested and accounted for before it arrives at your doorstep. And it goes without saying that all manufacturing procedures occur within the walls of ISO 8 Class 100,000-certified clean rooms.

With Bantam Vape e-liquids, you’re getting nothing but the purity of the ingredients, exactly as it was intended by the company’s carefully vetted team of elite Flavorist and mixologists.

But as impressive as this protocol is, Bantam Vape’s flagship innovation is SENTRI℠, a proprietary track-and-trace platform that is undeniably the gold standard in quality control mechanisms and consumer satisfaction.

One of the biggest problems with lesser e-juice companies is a lack of consistency in their batches. Since vaping as a physical retail presence has yet to hit its peak, many consumers depend upon online channels to get their fix. As convenient as this is, vaping enthusiasts are trusting that the e-liquid manufacturer is delivering a quality blend.

Unfortunately, some names have missed the mark in this department. Again sensing a wide-open opportunity, Bantam Vape enlisted SENTRI to foster an unparalleled level of customer service. With this incredible technology, vapers can view the provenance of their e-liquid at the click of a button, right down to the mixologist.

Bantam Vape refers to this innovation a “source-to-market assurance.” We call it an uncompromising vision to garner life-long customers. It’s one of the many reasons why our own customers routinely request this remarkable brand.


An E-Liquid Portfolio Geared for the Professional

In this day and age, the digitalization effect is all around us. What truly distinguishes a successful organization to those who fall by the wayside is applied knowledge. In E-Juice-Bantam-Vapeother words, do their innovations they employ matter?

With Bantam Vape, that answer is a resounding yes! For instance, the SENTRI platform isn’t merely used to source the quality of their e-liquid bottles. Rather, Bantam has a front-row seat to real-time vaping trends. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Therefore, don’t look to this organization to merely fill the ranks. Each offered product fills specific needs based on data aggregation and consumer-behavioral analysis. As a result, it’s not unusual for Bantam Vape e-juices to quickly find themselves in back-ordered status.

So, a friendly word of advice: if any of these flavors appeal to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to fire up an order or five! To get the ball rolling, check out a Bantam favorite Tobacco Mint. Optimized for the busy professional looking for an alternative to the analog platform, Tobacco Mint features a robust and hearty flavor profile that engenders the perfect amount of throat hit. Rounding off this deeply satisfying draw is a cool layer of spearmint and peppermint – just perfect for the menthol enthusiast.

For those seeking to switch things up from the same-old e-juices saturating retail shops, check out Banana Strawberry. Featuring an alluring array of fresh fruits, including ripe bananas and mountain-fresh strawberries, Banana Strawberry is a must-have bottle to wind down a hectic day at the office.

Finally, both traditionalists and hobbyists will enjoy Sour Strawberry Salt. Utilizing Bantam Vape’s proprietary PyriSalt blend of premium-grade nicotine-salt ingredients, Sour Strawberry Salt gives you a rush unlike any other. Better yet, this bottle evokes a kaleidoscope of exotic tones and nuances that will have you craving for more.

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