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Best Cereal E-Juices of 2020

Best Cereal E-Juices of 2020

Another year has arrived, and with it, a whole new plethora of absolutely intoxicating vape juices for our taste buds to savor as we enjoy our vaping hobbies.  If there’s one category of flavors that will likely never go out of style, it’s cereal. Cereal flavors seem to be universally loved, and we can see why. There's nothing like the taste of a big bowl of our favorite crunchy, sugary cereal and creamy, velvety milk.  Thanks to cereal-flavored vape juices, we can treat ourselves to that nostalgic taste for hours on end without having to think about what all of that sugar is doing to us.

Today, we’ll be breaking down our favorite cereal flavors of 2020.  If you’re one of the many who adores that sugary taste, you’re going to want to check out the ones that made the list.  We’ve tested just about every cereal flavor out there so that we could bring you only the best of the best. Whichever one(s) you go with; we know that you’ll be unbelievably satisfied.

The Best Cereal E-Juices of 2020


Cream & Honey by Bantam

Bantam has been dazzling us for some time now thanks to a series of e-liquids that are more nuanced, layered and sophisticated than many others that are on the market today.  Everything that they set out to create turns into a masterpiece thanks to luxurious blends of flavor notes and stunningly balanced flavor profiles. Their cereal flavor is among the best that they have to offer, having a taste that’s so authentic, it’s hard to believe that it’s not the real thing.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020CREAM & HONEY

Cream & Honey is the ultimate treat for your taste buds, bringing you back to the good old days while supplying your taste buds with a flavor combination so intoxicating, you’ll want to screech with pleasure.  It starts off with the familiar taste of crunchy toasted honey cluster cereal that tastes just like you remember. This magnificent blend is then finished with a a generous helping of cold, rich milk that soaks your tongue, leaving you ecstatic.

Best Cereal E-Juices of 2020


The Milk 2 by Teleos

Teleos is one of those vape juice companies that takes their role in the vaping world seriously.  They’ve crafted one sophisticated flavor after another, and each one contains only the finest ingredients that money can buy.  They’re known for their innovative blends that hit the spot while making us feel like we’re indulging in something naughty. And, as you would have guessed, their cereal flavor really takes vaping to a whole new level by hitting the spot like few e-liquids truly can.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020THE MILK 2

If your favorite cereal from back in the day consisted of a crunchy square coated in cinnamon and sugar, you’re going to want to pay attention.  The Milk 2 is a masterful recreation of that iconic treat, and it satisfies in exactly the same way. That sweet and savory taste is absolutely intoxicating, and the warmth of the cinnamon manages to make each puff extra comforting.  If that wasn’t enough, those beautiful squares are soaked in the creamiest, most succulent milk that you’ve ever tasted, ensuring that every hit makes your mouth water beyond control.

Best Cereal E-Juices 2020


OG Krunch by Keep It 100

Keep It 100 has a reputation for delivering bold, in-your-face flavors that have a nostalgic vibe, and they excel at recreating the old-school treats that truly put a smile on our face.  Their e-liquids have familiar-tasting flavor profiles that warm our hearts while intoxicating our taste buds. And, they never shy away from the whimsical side, turning candies and other sweets into unique and exciting creations that make the mouth water while exciting the senses.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020OG Krunch

OG Krunch is the perfect example of Keep It 100’s understanding of what vapers want.  They’ve taken a classic cereal flavor and enhanced it in a way that only they can. This masterpiece very precisely delivery the familiar taste of your favorite toasted cinnamon crunchy cereal. Complete with a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar, this delight will have your taste buds spring to life with every draw.

The Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2020


Banana Nut O's by Shijin Vapor

Shijin Vapor is one of the most recognizable names in the vaping universe, since these guys have been churning out remarkable flavors for as long as we can remember.  They know what it is that our palates crave, and never fail to go above and beyond in order to ensure that we are as satisfied as can be. They offer an enormous variety of flavors belonging to every category under the sun, and they tirelessly test and tweak every one of their creations until it’s absolutely perfect.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020BANANA NUT O'S

Banana Nut O's is the ultimate cereal flavor for fans of rich and sweet breakfast delights.  Remember that crunchy honey nut oat cereal that brought your taste buds so much pleasure?  Well, prepare to feel satisfied once again, only without all of the calories. This e-liquid takes that sweet and delicious cluster of crunchy goodness and soaks it in velvety milk, ensuring that each puff provides you with a balance of flavors so irresistible, your palate will be weeping tears of joy.

Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2020


The One Blueberry by Beard Vape Co

One vape juice company that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries is Beard Vape Co, and we’ll never stop singing their praises for it.  They always find a way to make our favorite treats even more dazzling than we ever thought possible by putting whimsical twists on old-school flavors.  Because they never play it safe, they’ve earned a stellar reputation for captivating our taste buds in ways that so many other e-liquid companies fail to do.  Their The One line is especially intriguing thanks to its many layers of flavor that somehow remain perfectly balanced.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020THE ONE BLUEBERRY

Who could resist a blend of fluffy doughnuts and crunchy cereal?  Sounds like the ultimate breakfast treat to us. The One Blueberry takes a freshly fried doughnut and slathers it in sweet, fruity blueberry puree and rich, silky cream before topping it all off with crunchy, sugary cereal that instantly brings back happy memories.  One word: yum.

Best Cereal E-Liquids 2020


Pebbled by Vape Crusaders

Take a puff of a Vape Crusaders e-liquid flavor and try not to smile.  See? It’s impossible. Their whimsical flavors never fail to remind us of our favorite delights from the good old days, and their ability to recreate these flavors perfectly is nothing short of magical.  When you think of Vape Crusaders, your mind starts imagining perfectly balanced sweets that are too decadent to savor on a regular basis in any other form. And, their cereal flavor takes satisfaction to a whole new level.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020PEBBLED

If you were a fan of that pebbled little fruity cereal from the old days, you’re going to want to get your hands on Pebbled from Vape Crusaders.  This e-liquid flawlessly recreates that iconic taste in ways that will have you swearing you’ve been transported back in time. The blend of sweet, fruit-flavored delight is enhanced with a generous helping of succulent milk, which only adds to the luxurious nature of this flavor experience.

The Best Cereal Vape Juices of 2020


Birthday Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

One e-liquid company that never disappoints is Bam’s Cannoli.  Their unique and exciting twists on the classic Italian dessert always surprise us, as they never fail to dream up new and innovative flavor creations that blow away every single taste bud.  They’ve managed to replicate that iconic cannoli shell taste perfectly, right down to that buttery finish that melts in the mouth. But it’s their sensational cereal flavor that has got most of the vaping community talking, and it’s easy to see why.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2020BIRTHDAY CANNOLI

Birthday Cannoli is nothing short of a decadent experience.  For this stunner, Bam’s Cannoli took a golden-brown cannoli shell and stuffed it to the max with rich, tangy and sweet mascarpone cream and birthday cake batter – yum.  Then, they rolled the whole thing in our favorite crunchy and sweet cereal from back in the day, allowing each puff to comfort us while keeping the palate on the edge of its seat.

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