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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Cereal E-Juices 2021

Best Cereal E-Juices of 2021

There is nothing that comforts us like a big bowl of crunchy, sugary cereal drenched in cold, creamy milk.  And, for vapers wild about cereal e-juice flavors, get ready because Vapor Authority offers one of the widest selections of premium e-liquids available online, and we are absolutely fully-stocked with incredible cereal-flavored vape juices for your vaping pleasure. 

If you cannot decide between the huge variety of cereal vapes that we offer, then this list is for you, as we will be covering the ten best cereal e-juices of 2021.  That way, you can make sure that the months ahead are filled with satisfying clouds, no matter what time of the day it is.


The Best Cereal E-Juices of 2021


Rainbow Road by Vapetasia E-Juice

Vapetasia is, simply put, one of the most successful e-juice brands to ever hit the vaping market.  Their custard-infused flavors have won awards, and despite the fact that they have been around for years, they still continue to outsell the competition.  The brand’s secret?  It’s simple.  Procure only the highest-quality ingredients and hire a team of flavor experts to turn them into smooth, beautifully blended vapes.

The Best Cereal E-Juices of 2021

Our Pick: Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road starts out with everyone’s all-time favorite fruity rainbow cereal, with the perfect balance between fruitiness and pure sugar to keep every single taste bud in a state of elated bliss.  The e-liquid finishes off with a generous pouring of cold and silky milk that lingers on the tongue.


Best Cereal E-Juices 2021


Revel by The Cloud Company E-Liquid 

The Cloud Company was developed by Suicide Bunny as a lineup of vapes for cloud-chasers, as each vape comes in a max VG formula.  The flavors are just as impressive as the clouds that vapers will experience, with carefully selected ingredients that are blended by hand to offer maximum impact on the palate.

Best Cereal E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: Revel

Simply put, Revel is one of those vapes that’s nearly impossible to put down.  It starts with a crunchy, sugary cereal base, which is quickly amplified by a smattering of various berries that come from the depths of the forest.  Then, rich and velvety milk completes the flavor profile, offering creaminess that makes the palate feel extremely gratified.


The Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2021


Banana Nut O’s by Shijin Vapor E-Juice

Shijin Vapor E-Juice has never released a flavor that has failed to captivate the vaping community at large.  This brand has become one of the serious heavy hitters on the vaping scene thanks to their obsession with finding the finest ingredients to ensure maximum flavor with each puff of vapor.  From fresh fruits to smooth tobaccos, Shijin can do it all, and their e-liquids are top-sellers year after year.

The Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Banana Nut O’s

Any vaper looking for a familiar cereal flavor that satisfies while also warming the soul, needs to start vaping Banana Nut O’s.  This crunchy cereal flavor profile has a rich and creamy banana taste that’s decadently sweet, and is balanced out by warm, buttery toasted nuts that complete this perfect pairing.


Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2021


Pebbled by Vape Crusaders E-Juice

Few e-liquid brands have made an impact over the last few years on the level of Vape Crusaders E-Juice.  This brand has managed to release some of the most exciting flavor profiles we have seen in years, one after another, and their knack for innovating truly unique e-liquids has won them a place at the top of most vapers’ lists.

Best Cereal E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Pebbled

Pebbled is a truly sensational tribute to those iconic fruit-flavored cereal, and if that’s your go-to sensation, this e-juice will not leave you disappointed.  Instantly, a spectrum of fruity flavors captivates the tongue, with the sweetness level becoming more prominent along the way.  The exhale soaks your palate in farm-fresh milk, offering absolutely irresistible creaminess.


The Best Cereal E-Liquids 2021


Sunrise by Prism E-Liquids

Prism E-Liquids has become associated with high-end flavors, acting as almost a luxury brand that delivers exceptionally refined and nuanced flavor profiles that start with some of the most carefully sourced ingredients throughout the industry.  The brand has something for everyone, and their flavor profiles are typically layered with absolutely decadent tastes that keep the palate in a state of ecstasy.

The Best Cereal E-Liquids 2021

Our Pick: Sunrise

Sunrise is the ultimate morning e-juice, offering up a freshly griddled Belgian waffle that is as fluffy, rich, and buttery as one could ever ask for.  The waffle is absolutely slathered in maple syrup, which becomes increasingly prominent leading up to the glorious exhale.


Best Cereal E-Liquids 2021


Cream & Honey by Bantam E-Juice

Bantam E-Juice has made a name for itself by delivering refined, grown-up versions of the most decadent treats that we all know and love.  This company knows how to procure exceptional ingredients and blend them together in a way that tastes simply expensive, and it’s hard to find fault in a single flavor in their lineup, as each one is imaginative, luxurious, and stunningly nuanced with bold complexity.

Best Cereal E-Liquids 2021

Our Pick: Cream & Honey

Cream & Honey is not your ordinary cereal flavored e-liquid.  For this delicious treat, Bantam elevated the concept of cereal to ensure that each draw is rich, decadent, and sophisticated.  It starts out with honey-drenched cereal clusters that have an absolutely sensational taste all on their own.  Then, a stream of rich cream acts as a uniquely luxurious alternative to the standard milk.


The Best Cereal Vape Juices of 2021


OG Krunch by Keep It 100 E-Juice

Keep It 100 E-Juice has provided us with some of the most crave-worthy vape juices of all time, and each of their e-liquids pays homage to a familiar treat that we all reach for on a regular basis.  The brand does it all, offering soothing beverages, glorious fruit concoctions and decadent desserts, and each e-liquid vapes fresh, authentic, and delightfully nuanced.

The Best Cereal Vape Juices of 2021

Our Pick: OG Krunch

OG Krunch is the perfect take on those classic graham cracker cereal squares, glistening with cinnamon and sugar, and lovingly dunked into a big bowl of exquisitely creamy milk.  In fact, the cinnamon and sugar, paired with the buttery graham cracker taste, satisfies instantly, while the milk allows a rich and velvety taste to linger on the tongue, long after the vapor has left.


The Best Cereal Vape Juices 2021


The Milk 2 by Teleos E-Juice

Award-winning brand Teleos E-Juice has come up with some of the most creative flavor concoctions that the community has ever had the pleasure of vaping, and it is clear that their imagination knows no bounds.  But they also excel at replicating the familiar flavors that comfort us on a deeper level, like the cereal flavor that we are featuring today.

The Best Cereal Vape Juices 2021

Our Pick: The Milk 2

The Milk 2 is an absolutely scrumptious take on everyone’s favorite crunchy square cereal, doused in a blend of cinnamon and sugar, and soaking in cold, velvety milk.  Cinnamon and sugar hit the tongue first, followed by the lusciously buttery graham cracker taste, and the creaminess of the milk keeps you feeling absolutely euphoric long after the vapor leaves your mouth.


Best Cereal Vape Juices 2021


Creamy Crunch by Humble Juice Co.

If you’re looking for e-liquids that are imaginative, whimsical, and layered with all kinds of sweet flavors, Humble Juice Co. is the brand worth exploring.  They never fail to delight us with out-of-the-box concoctions that captivate our hearts as well as our taste buds, and they truly have a flavor for every palate under the sun.

Best Cereal Vape Juices 2021

Our Pick: Creamy Crunch

Creamy Crunch is the brand’s take on golden granola, offering up a sweet and savory profile consisting of beautifully baked oats that glisten with a blend of butter and honey.  The granola offers a mouthwatering taste to the palate, which is quickly enhanced with the richest milk you have ever tasted.


Best Cereal Vape Juices of 2021


UniLoop by BLVK Unicorn E-Juice

BLVK Premium E-Liquid has become one of the top-selling vape companies, with their sleek and sophisticated packaging amplifying their success while the flavors themselves absolutely explode with sensational, tongue-tingling flavor.  This company sticks to flavor profiles that are familiar and elevates them with ingredients that have over-the-top quality levels.

Best Cereal Vape Juices of 2021

Our Pick: UniLoop

UniLoop is this company’s cereal flavor, and easily one of the best-sellers that they have in their catalog.  At first, the palate is treated to a plethora of fruity tastes, as the familiar loop cereal flavor takes over.  Those sugary notes hit a peak, making the sweet tooth feel sensations of ecstasy, before that velvety milk rushes over the tongue.



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