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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2017

Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2017

In the last few years, the vaporizer manufacturing industry exploded from a niche, enthusiast sector to one that is veritably challenging Big Tobacco’s hegemonic control. Today, vapers can find no shortage of platforms that suit their specific style or needs. Whether it’s massive cloud production, pure flavor translation, or a tobacco-alternative channel, vaporizers can accommodate almost anything.

One of the most important catalysts for vaping’s popularity is the e-liquid. Unlike traditional, analog platforms, flavoring is extremely limited. Furthermore, outside of specialty, non-nicotine cigarettes, all analog cigarettes contain nicotine, in addition to toxic byproducts such as tar and carbon monoxide. In sharp contrast, e-juices transfer the pure essence of its flavors without the harmful magnitude of toxic chemicals.

Just as importantly, e-liquids are incredibly plentiful and diverse – virtually every popular flavor concoction found in the culinary industry are represented in e-juice products. Ranging from brand-name cereals to exotic fruit mixes, even the most discerning vaper will never get bored with the options available. Best of all, e-juice manufacturers are incorporating new mixes and products seemingly on a daily basis.

At the same time, figuring out which is the most appropriate e-juice can potentially become an onerous task. Fortunately, we’ve figured out the best e-liquid brands and flavors of 2017 to help you cut down on research time. In no particular order, they are:


Lost Art Liquids

Lost Art LiquidsOne of the younger competitors in the e-juice sector, Lost Art Liquids has nevertheless solidified itself as one of the best e-liquid brands of 2017. Headquartered in the business hub of Los Angeles, California, Lost Art quickly rose to prominence due to their single-minded focus towards quality.

Meticulously crafted through experts in the art of mixology, Lost Art is adamant that only the most premium, high-quality ingredients are integrated in their e-juices. Every item in their product portfolio is 100% made in the USA, and features food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards, thereby ensuring an unparalleled vaping experience.

Lost Art is as much a success of grassroots enthusiasm as it is the end-result of their excellent workmanship. During their initial launch, the company’s products were only carried at four retail locations. But by the end of the year, over 500 stores featured Lost Art Liquids, and today, the brand is represented across the globe.

Although Lost Art Liquids offers a wide range of incredibly delicious and wildly popular e-juice flavors, here are our top three picks:

  • The Grape White: For vapers looking for the perfect, summer blend, stop your search and pick up the “Slotter Pops The Grape White!” Featuring a sweet and juicy base, Lost Art Liquids then blends in candy apple flavoring topped with a hint of tangy citrus. The end result is a succulent concoction of sweet vibrancy – ideal for jumpstarting your day or taking a relaxing break from the daily grind!
  • Slotter Pop: One of the reasons why Lost Art Liquids is featured among the best e-liquid brands is their ability to evoke nostalgia. Slotter Pop accurately transfers the distinctive taste of ice-cold mixed berry popsicles that we’ve all enjoyed as kids. Even better, Slotter Pop has a subtle kick that gives you the boost you need to get you going throughout the day.
  • OGB: Too often, e-juice manufacturers pump up the volume without doing anything about the refinement. Fortunately, Lost Art Liquids knows exactly how to mix their products without shifting towards extremes. OGB is a perfect example of an impeccably balanced and great tasting e-liquid. Representing the famous “Slotter Pop” series, OGB is a mouthwatering blend of blue raspberry popsicles, oranges, and apple candy, which is guaranteed to light up your day!


The Milkman

The Milkman E-JuiceThrough years of delivering vaping excellence, The Milkman has forged its name as one of the best e-liquid brands in the business. From its distinctively-balanced flavors, and its unique styling and packaging, The Milkman products are highly coveted by discerning vapers and enthusiasts.

This e-liquid manufacturer didn’t just gain its reputation by accident. Utilizing only premium food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, every aspect of The Milkman’s production and supply chain originates right here in the USA. Trusted domestic production is rapidly becoming a critical consumer issue, as other international production standards don’t necessarily meet our own rigorous requirements.

Along with great-tasting e-juice flavors, the most unique component of The Milkman is its marketing. Advertised as a “vaping adventure,” these e-liquids deliver an experience, not just a taste. To further that end goal, The Milkman’s e-liquid bottles are packaged inside a container designed to resemble a milk carton. Such finishing touches add flair to the overall product, and help subconsciously establish The Milkman as a premiere e-juice crafter.

The Milkman offers an extensive collection of delectable flavors to choose from. Although very difficult to identify the best tasting, here are our top three selections:

  • Churrios: Despite the prevalence of e-juice flavor options, it takes true talent to be able to replicate highly-desired and consumed confectionaries. Fortunately, The Milkman and its army of expert artisans is up to the task. Churrios remarkably translates the warm, fresh churros confection, accentuated with the ideal blend of sugar and cinnamon. For an even more potent concoction, mix down your Churrios vape session with a glass of ice-cold milk!
  • Milky O’s: The Milkman earned worldwide praise for delivering the classic tastes that everyone enjoys, and Milky O’s is no exception. Utilizing the best, homegrown ingredients, Milky O’s hits true from the very first draw. Flawlessly representing the old-fashioned cookies and cream milkshake, Milky O’s is textured to perfection. A cool succulent top with a creamy and luscious base, this e-juice is the epitome of vaping excellence!
  • The Milkman: An e-juice product bearing the company name absolutely has to deliver the goods without compromise or excuses. The Milkman does exactly that, richly serving up an unparalleled vaping experience thanks to its distinct fusion of high-quality ingredients and proprietary mixology. The Milkman specifically integrates warm, freshly-toasted Pop Tarts broken down into a bowl of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. The end result is a soothing and delectable mixture that has to be experienced to be believed!


Beard Vape Co.

Beard Vape E-JuiceAlthough the rapid rise of vaporizers and e-juice manufacturers is a net positive for the industry, it’s now incredibly difficult for new and existing players to make a dent. This is especially true for e-juice companies, which have to compete with thousands of established and exotic flavors. 

But for Beard Vape Co., their brand and imaging is just quirky enough without becoming gimmicky. As a result, Beard Vape is one of the best e-liquid brands available in the vaping marketplace. From humble beginnings in a small vape shop located in trendy Venice, California, Beard’s founders mixed up batches of refreshing e-juices that gained immediate grassroots support.

The Beard brand name derives from two of the founders’ father, whose famous batch of facial hair earned him the nickname “Beard.” This unique branding gave rise to the company’s name, persona, and likeness, which carries over even into the naming mechanism. Rather than conjuring up glib or shallow naming, the vast majority of Beard e-juices are numbered. This approach harkens the classic strategy undertaken by iconic brands, and befits the quality that Beard injects into every one of their products.

Beard Vape Co. takes an incredible amount of time to meticulously crafty and perfect each and every flavor offering. As a result, all of their remarkable e-juices are nothing short of sensational. Having experienced them all for extended periods of time, we have narrowed down the top three to these scrumptious concoctions:

  • Pink: Attempting to recreate common flavors is always a tricky business for e-juice manufacturers. If even the slightest nuance is lost, vapers will realize the bum note right away. Fortunately for the entire enthusiast community, Beard hires only the best mixologists to concoct their products. With Pink E-Juice, the trendy company delivers an exclusive combination of sweet tropical mangoes injected with the soothing flavor of lychee. Blended together, Pink offers an unrivaled vaping experience accentuated with rich, tonal chords.
  • No. 5: Masters of e-liquid artistry, #5 by Beard Vape Co. represents the bold ingenuity that made the trendy company world famous. From the moment you open a bottle of #5, the distinctive aroma of an authentic, New York cheesecake hits you square in the face. With the taste of freshly squeezed strawberry extracts, you’ll feel as if you’re taking a bite out of a real New York cheesecake!
  • No. 71: One of the exclusive capabilities of an expert e-juice manufacturer is the harkening of nostalgia. Thanks to the #71 E-juice by Beard Vape Co., you can enjoy the unmistakable flavor of sweet and sour peach candies, the very ones that we adored as children. Smooth and sweet without being overbearing, the #71 has quickly become a fan favorite, and is sure to be a wonderful addition to your e-liquid portfolio.


Space Jam

Space Jam E-JuiceWith so many competitors in the e-juice sector, you’re bound to come across some idiosyncratic manufacturers. That being said, Space Jam has earned itself a strong reputation not only for its quirks, but also for its attention to quality and detail. Not merely riding on its marketing and image, Space Jam has forwarded innovations in the e-juice sector that all vapers can appreciate.

For starters, the Southern California headquartered company only utilizes the finest available ingredients that are strictly derived from the USA. As controversies in other food-related industries have proven, not all foreign nations abide by our exacting standards. Furthermore, every consumable material integrated into Space Jam e-liquids are 100% food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade quality. These demanding requirements help ensure Space Jam as one of the best e-liquid brands in the vaping market.

More remarkably, Space Jam’s e-juice bottles are specially engineered to ensure taste and quality preservation. Manufactured with next-gen technology, the company’s bottles are designed to protect the e-juice from ultra-violet light, prolonging its useful life. In addition, Space Jam policy is to never use plastic materials in their bottles, as the native acidity in the e-juice can erode polymer, causing structural problems.

Finally, Space Jam features a wide range of flavor profiles, allowing any vaper to find a platform suitable for his or her preference. No matter what you go with, every e-liquid in the company lineup is manufactured to the highest standard possible. As challenging as it was to identify our three favorite, we finally managed to do so.

  • Meteor Milk: With a name like Meteor Milk, you know that Space Jam has to deliver something awe-striking and special. Luckily, the e-juice manufacturer does not disappoint. Incorporating the freshest ingredients, Meteor Milk is a decadent delicacy. Starting with a base of rich and creamy handmade ice cream, fresh strawberries are blended in and topped with a tempting strawberry syrup. The Meteor Milk is one e-liquid brew that you simply cannot put down!
  • Particle X: The appropriately named Particle X by Space Jam is a superbly accurate representation of freshly-spun blue raspberry cotton candy. From the moment you open the bottle and breathe in its essence, you’re immediately transported to your favorite county fairgrounds. In addition, Particle X remarkably captures the sweet and delicately crunchy tonality native to cotton candy. Try this e-juice just one time and you’ll see why Space Jam is one of the best e-liquid brands of 2017!
  • Starhunter: One of the more underappreciated attributes of Space Jam is restraint. Rather than pounding the markets with inane variations of the same product, Space Jam prefers to focus on distinctive blends that stand the test of time. A great example is Starhunter, which mimics the refreshing taste of classic, homemade lemonade. Starting with a base of freshly-squeezed peaches, lemon and sugar are then introduced to the mix, resulting in a crisp, tarty, and unequivocally refreshing vaping experience!


Time Bomb

Time Bomb VaporsAs a subsidiary of the pioneering Buckshot Vapors, Time Bomb leverages a unique and powerful heritage. Family-owned and operated, their core message has remained the same since Buckshot’s inception – to deliver exceptional quality to vape enthusiasts worldwide.

To that end, Time Bomb e-juices are integrated using only the finest materials available. That means nothing short of food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards. In addition, every consumable component of Time Bomb e-liquids are made right here in the USA. This is an important distinction to foreign manufacturing, which may not operate with the same rigorous standard to which we are accustomed.

The Time Bomb brand name originates from the founding couple’s love for skateboarding and punk-rock culture. Fusing expert mixology and the knowledge derived from Buckshot, with the bold edginess that is native to the aforementioned subcultures, Time Bomb e-juices feature rich and robust flavors. For vape enthusiasts looking to add a little pizzazz to their routine, Time Bomb has the perfect formula dialed in!

Time Bomb has numerous flavor profiles that are all genuinely delicious and worth trying. However, for purposes of this article, we have managed to narrow them down to our top three favorites.

  • Pixy Iced: Featuring a sensational harmony of rich and effervescent flavors, the Pixy Iced E-juice solidifies Time Bomb as one of the best e-liquid brands of 2017. Similar to the original Pixy, the Pixy Iced incorporates the same tantalizing taste of purple grape pixy candy sticks. However, the key difference is that the Iced version blends in an ideal amount of cool menthol, adding a refreshing and invigorating exhale!
  • TNT Ice: Expertly brewed by the artisans at Time Bomb Vapors, TNT Ice delivers a pure, fresh vaping experience that enthusiasts have come to expect. Flawless in every detail, the TNT Ice is similar to the original TNT, which features an assortment of crisp Michigan apples and traditionally juicy Georgian peaches. The difference is the included touch of menthol, which adds an icy-cold ambiance to your every draw!
  • Heathen: Leave it to the expert craftsmen at Time Bomb to once again deliver a rich and succulent e-juice experience with the appropriately named Heathen. Integrating a number of tempting flavors, the Heathen kicks you hard from the first draw and never lets you go! Featuring ripe, juicy honeydew melon with sweet, tropical dragon fruit, the Heathen E-juice is specifically concocted to light up your taste buds!


Buckshot Vapors

Buckshot Vapors E-JuiceSome of the best innovations in business originate from regular people solving commonly recurring problems. This is the story behind Buckshot Vapors, the brainchild of couple Greg and Alena. Early in the vaping industry, they noticed that few options were available for e-juices, aside from basic and bland flavors. The couple that will eventually become Buckshot Vapors decided to invigorate the budding industry.

Working days and nights, Greg and Alena experimented with multiple mixes and concoctions. Taking the best of these flavors, they introduced them to family and friends to enthusiastic response. The next step was to expand the testing trial to the vaping public. Again, the feedback was exceptionally positive, inspiring the couple to pursue Buckshot Vapors as a full-time business endeavor.

Today, Buckshot is recognized as one of the best e-liquid brands in the world. Delivering bold, audacious flavors with equally wild packaging, Buckshot is a crowd favorite, and has won numerous industry awards and accolades.

Although we did exceedingly enjoy all of Buckshot's flavors, here are our top three choices:

  • M80: Carefully crafted and blended, the powerful M80 hits you like a train, and pumps out gobs of rich, exotic flavors throughout the entire vaping session. The M80 is a well-balanced assortment of fruits, a fresh watermelon base, and exotic flavoring, producing an unparalleled and distinctive hit.
  • .357: Just as its name suggests, the .357 by Buckshot Vapors hits you with magnum-level force! Mixing fresh watermelons and juicy strawberries, the .357 has a naturally sweet texture overlaid with a hint of cool menthol. The end result is a soothing, invigorating finish that is immensely popular with vaping enthusiasts!
  • Hard Candy: Recreating the authentic taste of sweet tarts candy, Hard Candy E-Juice by Buckshot Vapors is a distinctive blend of nostalgia and in-your-face boldness! Meticulously formulated and laboratory tested, Hard Candy gives you an addictive blend of sweet and sour layered vapes that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!
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