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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Fruit E-Juices 2017

Best Fruit E-Juice Flavors of 2017

One of the enduring features of the vaping art is its modularity. No other enthusiast market delivers the wide breadth of options, style preferences, and flavors than the vape platform. In addition, the vaporizer itself is offered in several unique channels, from the ultra-powerful desktop e-rig to the sleek and portable pen-style vaporizers.

Unlike traditional, analog tobacco products, the vape medium is separate from the consumable material. In contrast, the smoking ingredient is integrated into the cigarette or cigar. Smoking necessarily burns the medium, which results in either unwanted or undesirable experiences as the open flames chemically convert the impacted materials into an ashy or “tarry” byproduct.

The separation between the vape medium and the consumable flavors is critical to vaping enjoyment, and is likely a core reason why vaping has become so popular. As only the e-liquids are consumed and depleted, vaping manufacturers are able to exclusively concentrate on producing the most flavorful blends without worrying about chemical reactions or other outside factors.

An increasingly popular trend among vaporizer enthusiasts is fruit e-juice flavors. Rich in aroma and delectable to the palette, fruit e-juices recall the tones and essence of natural foods that we all enjoy on a daily basis. Even among non-vapers, the fruit-concocted formulas emit a pleasant aura.

As with other e-juice categorizations, it can be extremely challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, we’ve undertaken much of the groundwork, and have brought to you the best fruit e-juice flavors of 2017. In no particular order, they are:


Naked 100

Best Fruit E-Juices 2017

Founded in 2016 by Schwartz E-Liquids and falling under the USA Vape Lab Company umbrella, Naked 100 has gained a tremendous global following. Through meticulous research and development, and an exacting standard, Naked 100 delivers quality e-liquids that are the envy of the vape manufacturing sector.

Headquartered in Southern California, Naked 100 hires some of the best mixology artisans to concoct paradigm-busting e-juice flavors. Ranging anywhere from menthol tobacco to exotic fruits, Naked 100 has everything you could ever desire in a vaping platform.

One of the hallmarks of the vape company is its next-generation ISO certified Clean Room. Mixologists and a devoted staff work tirelessly to perfect the blending art. Once a product concept undergoes a rigorous series of tests and analyses, the Naked 100 logo is proudly emblazoned onto the e-juice bottle and delivered to vape shops across the globe.


Hawaiian Pog:

Renowned for delivering a pure, natural essence to the e-liquid platform, Naked 100 garnered immense praise for its high-quality production. Their Hawaiian Pog offering is not only one of their best fruit e-juice flavors, it’s rapidly becoming a fan favorite among vape enthusiasts around the world! Articulating the primary flavors of juicy passion fruit, fresh oranges, and the juicy tones of tropical guava, the Hawaiian Pog is a rich concoction that deserves to be in every aficionado’s portfolio.



Juice Head

Best Fruit E-Juices of 2017

Constantly pushing the design and marketing envelope, Juice Head has distinguished itself as a premiere name in the e-juice brewing market. Committed to delivering the best possible vaping experience with flair and pizzazz, Juice Head products have won rave fan reviews and prestigious industry accolades.

One of the biggest reasons why this crafter is consistently able to distribute the best fruit e-juice flavors is their focus on quality. Before any of their products reach the showroom floor, Juice Head ensures that only top-grade, USA-derived ingredients are integrated. From there, a highly-respected team of artisans and mixologists work ceaselessly until the perfect blend is brewed.


Peach Pear:

Delivering exceptional quality and unrivaled flavors backed by scientific rigor, Juice Head has veritably launched into orbit thanks to the enthusiastic response from the enthusiast community. Their delicious Peach Pear e-liquid represents the best of the collection. Featuring the primary flavors of juicy peach and fresh pear, this incredible blend has won resounding accolades from aficionados and vape critics alike. Pre-steeped, and available in nicotine strengths from 0mg to 6mg, Peach Pear is one of the best fruit e-juice flavors for mixing up your vaping portfolio.



Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2017

A unique aspect of the vaping industry is that it encourages creative synergy. Rather than following a limited mandate, vaping opens up the door to new sensations and experiences. Noting this open-source dynamic, Pachamama set out to recreate the fresh, tropical flavors found in various Pacific locales.

To achieve this goal, Pachamama only incorporates the finest, highest-quality materials in their product portfolio. Every product is made right here in the USA, and features consumable materials that meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards. Such exacting requirements earned Pachamama a reputation for promoting and distributing the best in tropical flavorings.

What vapers can appreciate the most about this crafteris that none of their products have been duplicated by other, nameless, faceless companies. Rather than targeting flavors that most people are already familiar with, Pachamama dials up the exotic rating and delivers a fresh, new experience. One taste and you’ll also be hooked for life!


Peach Papaya Coconut Cream:

Known for bringing tropical, exotic aromas to every vaper across the globe, Pachamama established a rabid following in the enthusiast community. Flawlessly combining the natural essence of fresh peach, juicy papaya, and a smooth dash of coconut cream, this delight hits you from the first draw and never lets go! Offered in nicotine strengths from nil to 6mg, Peach Papaya Coconut Cream has something for everyone.


Lost Art Liquids

Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2017

A dynamic distinct in the vaping industry is the ability to make a grand entrance through meritocracy alone. Unlike the staid tobacco industry, vaping encourages innovation and creativity. Additionally, grassroots movements are able to catalyze significant developments through the power of social media.

Lost Art Liquids is a stunning example of how a single, powerful idea can transform an entire market. Prior to launching Lost Art, the company’s founder realized that e-juices had a significant void – few, if any, manufacturers developed candy-based products. As candy flavors are universally appealing, an e-juice that accurately replicates its sweet tones would perform outstandingly.

Through rigorous experimentation, Lost Art Liquids formulated a series of mouthwatering flavors that harken back to our childhood. Word quickly spread like wildfire, jumping their store-count exposure from four to over 500 by the end of their first year in business. Lost Art is successful primarily because this is a brand built by vapers, for vapers.


Cottontail Cream:

Noted for delivering nostalgic flavors, Lost Art Liquids quickly garnered fame throughout the world. Among some of their best fruit e-juice flavors, Lost Art’s Cottontail Cream captured the attention of the enthusiast market for their expert concoction of sweet strawberries and fresh cream. The dynamic flavors immediately harkens to the various confectionaries offered at your local county fair. As a result, vape enthusiasts keep coming back for more!


7 Daze

Best Fruit Vape Juices 2017

Founded in 2013, 7 Daze E-Juice Company quickly asserted itself as a premier vape-juice manufacturer. Focusing largely on fruit flavors with a twist, the translation from nature to vaping is nothing short of remarkable. As word spread, 7 Daze gained an immense following for distributing the best fruit e-juice flavors in the market today.

Employing some of the most talented and respected artisans in the mixology sector, 7 Daze products are a true joy to behold. Packaged in familiar juice-box like materials, each 7 Daze offering evokes nostalgia, triggering not just the palette but the mind. Their special concoctions deliver the final touch, resulting in a smooth and pure experience.

Manufactured using only the finest, premium-grade materials, 7 Daze e-liquids undergo a rigorous testing and trial phase before hitting the retail markets. You will simply be blown away by the quality and immense enjoyment that this company delivers, time and time again!


Reds Apple:

Levering an uncanny ability to accurately transfer the precise tones and nuances of natural fruit products into the e-liquid platform, Red Apple by 7 Daze is unsurprisingly a fan favorite. The Reds Apple in particular has garnered rave reviews for taking a classic flavor and integrating a fresh twist. Both soothing and invigorating, the Reds Apple has soared to become one of the best fruit e-juice flavors in the marketplace!



The Best Fruit E-Juices 2017

Renowned for their vape-liquid expertise, Element E-Liquid has garnered incredible support from the enthusiast community. Applying rigorous scientific procedures to formulate their incredible mixtures and blends, Element’s craftsmanship is more appropriate for a high-level laboratory than a vaping manufacturer. Nevertheless, it’s this astounding commitment to excellence that makes element stand apart.

Headquartered in style-conscious South Florida, the expert mixologists at Element know a thing or two about delivering performance with pizzazz. Every one of their products must meet rigorous quality standards before they even reach the final third of the supply-chain process. At the same time, each Element e-liquid must invigorate the palette, and stir increased user engagement.

Element continues to hit it out of the park with their product pipeline, time and again. The company is particularly famous for their fruit e-juice flavors. Indeed, Element consistently earns rave reviews and industry accolades for distributing some of the best fruit e-juice flavors in the market today. One draw and you’ll immediately understand the Element difference!


Fresh Squeeze:

Famous for their precise transferring of natural flavors into the e-liquid format, Element forwards this expertise into their “Fresh Squeeze” offering. Featuring the tangy goodness of ripened natural Florida oranges, Fresh Squeeze has an explosive taste that simply has to be experienced. Indeed, Fresh Squeeze has won numerous accolades and industry awards, certifying it as one of the best fruit e-juice flavors of all time!


Mister E-Liquid

Best Fruit E-Liquids 2017

One of the distinct challenges of e-juice manufacturers is replicating commonly known and beloved flavors. Should one note be off in any way, vapers will recognize the problem immediately; thus, nothing short of absolute perfection will do. Fortunately, the enthusiast community is blessed to have Mister E-Liquid. For years, the company forged a reputation for vaping excellence, and is known for producing the best fruit e-juice flavors.

Mister E-Liquid is a serious vaping contender. Employing over 70 dedicated employees, Mister E-Liquid has multiple divisions, focused on different aspects of the design, research and development, and distribution phases. Most impressively, the company maintains an ISO certified 14644 Class 6 Clean Room. This state-of-the-art facility is specially engineered to pound out tens of thousands of vape-juice delight on a weekly basis.

Featuring an array of delicious offerings, Mister E-Liquid has something for all vaper preferences and style. The organization is perhaps best known for their natural blends, which harken nostalgic emotions while delivering an unparalleled vaping experience. Just a single, smooth draw of a Mister E-Liquid juice is enough to make you a loyal believer!



Renowned for its delectable concoctions, Mister E-Liquid delivers a stunning fruit e-juice package in the form of the Pluto. Primarily featuring a fresh honeydew melon flavor profile, the draw segues into a subtle undertone of tangy zest, leaving you with a mouthwatering experience that has you coming back for more. Available in nicotine strengths from 0mg up to 18mg, the Pluto by Mister E-Liquid is easily one of the best fruit e-juice flavors in the marketplace!

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Walter Dorsey

- October 03, 2017

You wrote an awesome blog. It very helpful for smokers who really want to quit smoking. I also used to smoke, I tried many things to quit it. Last year I tried e-cigarettes/ premium e liquid after using it I finally quit smoking.

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