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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Pod Vape System 2019

Best Pod Systems of 2019

With the once-nascent vaporizer platform gaining significant market trajectory, it was only natural that the industry moved toward wider integration. One specific goal that the sector had in mind was shifting technologies toward mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaporizers. A favorite among traditionalists converting to the digital arts, the MTL drawing style most closely mimics the “analog” hit.

Thanks to a surge in momentum due to vaporizers or e-cigarettes going mainstream, vape manufacturers began deploying resources toward so-called pod systems. Colloquially known as pod mods or pod vapes, these typically diminutive devices pack an extraordinary punch. Featuring highly efficient batteries and ample e-liquid capacities, the best pod systems deliver the analog experience but without the analog residues.

Not only that, pod mods are increasingly converting direct-to-lung (DTL) enthusiasts. Part of the reason why is that the MTL platform offers a much more efficient way to vape choice e-liquid flavors. With only a modestly sized internal battery and 2.0-ml e-juice capacity, vape enthusiasts can sometimes enjoy days of judicious use without requiring either a liquid or electrical reload.

Such performance simply can’t happen in a DTL vaporizer unless it’s an extremely expensive and convoluted one!

Furthermore, MTL devices are incredibly compact and thin relative to their DTL counterparts. As such, vape enthusiasts can tuck away their vaporizers at a moment’s notice. They can just as easily resume vaping when the coast is clear. And given the aforementioned efficiency, these folks aren’t fishing for a USB portal either.

Lastly, pod systems have turned a corner in aesthetic appeal: they’re no longer the boring square boxes of yesteryear. Increasingly, vape manufacturers have corralled the tremendous demand associated with this platform, delivering astonishing pod mods that would stand up to any device.

So without further ado, here are our choices for Best Pod Mods of 2019:

Aspire AVP Pod System

Aspire AVP Pod System

 Ask any MTL enthusiast, and you’ll come across a familiar theme: the Aspire AVP is one of the most desirable all-in-one vaporizer pod mods available in the retail markets. Combining aesthetically pleasing dimensions, a lightweight but durable chassis, and outstanding performance metrics, the Aspire AVP has quickly jumped up the vaping ranks.

As we just mentioned, the most striking component of the Aspire AVP is its looks. Featuring a solid-color outer bezel surrounding the chassis, the inner compartment features a carbon-fiber design motif. But it’s not just the aesthetics: the user-centric engineering makes modulating the AVP a joy. For instance, the mouthpiece features magnetic connections which are easy to pop open and reinstall.

Plus, it’s loads of fun just snapping the cartridge back and forth, accompanying each cycle with a satisfying click.

Of course, the true centerpiece of the Aspire AVP is the performance framework. Utilizing a 700 mAh internal battery, this efficient powerplant drives the AVP to a searing 12W. Furthermore, the MTL-specific device incorporates a pre-set wattage option, ranging from low (8W), middle (10W) and maximum (12W). In fact, this is one of the very few pod mods that feature wattage variability.

Finally, we have a particularly important feature for the transitioning enthusiast: broad e-liquid compatibility. With the Aspire AVP, MTL aficionados can enjoy tight draws with rich throat hit from nicotine-salt e-liquids. When it comes to replicating the analog experience, very few can touch the AVP.

Why It’s The Best:

Combining multiple desirable features such as stunning aesthetics and outstanding performance metrics, the highly regarded Aspire AVP crosses all the boxes. What makes the AVP distinctive is its pre-set variable wattage, which is a rarity within a pod system. Moreover, it’s listed among nic salt mods for its nicotine-salt compatibility. 

Smok Nord Pod System

Smok Nord Pod System

Building off the success of the Infinix, Nov, and Fit pod systems, the Smok Nord pod mod is among the most revered innovations in the MTL-device segment. Featuring eclectic color and design arrangements that are sure to fit your personality exactly, the Smok Nord also delivers big-time in the performance department with its 1,100 mAh integrated battery.

Undeniably, a compelling selling point for the Smok Nord is its striking aesthetic appeal. Featuring a diverse kaleidoscope of resin-inspired designs, very few – if any! – MTL devices provide the same prominent impact. Even better, the Nord is very easy to tuck away, with dimensions of 3.7 inches (94 mm) tall and 1.18 inches (30 mm) wide.

Beyond the incredible physicality of the Smok Nord, what makes this pod system exceptional is that it offers two remarkable features: an immensely powerful battery, and the capacity to switch between sub-ohm vaping and MTL draws.

First, the Smok Nord gained worldwide acclaim for delivering an integrated 1,100 mAh rechargeable battery. With a full charge, enthusiasts can expect several days of MTL-based sessions. However, the battery capacity provides this pod system with the necessary impetus to drive home sub-ohm direct-to-lung (DTL) sessions.

Second, the Smok Nord is compatible with multiple atomizer coils, changing the character of this pod system. For those seeking sub-ohm delectability, Smok offers an 0.6-ohm atomizer coil which combines flavor and mass cloud production. Analog enthusiasts, though, will gravitate toward the 1.4-ohm atomizer coil, which facilitates tight draws and robust throat hit. 

Why It’s The Best:

This question can immediately be answered with the simple response, just look at the thing! The Smok Nord Pod System is a remarkable concoction of artistic innovation. Moreover, this device integrates multiple vaping technologies, including an outsized internal battery and the capacity to modulate sessions for either MTL or DTL enthusiasts.

Innokin Z-Biip Pod System

Innokin Z-Biip Pod System

With the dramatically rising popularity of MTL devices, several pod mods have flooded the market. But those seeking the absolute best in compact vaping need to look no further than the Innokin Z-Biip Pod System. A collaboration between vaping aficionados and industry icons Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Innokin Z-Biip represents the culmination of engineering acumen and the personification of the digital arts.

It's a highly desirable piece as a standalone work of art as well. Typical of premium Innokin pod vapes and nic salt mods, the Z-Biip System features intricate, gorgeous lines, both in the design work and the device’s curved chassis. For those seeking an understated system, the Z-Biip lacks the “look at me” effect commonly found in DTL vaporizers. Instead, Innokin’s masterpiece lets its quality manufacturing do the talking.

You know what else provides some verbiage? Its profound performance stats. Quarterbacking the array of modularity options of the Z-Biip is the company’s proprietary 1,500 mAh integrated battery. According to Innokin, this is the largest capacity battery for all-in-one vaporizer. The extra performance capabilities afford the Z-Biip distinctive vaping characteristics that other pod vapes can’t match.

Additionally, the Innokin Z-Biip features pre-set variable wattage, which ranges from 11W to 16W. This option not only separates the Z-Biip from many other vape mods, it gives satisfying sessions for both nicotine salt and standard e-juice connoisseurs. With so many attributes on tap, the Z-Biip also ramps up the value benchmark among the best pod mods.

Why It’s The Best:

Unique to Innokin, the Z-Biip is the culmination of a collaborative effort between Phil Busardo and Dmitris Agrafiotis. If you want an uncompromising pod system that delivers on all fronts, the Innokin Z-Biip is it! Featuring exquisitely classy artwork and record-breaking power, the Z-Biip could very well be your last portable pod system…it’s that good!

Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System

Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System

As we discussed in the above descriptions, one of the biggest selling points for pod mods is the compactness of this platform. Unlike your typical DTL vaporizer, virtually all pod vapes feature integrated batteries. Thus, compact devices like the Smok Trinity Alpha don’t require extra spacing to accommodate external batteries.

And while pod mods are largely optimized for MTL usage, that doesn’t mean that DTL enthusiasts can’t join in on the fun. While DTL-centric devices best suit these connoisseurs’ needs, in many situations, a pod system represents the most ideal format. This is where the Smok Trinity Alpha comes into the picture: with its advanced engineering acumen, the Trinity Alpha can seamlessly switch between MTL and DTL usage.

Included in the kit version of the Smok Trinity Alpha are two atomizer coils: a Nord Mesh 0.6 ohm coil with a maximum output of 25W, and a Nord Mesh-MTL 0.8 ohm coil (max output of 16W). The former produces the airy draws that many DTL enthusiasts crave, while the Nord Mesh-MTL extracts the tight draws and robust throat hits that is the signature of the traditionalist community.

To achieve this duality, the Smok Trinity Alpha utilizes a massive 1,000 mAh battery. In DTL mode, the Trinity kicks the platform into high gear, while in MTL mode, it facilitates higher resistances. Recognizing that the Trinity will appeal to disparate audiences, the Alpha Pod System is armed with a 2.8-ml e-juice capacity.

Why It’s The Best:

The Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System combines the best of both worlds, giving MTL and DTL enthusiasts a platform for convenient, portable vaping. Featuring a massive 1,000 mAh battery, the Trinity Alpha powers both needs effectively, while its outsized 2.8-ml e-juice pod capacity provides ample liquid supply for extended road trips or that unforeseen stay at the office.

Uwell Caliburn Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Pod System

Although the MTL pod mods are well known within the enthusiast community for their overall diminutive profile, manufacturers have realized quickly that enhanced surface areas promote distinctive design work. Therefore, pod vapes have increased in size, similar to their DTL counterparts. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in practical discretion, you should seriously consider the Uwell Caliburn Pod System.

Let’s face facts: when you open the packaging for the Uwell Caliburn, you’re not necessarily going to be blown away from the artwork. Although expertly designed and crafted using premium-grade construction materials, the aesthetic component is not what the Caliburn is designed for. Instead, it’s the dimensions. With a structure similar to a vape pen, this pod system facilitates incredible usability under any situation you find yourself.

But don’t mistake the Uwell Caliburn as a lightweight because it’s not. Incorporating a 520 mAh rechargeable and removable battery, this device powers through both standard and nicotine salt e-liquids. In fact, it’s great for the latter category because of its lower power and voltage output, which is 11W and a range between 3.2V and 4.0V, respectively.

Furthermore, the Uwell Caliburn has user modularity as a focus, as evidenced by its dual-mechanism firing process. Some traditionalists prefer draw-activated firing as it most closely mimics the analog format. But for enthusiasts having made the transition to the digital arts, the Caliburn also utilizes an intuitively placed firing button.

Why It’s The Best:

Among the best pod mods in the market, very few have the convenience cred that the Uwell Caliburn Pod System levers. Structured similarly to a vape pen, the Caliburn fits effortlessly into your pocket, delivering critical discretion when you need it the most. Moreover, the Caliburn powers through both standard and nicotine-salt e-liquids, making it a great deal for the money.

VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System

VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System

Undoubtedly, one of the main draws (no pun intended!) for pod vapes or nic salt mods is portability and convenience. Typically, even compact DTL vaporizers are relatively heavy due to their high-amperage batteries. With MTL-optimized devices like the VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System, enthusiasts can take this on-the-go attribute to the next dimension!

Here’s what we’re talking about: the VooPoo Drag Nano is among the smallest pod mods you can find in the market today. At only 2.15 inches tall (54.5 mm) and 1.38 inches wide (35 mm), the Drag Nano can fit virtually anywhere. In fact, VooPoo includes a necklace with the Nano Pod System so that end-users can have their device on them all the time.

Better yet, while the VooPoo Drag Nano features distinctive artwork, its small stature makes it blend in with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the construction is world class, as you might expect from this vaunted manufacturer. Utilizing zinc-aluminum alloy materials for the chassis, you can vape worry-free that your session won’t expire permanently from accidental drops or dings.

Just as impressively, VooPoo integrated their advanced GENE Pod Chipset into the Drag Nano. Combining compact dimensions with outsized power, the Nano is one of the most comprehensive pod mods you can acquire. Running a 750 mAh integrated rechargeable battery, this device features a voltage output range of 3.2V to 4.2V. And with a resistance of 1.8-ohms, enthusiasts can enjoy the tight draws traditionalists crave.

Finally, the VooPoo Drag Nano runs what the company calls an “Intelligent Cold Boost Pattern.” This unique system optimizes airflow and e-liquid balance, providing you unparalleled flavors, along with subtle tones and nuances.

Why It’s The Best:

One of the most diminutive pod mods in the vaping market, the VooPoo Drag Nano sets a fresh benchmark for portability and convenience. Yet the Drag Nano is no drag on power: this incredible device features a 750 mAh battery along with a 1.8-ohm resistance rating, creating perfectly tight draws for the MTL connoisseur.

Geek Vape Frenzy Pod System

Geek Vape Frenzy Pod System

For many buyers of pod mods, the whole point of engaging this system is the convenience factor. While vape pods cater to MTL enthusiasts, that doesn’t mean hobbyists can’t join in on the fun. In certain situations, an extremely compact pod system is the only way to go. And those placing a premium on usability under any conditions will truly enjoy the Geek Vape Frenzy Pod System.

To be sure, the Geek Vape Frenzy Pod incorporates all the options and functionalities that discerning vapers look for. But the key difference is that this device brings all the components together into a cohesive whole. For instance, the Frenzy features immaculate artwork and designs on its front cover, which again is typical for premium vaporizers.

But what immediately separates the Frenzy Pod System from the rest of the pack is the knurled-grip airflow control system. Intuitively placed on the front face right above the side wall’s firing button, enthusiasts can modulate their experience in “real-time.” Usually an attribute found among dedicated DTL devices, the Geek Vape Frenzy Pod has blurred the functionality line between the two formats.

Other user-centric features include magnetic pod connections, which allow for quick and easy installation of the pod cartridge. Further, the atomizer coil system incorporates a “thread-less” mechanism. With the Frenzy, the atomizer replacement and re-installation process only requires a quarter turn.

Most impressively, the Geek Vape Frenzy Pod System runs the company’s advanced AS Micro Chipset. This technology allows end-users to advantage ultra-fast firing speeds utilizing a variety of OEM atomizer coils. Additionally, this is one of the few vape pods that utilize a temperature control mode for enhanced session modularity.

Why It’s The Best:

Most MTL-device manufacturers wax poetic about convenience and usability. The Geek Vape Frenzy Pod System means it. Designed from the ground up to provide an unprecedented intuitive platform, the Frenzy Pod System is simply a joy to handle. VooPoo integrated features into the Frenzy Pod exactly where you expect them to be. Better yet, the Frenzy checks all the attributes that you’ve come to expect from a premium MTL vaporizer.

Snowwolf Exilis Pod System

Snowwolf Exilis Pod System

Veterans of the digital arts are well familiar with Snowwolf, and honestly, how can you not be? The company produces some of the most elegantly designed vaporizers in the market today. And each device is emblazoned with their corporate logo, signaling its prowess. But with the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System, the revered manufacturer turns a new corner, serving the needs of the MTL aficionado.

As has become almost rote with Snowwolf vaporizers, the Exilis Xpod System ranks among the most aesthetically striking pod mods. Forged with premium-grade zinc-alloy construction materials, the Exilis Xpod stands up to extreme magnitudes of vaping pressures. Additionally, this compact device is more than capable enough of handling incidental bumps and drops. Of course, the iconic Snowwolf logo is embossed into the chassis, creating a remarkable atmosphere.

When you’re done gawking at the Xpod, you can start to ponder its incredible performance statistics. Utilizing an integrated 980 mAh rechargeable battery, the Exilis vaporizer fires at a blisteringly quick 0.006 seconds. This is about as instantaneous as you can physically get, helping analog enthusiasts transition seamlessly to the digital platform.

Additionally, the 980 mAh battery is good enough to power the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System to an outrageous 15W. If that wasn’t enough, this next-gen MTL device utilizes a direct-voltage system. What that means is that the Exilis will maintain the same voltage output level through the life of the battery. Thus, enthusiasts can enjoy consistent sessions without any drop in quality.

Finally, the Exilis Xpod is compatible with either nicotine-salt or freebase nicotine e-liquids. That provides comprehensive value for vapers looking to experiment.

Why It’s The Best:

Snowwolf has always delivered groundbreaking new vaporizers to the DTL market, but now, they’re bringing the same ethos to pod mods. As is typical for the manufacturer, the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System evokes stunning visuals, delicately balancing avant-garde motifs with classically beautiful lines. Best of all, the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod has all the performance metrics to back up its looks, including an integrated 980 mAh battery and a jaw-dropping rapid-fire rate.

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Coty Stover

- May 09, 2023

I’ve had a couple of these pods and honestly I learned to throw this entire section about the best pods in the garbage most of these pods are trash, broken or just came out of the box brand new trash

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