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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Tobacco E-Juice 2017

Best Tobacco E-Juice Flavors of 2017

Thanks to its smooth draws and assortment of flavors, vaporizers and the vaping industry exploded in immense popularity in the past few years. Both newcomers and former smokers appreciated vaping’s cleaner delivery system, and far more palatable exhales.

In particular, traditional tobacco users represent the natural demographic for vape manufacturers. However, during the infancy stage of the vaping industry, e-liquid manufacturers found it difficult to mimic the throat hit that traditionalists crave. But through extensive trial and error, mixologists developed a wide range of tobacco e-juice flavors.

Today, vapers lack no abundance for choice. Not only do e-liquid products contain variable amounts of nicotine, they offer different blends and mixtures of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) as well. Modulating the blend of VG and PG facilitates the flavor magnitude as well as the “throat hit” of the tobacco e-juice, thus accounting for end-user preference.

As with any other e-liquid categorization, the booming vape industry produced countless number of competitors and products. It can be quite a jungle figuring out which platform will work the best for your individual needs.

Fortunately, we’ve taken much of the guesswork out of the research and decision-making process. Below, we lay out the best tobacco e-juice flavors of 2017. In no particular order, they are:



Best Tobacco E-Juices of 2017

Launched in 2009, Halo is nearing the decade mark of its corporate existence. But rather than a strictly time-based milestone, Halo has set itself apart as one of the premier e-liquid manufacturers in the business. Utilizing only 100% made in the USA ingredients, which meet stringent food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards, the Halo brand epitomizes vaping quality.

The company takes vaping very seriously, making great use of its 100,000 square-foot Florida facility. Housing a dedicated team of expert mixologists and culinary engineers, Halo is both a research and development hub, as well as a production powerhouse. The firm takes meticulous care to ensure that only the most premium quality e-liquids carry the corporate brand name. If a product doesn’t meet snuff, it is simply thrown away.

Halo’s steadfast commitment to unrivaled performance is the organization’s core guiding principle in motion. In addition to outstanding customer satisfaction, Halo prides itself in its performance-to-value ratio. You will be hard-pressed to find any other e-liquid manufacturer that offers better value. That’s why Halo stands atop the industry’s elite!

  • Tribeca: Because the two platforms’ infrastructure is completely different, vaping manufacturers have always had challenges replicating an authentic analog smoking experience. However, renowned company Halo busted the competition wide open with their Tribeca offering. Capturing the essence of premium unfiltered RY4 tobacco, former smokers have raved about Tribeca’s translation purity. For those seeking an alternative to traditional channels, look no further than Tribeca, one of the best tobacco e-juice flavors of 2017!


Naked 100

The Best Tobacco E-Juices of 2017

Established in 2016 as a division under the renowned USA Vape Lab Company, Naked 100 is technically one of the youngest e-liquid manufacturers in the market today. That hasn’t stopped the organization from establishing one of the best tobacco e-juice flavors of 2017.

For starters, Naked 100 e-liquids are concocted using only 100% USA-made ingredients. Furthermore, the company’s large Huntington Beach, California facility houses a state-of-the-art ISO certified “Clean Room.” This attribute helps ensure that only the highest-grade e-juices carry the Naked 100 brand name. Furthermore, the extensive facility allows Naked 100 to pump out tens of thousands of liquid joy weekly.

The company prides itself primarily on its dedicated crew of expert artisanal mixologists. As vapers themselves, the e-juice team understands what works, and what doesn’t. Through exacting standards, Naked 100 e-liquids deliver authentic flavor profiles no matter what category you pick. It’s this core principle that has earned the vape manufacturer legions of fans across the world.


  • Euro Gold: Naked 100 products have earned the respect of vapers worldwide through their meticulous craftsmanship. Euro Gold extends this proud tradition, featuring a perfect blend of hand-picked premium tobacco leaves and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Euro Gold E-Juice is the ideal choice for vapers seeking a rich, authentic tobacco flavor that is smooth and light-bodied.



Best Tobacco E-Liquids of 2017

Operating from beautiful South Florida, Element established itself as a premier e-juice manufacturer through its steadfastness towards concocting the best tobacco e-juice flavors. All Element e-liquids are developed using only 100% food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. This commitment earned Element an array of fans throughout the world, who continuously demand their latest and greatest.

Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, each e-liquid in the company’s supply chain undergoes a rigorous testing process. Their expert artisans not only originate tobacco e-juice flavors, they must also subject each product through a multi-level assessment. Such studies analyze key metrics, such as overall taste, authenticity of flavor transfer, and exhale volume. Any e-juice that comes out of the Element production line is guaranteed to blow you away!

As you may expect, Element e-liquids have generated tremendous grassroots support. Numerous expositions, conferences, and vape competitions feature and promote the company brand name. Element tobacco e-juices earned rave reviews, and won prestigious industry awards. When buying the Element brand, you are acquiring one of the best in the business.

  • 555 Tobacco: Known for their exceptional quality, Element E-Juice hit it out of the park once again with the 555 Tobacco. Integrating natural, hand-picked tobacco leaves and blended with an elegant balance of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts, 555 Tobacco delivers a multi-layered taste that has to be tried to be believed. Touched off with a slight hint of caramel and vanilla, 555 Tobacco is simply one of the best tobacco e-juice flavors available in the market today!


Five Pawns

The Best Tobacco E-Liquids of 2017

Nearly a decade ago, Five Pawns embarked on an ambitious goal – to deliver the most groundbreaking line of e-juices the industry has ever seen. Thanks to this firm, uncompromising commitment, the Five Pawns team engineered one of the most respected and coveted brands of e-liquid the vaping community had ever seen. They recently released a tobacco flavor to their award-winning collection, which has been met with tremendous enthusiasm all around the world.  

Headquartered in California, Five Pawns hires expert mixologists to formulate the best and most satisfying blends. In addition, each product has to meet rigorous quality standards before it is emblazoned with the corporate name and logo. This process can take anywhere between 7 to 10 months – Five Pawns absolutely wants to ensure only the most premium experience is delivered to the vaping community. As a result, you will simply not find another company in any industry that operates to such exacting requirements.  

Finally, all Five Pawns e-juices are brewed using only 100% USA-made ingredients. Furthermore, these materials meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade quality, helping to ensure a smooth, rich vaping experience. From the opening of the bottle down to the last draw, Five Pawns always brings its A-game!

  • Black Flag Risen: Traditional tobacco products tend to produce a harsh experience. Thanks to vaping innovations and the expert craftsmen at Five Pawns, vapers can now enjoy a mild, soothing draw with the Black Flag Risen E-Juice. This gem incorporates fine, flue-cured tobacco leaves enhanced with subtle hints of cappuccino, truffle cream, and mocha-dusted walnuts. The end result is a perfectly chilled vape that produces flawless exhales!


Coastal Clouds

Best Tobacco Vape Juices of 2017
Coastal Clouds offers a wide array of flavor profiles, from candy and dessert, to menthol and tobacco. Regardless of the profile, every offering has been crafted to perfection. The packaging of every Coastal Clouds e-liquid radiates a sense of old-world quality that the company is known for. For vapers that seek an earthy tone rich in historical and cultural textures, Coastal Clouds E-Juices certainly fits the bill perfectly.

Made using only the finest ingredients available and cultivated right here in the USA, Coastal Clouds accurately replicates the robust chords native to tobacco smoking. Furthermore, they strictly utilize only food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, which ensure excellent quality and a superior vaping experience.

Coastal Clouds mixologists carefully examine each product concept before it hits the retail floor. This way, only the best representatives of the brand are delivered to vapers. This attention to detail and quality has earned Coastal Clouds legions of fans. One draw will be enough to make you a believer as well!

  • Tobacco: Coastal Clouds established a strong reputation for bringing out the natural, earthy tones of tobacco, instantly making it a fan-favorite among former smokers. Tobacco epitomizes the essence of an analog cigarette, featuring sun-cured tobacco leaves blended perfectly with natural e-juice flavoring.


Tobacco Monster

The Best Tobacco Vape Juices of 2017

Vaping has its fair share of quirky and eccentric manufacturers. Despite the numerous creative synergies in the vape industry, Tobacco Monster continues to set itself apart through its unique marketing and branding. However, this company is far more than just glitzy advertising.

For starters, the Southern California headquartered company only integrates the highest-quality materials in their mixes and blends. All ingredients are homegrown right here in the USA, and every consumable component of Tobacco Monster e-juices meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards.

More notably, Tobacco Monster specializes exclusively on tobacco-inspired vape juices. With years of experience under their belts, the skilled mixologists at the company painstakingly craft every offering to ensure a truly unparalleled experience that is as authentic and satisfying as possible.

  • Smooth: Tobacco Monster has been at the forefront of e-liquid innovations, and their Smooth flavor advances this proud heritage. Featuring the full and rich flavors of Virginia tobacco leaves, the naturally-cured ingredients are blended to perfect, resulting in an unparalleled tobacco flavor. Smooth produces delicate, yet gratifying, throat hits and accurately represents the earthy tones of tobacco that discerning enthusiasts will enjoy.


Double Barrel

Best Tobacco Vape Juices of 2017

Although the vaping industry has skyrocketed, not every aspect of the boom is deemed desirable. Product oversaturation continues to be a problem, especially in the competitive world of tobacco e-juices. Fortunately, Double Barrel favors quality over quantity. Every Double Barrel E-Juice product meets stringent requirements before it ever enters your lungs.

Manufactured in the USA, all of the company’s e-liquids utilize only the finest pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade ingredients. Another great feature of Double Barrel is that their e-liquids are VG-dominant. Many, if not most, tobacco e-juices are higher in propylene glycol (PG), making this collection distinctly unique.

All Double Barrel are packaged in dark bottles, which protects against the harmful and deleterious effects of UV light. Best of all, their VG-dominant flavor profile works brilliantly with sub-ohm clearomizers and RDAs. With numerous tobacco-inspired options from which to choose, Double Barrel has the right mixture for you!

  • Royal: As one of the vaping industry’s premier e-juice manufacturers, Double Barrel never disappoints. Their legendary Royal offering is a great example of tremendous flavoring blended to flawless perfection. Featuring an exclusive six-leaf tobacco blend, this masterpiece is then enhanced with subtle sweet undertones, for a truly enjoyable exhale.


Mister E-Liquid

Best Tobacco Vape Liquids of 2017

Mister E-Liquid has earned its spot among the best manufacturers of e-juice products for one simple reason – they focus first and foremost on delivering a palette-enticing experience. They definitely succeeded! The Mister E-Liquid brand of e-juices are unequivocally delicious, and have earned fans throughout the world.

Established in 2010, Mister E-Liquid is headquartered in the American heartland of Michigan. Every component of their product line is made in the USA. In addition, consumable ingredients meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade requirements, which help ensure a superior vaping experience.

The Mister E-Liquid facility features an ISO certified 14644 Class 6 “Clean Room,” which is a standard bearer within the vape-manufacturing industry. Every e-liquid product is meticulously tested and analyzed before it hits the retail market.

Just as importantly, Mister E-Liquid features an impressive array of tones and flavors. Regardless of your vaping style or preference, you are sure to find a Mister E-Liquid product that meets your needs!

  • Honey Flue Cured: One of the best attributes of vaping is the ability to enjoy nuances previously unattainable. Honey Flue Cured by Mister E-Liquid integrates fresh Virginia tobacco leaves cured to perfection, along with a balanced mixture of natural honey. The end result is a robust tobacco vaping experience with a silky cream overtop. The Honey Flue Cured is sure to a favorite for your e-juice portfolio!


Beard Vape Co.

Best Tobacco Vape Juices of 2017

Arguably, Beard Vape Co. is the vape e-liquid manufacturer with the most personality. Deriving its brand name from two of the founders’ father (who was known to sport a prolific beard), the Beard Vape Co. earned a reputation for delivering vaping excellence with a huge dose of pizzazz.

From a modest initiation in a “mom-and-pop” vape shop in Venice Beach, California, Beard Vape’s originators began concocting the most flavorful and exotic blends. Through positive word-of-mouth and tremendous grassroots support, Beard Vape expanded to become one of the premiere names in e-liquid products.

Utilizing only USA-made components, and the finest food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, only the most superior products feature the Beard Vape brand name. As a result of this meticulous attention to detail, Beard Vape e-juices are highly coveted throughout the world!


  • No. 00: For those seeking an authentic tobacco flavor with a little kick added in, look no further than the No. 00 by Beard Vape Co. The company’s expert mixologists formulated a delectable mix with the No. 00, which is among the best tobacco e-juice flavors of 2017! Blending sun-cured tobacco leaves with a balanced allocation of fresh cappuccino, the No. 00 is simply luxurious!
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Amber E

- May 09, 2023

My favorites and I am super picky!!! Charlie’s chalk dust- king bellman, titan- bootlegger, double barrel- oak blend, dream- #11, basix series- butterscotch reserve

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