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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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BLVK Unicorn E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

BLVK Unicorn E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Several years ago when vaping was in its infancy, you could offer virtually any e-liquid product and it would catch like wildfire. The first-to-market advantage is of course not unique to the vaporizer-manufacturing industry, but it was especially pronounced during this sector’s inception.

Today, this is no longer the case. Several members of the “old guard” have lost substantial ground to newcomers offering robust, dynamic product lines that can only come from competitive hunger and an upstart’s yearning to disrupt anachronistic establishments. And among this next-generation of e-juice manufacturers stands BLVK Unicorn.

Compared to other industry players, BLVK Unicorn hasn’t been around that long. On paper, this may give the impression that the company is a green, rookie establishment. But you can never judge a book by its cover. While technically, they’re one of the young guns in the vaping market, BLVK Unicorn’s founders have a long history with vaping and business fundamentals.

This becomes readily apparent whenever you partake in the delectable draws of any one of their groundbreaking products. Each BLVK Unicorn e-liquid is carefully manufactured in their industry-certified facility. Moreover, BLKV hires only the best artisans that have a proven history of meticulous detail and care. And of course, each product meets rigorous post-production testing before it earns the coveted BLVK seal of approval.

Inarguably, attention to detail and quality is what separates BLVK Unicorn from the rest of the crowd. Let’s be honest: the e-juice market is one of the most saturated in all of business. To succeed here requires an incredible balancing act between core competencies and consumer appeal.

Most e-liquid manufacturers claim they have both attributes. BLVK proves it, making the company a true unicorn.


BLVK Unicorn Profile and History

Log onto BLVK Unicorn’s website, and you’ll see in a very succinct manner their corporate ethos: “BOLD AS FVCK.”

Specifically referencing their “Bold” tobacco e-liquid produce lineup, the tagline nevertheless is a perfect embodiment of BLVK Unicorn. In business, a unicorn describes either a company or job candidate that levers an unusual blend of specialties and expertise, often at a great value.

Unicorns are gamechangers that can shatter the establishment with a profoundly superior approach. In other words, you don’t become a unicorn by being timid.

BLVK Unicorn Vape JuiceA reserved approach would likely be most e-juice debutantes’ early strategy. Not BLVK Unicorn. Although a relatively young organization established in 2014 in South El Monte, BLVK founding proprietors Ray Yang and Kidd Le were determined to make a powerful, positive impact on the vaping community.

That said, both Yang and Le abided by the principle, measure twice, cut once. For their first two years, the BLVK team dedicated their time exclusively to product research and development. Simultaneously, Yang owned and operated a marketing company, while Le plied his trade as both a mixologist and vape-shop manager.

Fast forward to today, you can clearly see the perfect synergies of their talents and expertise.

And as avid vapers themselves, Yang and Le loved the clean, alternative platform that the industry provided to traditional, combustible products. At the same time, they noticed that tobacco conglomerates had an effective marketing campaign that resonated with their core consumers. Despite severe legislation against tobacco firms, they still managed to reach their customers.

Another issue they noticed about vaping in general was customer service. Good customer service in the vaporizer market was difficult to find, and great service a true rarity. Multiply this sentiment three-fold for the e-juice market earlier this decade.

BLVK Unicorn proprietors quickly realized that an opportunity exists that so many other organizations were not advantaging: by combining strategies designed for end-user satisfaction, an attractive, relevant marketing campaign, and some of the world’s best e-liquids, they could forge an unassailable path to the top of the industry.

The end result is undeniable. At their launch date in 2016, BLVK Unicorn was “just another e-juice company” in the eyes of many vaping critics. While they’ve always produced tremendously flavorful e-liquid products, the primary challenge was breaking through to the broader market. But thanks to the concerted efforts of the BLVK management and marketing team, word quickly got out.

Within months, BLVK shot up in the rankings. A strong and committed presence in vaping conventions, cloud-chasing tournaments, and associated events sparked a grassroots phenomenon. When top vaping journalists began featuring BLVK Unicorn e-liquids, it was lights out for the competition.

The Unicorn had arrived.


The BLVK Difference

In most cases, when a company has achieved exceptional success, the tendency is to lift off the gas pedal. Even more problematic, a temptation is ever-present to ignore the fundamentals and the cornerstone attributes that initially sparked the success.

Not BLVK Unicorn. In fact, both BLVK founders Yang and Le are even more determined to solidify the distinct elements that has earned them tremendous respect between both vaping enthusiasts and the sector’s journalistic community.

For instance, we previously discussed BLVK’s gold-standard commitment to customer service. From the get-go, the unicorn-branded e-liquid company has prided itself in cultivating a class-leading end-user experience. That hasn’t gone away over time. To prove this point, call them up with any questions or concerns – they’ll be more than happy to help, despite their enormous market presence since BLVK Unicorn E-Liquidtheir initial founding.

Indeed, BLVK Unicorn understands what an alarmingly few companies don’t across all business sectors: every customer, at that moment in time, is the only customer. We live in a world where the end-user carries a disproportionately asymmetric influence over how a retailer or a producer is perceived. Anger one customer, and a hundred more could follow suit.

But it’s not just superior service that makes BLVK Unicorn an elite e-liquid manufacturer. Treating the customer right only goes so far; what’s needed is the impetus for the client to show up in the first place. To that end, BLVK has hired world-class artisans to concoct the finest e-liquids available in the vaping market today.

You want premium e-juices? BLVK may not be the first choice that a vape enthusiast has elected in their life, but in many cases, it’s likely to be the last. Whatever your preferences, whether it be fruit-flavored, candy-inspired, or simply the robust aromas of naturally-cured tobacco leaves, BLVK has something to suit your unique and discerning tastes.

Naturally, most e-liquid competitors boast of their superior product line. What jumps BLVK Unicorn to the front of the crowd is the science behind their world-class e-juices. Every additive-ingredient is carefully measured and recorded, ensuring both consistency and world-class flavors that will satisfy even the most jaded vaping professional.

Additionally, the bottling process occurs under an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility. Unlike other sector players, BLVK Unicorn is wholly committed to all compliance measures, and in many cases, exceeds them. Every e-juice that leaves BLVK’s facility comes with both certifications and a confidence that every quality and safety protocol is met.

This exceptional detail across the entire supply chain is why once you go BLVK, you never go back!


Exquisite Product Lineup

BLVK Unicorn E JuiceWhile so many vape enthusiasts rave about the BLVK Unicorn team's innate ability to connect with their loyal fanbase, the ultimate distinguishing factor for the company is their product lineup. No matter what your tastes or preferences, every product offering represents an exquisite vaping experience.

Currently, BLVK is promoting their Tobacco E-Liquid blend, and for good reason. Featuring sun-dried, naturally cured tobacco leaves, BLVK’s expert artisans meticulously crafts the ideal blend among drawing texture, rich flavors, and invigorating aromas. The end result is the unmistakable robustness of traditional tobacco products, all with the benefits of the vaporizer platform.

For those seeking a little pizzazz with their traditional preferences, BLVK offers carefully-blended flavor layering. Examples include caramel, pistachio, and the ever-popular Cuban cigar.

In line with mainstream vaping trends, BLVK Unicorn also offers fruit-flavored and candy-inspired e-juices. The difference that’s readily apparent is Unicorn’s uncompromising attention to fine details. Utilizing prudently cultivated natural flavors, vape enthusiasts enjoy a striking resemblance to the core culinary element while still experiencing the rich, earthy draws unique to the vaporizer platform.

While BLVK Unicorn may be the new kid on the block, their profound expertise in every layer of the business -- ranging from customer service, timely distribution, and superior product quality  -- demonstrates confidence well beyond their corporate years.


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