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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Five Pawns Signature E-Liquid: Vendor Spotlight

Five Pawns Signature E-Liquid: Vendor Spotlight

Since the advent of the vaporizer industry, “art of fog” enthusiasts have always catered to the digital platform’s endless plethora of options. From the physical components of the vaporizer systems down to the e-liquid concoctions, vape enthusiasts and connoisseurs are blessed with multiple channels to explore and to express their individual creativity.

But the subsector that sees the most product diversity is inarguably the e-liquid. As the technical barrier to entry isn’t as steep as designing a sub-ohm system from scratch, countless numbers of “vaporistas” entered the fray. Invariably, many of the offerings that you see today involve gaudy marketing tactics and an overall lack of standardization.

Where is the standard of excellence that this industry so desperately needs? Enter Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid!

Levering years of expert, culinary experience and an unrivaled dedication to concocting the finest e-liquid blends, Five Pawns has rapidly climbed the ladder to both industry and public success. Delivering uncanny accuracy and explosively rich flavor profiles, Five Pawns has become the go-to choice of vaping experts and connoisseurs that demand only the best from their e-liquids.


Five Pawns Profile and History:

Five Pawns E-LiquidEvery story, no matter how grand or auspicious, has a beginning. For Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid, the journey began in December of 2012. At the time, vaporizers were just hitting its stride. In a few weeks, the entire industry would register sales of half a billion dollars, an unprecedented haul at the time.

Still, Five Pawns Founder and President Rodney Jerabek realized that the vaping sector had a gaping hole – while the e-liquid component of the industry was saturated with quantity, the same could not be said about the quality. Manufacturers were concocting blends with a heavy emphasis on distribution, and not on the end result.

As a vaping enthusiast himself, Jerabek recognized an immediate opportunity. His vision was for Five Pawns E-Liquids to produce and deliver only the finest concoctions to the growing crowd of vape enthusiasts and connoisseurs. To achieve this lofty goal would require a meticulousness that was previously never seen in the e-liquid industry.

Greatness, though, has never been achieved through following others’ mediocrity. To that end, Jerabek and the Five Pawns management team made a critical decision, right from the establishment of the company: every aspect of Five Pawns, from the e-liquid concoction to the marketing to the extensive supply chain network, will be geared towards absolute perfection.



The Five Pawns Difference:

If you’re looking for a cheap, “comfort” vapor from which you can draw non-stop on a single bottle from Los Angeles to New York, I’m afraid Five Pawns is not for you. Instead, if you’re searching for the most uncompromising blends, and unrivaled attention to detail, Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid is your choice mixture – quite literally, nothing else comes close!

Unlike so many of its competitors, Five Pawns actually walks the walk, not just talkFive Pawns Vapor Liquid the talk. Consider the expert artisans under their employ: shifting through stacks of resumes, Jerabek and his trusted human resources department hired the most gifted and successful vaping liquid mixologists within the industry.

With an eye not only on the technical details, but also on the culinary impact, Five Pawns mixologists traverse the fine line between science and art. While all e-liquid companies must operate within set scientific boundaries, the Five Pawns signature difference lies in the subjectivities; that is, what emotions are evoked in every draw or hit?

Early in their corporate journey, management realized that too many competitor e-liquids attempted to force a message onto their customer base. Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid took a contrasting approach – their blends and mixes would organically speak for themselves.

Achieving this subjective goal would require only the most premium ingredients in their concoctions. This is the reason why every Five Pawns e-liquid product is delicately and meticulously handcrafted. Perfection comes with an investment not only in monetary resources, but in time as well. The finest scotch, for instance, cannot be materialized overnight, and when it is finally matured, the quantities are necessarily small…but oh what a remarkably smooth taste it is!

This extraordinary tapestry of flavor, strength, and raw emotions is what makes Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid stand heads and shoulders above the crowd!


Astounding Product Offerings:

Although taste is a subjective element, what’s not are stone, cold numbers. Despite taking a sharply contrasting approach to their e-liquid blends than most of the competition, Five Pawns found success from the top to bottom lines, right from inception.

The extraordinary response from the vaping market proved correct Jerabek’s early vision on that cold December evening – always provide the customer what they want, and the numbers will take care of themselves. By trusting their uncompromising strategy, Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid stands among vape mixology’s select elite.

Black Flag Risen Five PawnsCase in point is their “Black Flag Risen” e-liquid, which is considered the transitioning enthusiast’s flagship product. Listed under the company’s Original Collection, which features Five Pawns’ premiere brands of highly complex and extravagantly layered e-liquids, Black Flag Risen is a god among mere mortals.

Utilizing handpicked Virginia tobacco leaves flue-cured to perfection, this stunningly crafted base is then layered with fresh cappuccino, decadent truffle cream, and a splash of mocha-dusted black walnuts. What results is an immaculate arousal of palate-striking flavors, each profile delicately and seamlessly flowing into the next.

Another favorite among discerning vape enthusiasts is “Symmetry Six,” Five Pawns’ foray into the wildly popular fruit-flavored e-liquid market. But unlike the stereotypical offering of gaudy, artificial and overbearing flavor profiles, Symmetry Six utilizes a very precise representation of mountain-fresh strawberries as the primary base.

Then comes the unique mixology for which Five Pawns is world famous: artisans add a measured amount of sugared rhubarb to delicately spike the upper trenches of the palate spectrum. Moreover, they give Symmetry Six its signature robustness by infusing golden graham crackers, vanilla cream, and a hint of toasted oats.

The end result? Stunning perfection, as always!


Accessibility for All Vapers:

If price was no consideration, all vapers would naturally elect Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid without even thinking about any other corporate offering. Of course, such a concept exists only in theory – in reality, everything in life has a cost component.

Despite its extraordinary reputation as a premium e-liquid brand, Five Pawns is first Brevity Five Pawnsand foremost a vaping company. That means that everyone in the organization works principally to advance the industry. This can’t be accomplished without offering products that are accessible for all vape enthusiasts, irrespective of budgetary limitations.

To meet the growing demands of a diverse vaping consumer base, Five Pawns proudly lists their Red Collection. These delectable e-liquids feature the same handcrafted quality for which Five Pawns has forged its reputation, but with a more efficient manufacturing process; this efficiency allows management to pass off the savings to its loyal customers.

With the Red Collection, there’s no longer an excuse not to try Five Pawns. For instance, a crowd favorite is “Brevity,” which stunningly replicates the famous Boston Pie hallmark flavor in a vaporized format. Utilizing freshly baked yellow cake divided into two equal halves, Five Pawns mixologists infuse the base with decadent banana cream and coated with rich milk chocolate frosting.

Moreover, Five Pawns is set to once again light the e-liquid industry on fire with their upcoming Blue Collection. This product lineup will feature all-new tastes and essences infused with the Original Collection’s complex, multi-layered flavor integration.

Without any exaggeration, the Blue Collection will represent the crème de la crème of e-liquid innovations. Five Pawns mixologists and culinary engineers have spent countless manhours perfecting their formula, both on a scientific basis as well as evoking the subjective elements that no other e-liquid company can replicate.

Best of all, Five Pawns will release their Blue Collection first through your trusted vaporizer source, Vapor Authority! Before anyone lays a hand on this globally anticipated product line, Vapor Authority will receive the first shipment, ensuring a once in a lifetime opportunity for our loyal customers!

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