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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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How Do Vapes Work

How Do Vapes Actually Work?

Many of us use our vaping systems several times each day and marvel at how advanced the technology has gotten.  But, do we really understand how those vapes work?  Understanding how vaping systems operate and understanding what each part does can help us a great deal when it comes to using, maintaining and even choosing our devices so that we can have the best vaping experiences possible.  That’s why we are here today.  We will be explaining the different vaping systems that are widely available, how they work and what they consist of.


Box Mod Systems

How Do Vapes WorkLet’s start with box mod systems, which are easily the most complex, robust and technologically advanced vaping setups out there.  Box mod systems come in all different kinds of sizes and designs, with various features that help them operate more efficiently while letting users customize them easily to enjoy different aspects of vaping.
Box mod systems operate using chipsets, which allow the internal circuitry to perform a wide variety of functions.  Chipsets help control variable output settings, provide users with navigation boards, ensure safety features and more.
The way in which these devices operate is relatively simple.  The device itself contains a replaceable battery setup, and when the batteries are loaded into the device, they provide power to the mod.  The mod uses power from the battery to produce output.  This output heats up the coil that’s inserted into the tank through the connections thread, and the coil heats the e-liquid, turning it from liquid into vapor.  Now, let’s break down each part.


#1: The Box Mod

The box mod is the device part of the setup.  A typical box mod is rectangular in shape and has a display screen with navigation buttons on the chassis.  Box mods can be programmed using a wide variety of adjustable settings.


#2: The Coil

The coil is inserted into the tank, which sits on top of the mod securely thanks to a 510-threaded connection.


#3: The Tank

The tank is what contains the e-liquid and the coil.  It’s attached to the mod, and it contains a juice well into which the user can pour the e-liquid.  The juice sits around the coil, keeping the coil saturated with liquid so that it won’t burn out.  The tank also typically features an adjustable airflow ring which allows the user to choose how much vapor comes from each hit.  There’s also a mouthpiece, commonly known as a drip tip, that acts as a chimney to concentrate the vapor.  


#4: The Battery

The battery that is used with a box mod is separate, and sold separately.  It is removed and charged in a typical battery charger.


Pod Mod Systems

How Do Vapes Actually WorkNow, let’s move onto pod mod systems, which are increasing in popularity.  Pod mod systems are much simpler devices, as they don’t require all of the different output settings, nor the enormous power, for which box mod systems are known.  This is because pod mod systems are low-wattage systems that are designed to deliver salt-based nicotine to the user.  Those who desire salt-based nicotine are more interested in the nicotine content than the power of a box mod device.
Pod mods typically consist of two pieces: the mod, or battery, and the pod cartridge, which acts as the atomizer.  Some allow for adjustable output, and others do not.  Most pod mods today are open pod systems, meaning the user can replace the e-liquid inside the cartridge themselves.  Closed pod systems, meanwhile, utilize pre-filled pod cartridges.  Also, most pod systems are draw-activated, meaning that to produce a hit, the user just pulls on the mouthpiece.  But, some do use firing buttons that are more common with box mod setups.
Here’s how pod systems work: the mod contains a battery that’s built inside of it, which means that the entire device is charged rather than a separate battery.  The pod cartridge snaps into the mod, which creates a secure connection.  When the mod is fired, the battery heats the coil inside the pod cartridge, which in turn transforms the e-liquid into vapor.  Now, let’s get into the individual parts.


#1: The Pod Mod

The pod mod itself is small and portable, and contains a built-in battery.  It usually has minimal chipset technology as this type of device doesn’t come with a host of adjustable settings.


#2: The Cartridge

The cartridge is a small plastic cartridge that contains an integrated coil, and it’s where the e-liquid is poured into.


Pen Mod Systems

How Vapes WorkPen mod systems are sort of the middle ground between box mods and pod devices, but they’re used with freebase nicotine, not salt-based nicotine.  They’re more portable and technologically minimalistic than box mods, but they’re not as pocket-friendly as pod systems.
Pen mods function much like the setups listed above.  They operate at lower output levels than box mods, so they often only need one battery, while most box mods require two.  This means they don’t reach such high wattage levels either.  The battery provides heat to the coil, which vaporizes the e-liquid inside the tank.


#1: The Mod

A pen mod is a cylindrical mod with a power button and usually minimal adjustment options.  A battery compartment is at the base of the mod.


#2: The Tank

The tank securely screws onto the mod, and is filled with e-liquid.  It has a drip tip, just like the tanks that are used with box mod devices.


#3: The Coil

Just like other tanks, the coil is installed into the tank of a pen mod system.


#4: The Battery

Finally, pen mods use replaceable, rechargeable batteries that are sold separately.


Disposable Vape Systems

How Vaporizers WorkThese are fairly new to the market and are as simplistic as they come.  Disposable vape systems are all-in-one devices that’re not taken apart, do not need to be maintained and most often, don’t even require charging.  They consist of a mod with a charged battery and attached to that mod permanently is the cartridge.  The cartridge is already filled with e-liquid and contains a coil that’s built into the cartridge.  Disposable vape systems almost always contain salt nic e-juice rather than freebase nic e-juice.  We don’t need to dissect each individual part, as the pieces are attached to each other.


Final Thoughts

By understanding the parts of a vape, you can appreciate and utilize your vaping setup better than ever.  If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do vapes work,” now you know.  If you need better help understanding, you can find a vape pen parts diagram online that provides useful visuals.
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