How Often to Clean Vape Parts
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How Often to Clean Vape Parts

How often do you clean your vape hardware?  New vapers tend to underestimate the importance of proper cleaning on a regular schedule, which is why we get a lot of questions about why certain parts of their setups are no longer working properly.  The good thing is that while cleaning may sound like a tedious process to perform regularly, it’s actually very simple, and the more often you do it, the faster and easier it becomes.


The Importance of Cleaning Your Vape Parts

So, why do we clean our vape parts?  Well, for one thing, liquid and technology aren’t a great combination.  While a vape tank is good at containing e-liquid, some of that liquid does seep out, and it can cause problems with your battery connections, navigation buttons and so on.  Further, even within your tank, that e-juice can cause trace amounts of gunk to build up on the coil and wall of the juice well, leading to problems like an unpleasant taste and a malfunctioning coil.


How Often You Should Clean Your Box Mod Setup

How Often to Clean Vape PartsLet’s start with your box mod setup.  First, you should always rinse out your tank before refilling it, as this will decrease the likelihood that the e-juice debris from the last batch will turn into gunk.  A quick rinse is all that is needed, and it can ensure that your new e-liquid tastes as good as possible.
Once a week or so, you should take apart the entire tank, meaning that all the pieces are separate.  Each part must be cleaned thoroughly.  This includes the drip tip, the glass piece and all the other pieces.  You can either rinse them with water or an alcohol and water solution.  Many people even use vodka.  Use a cotton swab to dislodge any gunk.
Each week, you should also clean your device and batteries as needed.  Look for any areas in which juice gunk has developed.  This will usually be along the connections, and around the buttons.  Use a toothpick or cotton swab to dislodge any gunk that you come across.


How Often You Should Clean Your Pod System Kit

How Often to Clean Vape Pod KitThe good thing about a pod system kit is that it requires less maintenance overall, but it still must be cleaned regularly.  Again, you should rinse out your pod cartridge before refilling it each time, as juice gunk can interfere with its functionality.  Pour water through the fill port and let it sit for five minutes before pouring it out.  Then, let it sit for another five so that it can dry out.
You also wanna clean the pod mod if there is any juice gunk, or any other kind of grime that’s interfering with the connections.  Use the same techniques as we discussed above when cleaning a traditional mod.


How Often You Should Clean Your Portable Vaporizer Kit

How Often to Clean VapeJust like the other types of vaping systems we mentioned, once a week is best for cleaning your portable vaporizer kit.  Portable vaporizer kits vary in terms of the parts that they are made up of, so generally speaking, take apart the whole setup, and clean each part carefully and thoroughly, paying special attention to the chamber, as this is where buildup develops that can mess up the system’s ability to perform properly.


Clean Vape Parts Equal a Better Vaping Experience

Cleaning your vaping setup is a crucial part of maintaining a satisfying vape hobby, because vaping hardware that’s not maintained properly will gradually lose its functionality.  Follow the guide to know how often you should clean your device and other hardware parts based on what it is that you’re using.




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