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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Troubleshooting Disposable Vape Pens

How to Troubleshoot a Jammed, Clogged or Leaking Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable Vape Pens are a welcomed addition for any vaper looking for a more convenient and maintenance-free way to enjoy their hobby.  While the technology behind disposable vaping devices such as the Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape Pen or Cali Bars 2K Disposable Vape Pen Pod Device for instances, are quite streamlined and advanced, that doesn’t mean that you’re never going to run into an issue with a particular vape pen in general.

What Happens When an Issue Arises and How to Fix It?

The most common issues that vapers encounter with disposables are jams, clogs, and leaks, which can all be enormously disruptive to anyone’s vaping experience.  The good news is that in most cases, these issues can be remedied using methods that are simple and fast.


A jam implies that there is something foreign that is lodged somewhere in the airflow channel of your vaping device.  The most common location for a jam is the mouthpiece, because this is the part of the channel that is exposed.  If you tend to keep your disposable device in an area filled with debris, such as a pocket, purse or cluttered drawer, you may find that at some point, something gets stuck in the mouthpiece. 

Solution: Each disposable device has a unique size, and the mouthpiece will therefore vary in diameter.  The wider the mouthpiece, the easier it is to dislodge something that’s jammed in there.

  • If the mouthpiece is wide enough to allow it, grab some tweezers and go into the mouthpiece in order to remove whatever has gotten in the way.
  • If the mouthpiece is too narrow, consider using a sewing needle or a similarly thin object to try to drag the debris out toward you.


Unlike a jam, a clog refers to disrupted airflow caused by the e-liquid itself.  Under certain circumstances, like extreme cold or simply the use of low-quality ingredients, the e-liquid can harden and clog up the entire airflow channel.

Solution: Because a clog implies that the juice has somehow hardened, the goal is to bring it back to a liquid state:

  • Applying heat naturally changes the consistency of the e-juice. If you have a hair dryer on hand, turn it on and hold it about a foot away from your disposable device for around a full minute.  Then, try vaping again.
  • Manually break up the clogged e-juice using something like a sewing needle or toothpick. Simply stick it through the mouthpiece and wiggle it around to break up any gunk or crust that’s getting in the way. 

It’s important to remember that sometimes, what feels like a clog actually isn’t.  If you’re getting a tiny bit of vapor but it feels constrained, it may be an air bubble inside of the e-liquid cartridge.  If you suspect that this is the case, try flicking the side of the cartridge component of your device, or tapping it lightly against a hard surface a few times to break up the bubble.


Because disposables are pre-assembled, with no separation between the cartridge and battery components, you won’t experience liquid leaking out through the bottom of the atomizer and getting all over the sides of the device, like you may sometimes notice with box mod systems and pod mod systems.  But, that doesn’t mean that leaks don’t happen with disposables.  If you do have a leaky disposable, that e-liquid only has one place to go, and it’s through the mouthpiece and into your mouth. 

So, what causes a leaky disposable?

The most common culprit by far actually has to do with how you’re vaping.  If you are pulling too hard, you’re running the risk of getting a mouth full of vape juice.  Because disposables are draw-activated in terms of how they produce vapor, sucking too hard can draw liquid into the mouthpiece before it gets a chance to vaporize through the coil. 

We know that many disposable vape users used to vape with more powerful box mod systems, which rely on direct-lung vaping, a style in which the user takes deeper puffs to enjoy bigger clouds.  But, disposables are mouth-to-lung systems with lower-power batteries and pulling too hard will simply result in a leak.

Simply taking too many puffs in a short period of time can also prevent the coil from fully vaporizing the e-liquid.  How?  Because you’re not giving the coil a chance to keep up.  Essentially, taking too many quick puffs gets in the way of the coil doing its job.

Solution: If you’re noticing issues with leaks, then you will want to slow down between each puff of vapor and make an effort to not pull as hard.  This should adequately stop the issue from occurring.

How Often Do Jams, Clogs, and Leaks Occur?

The good news is that overall, these types of issues are rare.  The more vaping technology advances, the more companies are developing ways to prevent these issues from being too common.  The reality, however, is that if you’re a regular user of disposables, you may end up with the occasional “dud” or find that a disposable is more prone to jamming, clogging and leaking.  Sometimes this is due to a manufacturer error that makes the device more vulnerable to these problems, and other times it’s the result of being handled improperly by the user.

There are a few ways to minimize the risk of these issues. 

  1. Buy disposables that are produced by a reputable brand known for delivering high-quality hardware.
  2. Store your disposable carefully so that no debris gets stuck inside and jams up your airflow.
  3. Be mindful of how you pull, as this will help prevent leaks.

    Before You Throw Your Disposable Away, Try These Troubleshooting Methods

    The next time your disposable vape pen is jammed, clogged or is experiencing leaking, consider these troubleshooting methods rather than throwing it away at the first sign of trouble.  In many cases, disposables can be fixed, and as you can see, the fixes themselves are relatively easy, even for beginners.

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    Angela Warren

    - May 09, 2023

    My Colors disposable pen isn’t working… help please

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