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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Kangertech:  Vendor Spotlight

Kangertech: Vendor Spotlight

If you’ve been vaping for any amount of time, probabilities are strong that you’ve heard of the name Kangertech. But on the off chance that you haven’t, you’ve almost certainly advantaged their multiple innovations in the field. As one of the premiere and most storied brands in the vaping industry, Kanger has immeasurably influenced the modern digital arts.

Kanger Exterior of buildingEven the name Kanger has significant importance. It comes from a Kashmiri word used to describe an earthen pot that integrates wickers filled with hot embers. Interestingly, once the potted platform is molded to its traditional and distinctive shape, trained artisans complete the surrounding wickerwork. Indeed, this is emblematic of the unique processes involved in vaping. 

From its origination point, Kanger had only one goal: deliver the most powerful and convenient pathway toward deeply satisfying vapes.  To achieve this lofty target, the company’s executive management team invested countless hours of market research, revealing both relevant trends and behavioral opportunities. Armed with an array of actionable data, Kanger set out to develop the foundation for what would later become ground zero of vape-manufacturing revolutions. 

From the earliest clearomizer device, it was readily apparent that Kangertech’s iterations were more robust, reliable, and intuitive – even for the novice traditionalist who just picked up the art of chasing clouds for the first time.

And on this platform of constant development and progression, Kanger catalyzed what can only be described as the golden age of vaping innovations. From the glassomizer to the revered Protank series to the top-fill tank, Kanger has not only pioneered industry developments, they’ve established the baseline from which all other manufacturers borrow. 

Quite frankly, Kanger is synonymous with the vaporizer. Today, you’ll find the organization marching forward with their latest flagship products, such as the Kanger Subox Mini v2 Kit . However, management still holds onto their roots, providing world-class post-sales support for even their oldest products.

It’s this simple touch among many others that fortifies the Kanger brand into the pantheon of the vaping elite.


Early History of Kangertech 

Every company has a story. With Kanger, it was a mission purpose. As connoisseurs themselves of the digital arts, founders Danny Zhu and Li Di Lin kangertech companyimmediately recognized the gap between what everyday enthusiasts wanted from their platform, and what was actually delivered. Seeing that nobody else was stepping up to the plate, Zhu and Lin decided to take matters into their own hands. 

It’s a good thing they did. Founded in 2007, Kangertech initially started off as a small organization sparked largely by the desire to deliver premium vaping experiences at reasonable rates. Over time and after solidifying a reputation for practical, end-user friendly innovations, the company expanded both their facilities and labor force. Today, Kanger employs thousands of people producing hundreds of thousands of vape devices and accessories every day.

But before that raving success, Kanger entered the vaping field during its nascent stage. In 2006, just one year prior to the company’s debut, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik manufactured the first modern e-cigarette. Utilizing a design that would inspire multiple other iterations, Lik embodied in a physical format the collective desire to seek a true analog alternative.

However, with that initial spark of brilliance came a wave of copycat competitors. Soon, these substandard products would saturate the marketplace. Even more problematic, the first vaporizer made its way to the U.S. in 2007. With a sense of urgency, Kanger quickly made their debut, introducing from the get-go a series of products that were intuitive in design yet facilitated unmatched power and performance.


A Track Record of Vaping Evolutions

kanger production lineOne of the earliest Kanger products to hit the U.S. market was the Kanger E-Smart Clearomizer. Featuring a measured see-through reservoir, enthusiasts for the first time can drop in the desired amount of e-liquid into their system precisely. Furthermore, with a 1.3-ml capacity and 510 threading, the Kanger E-Smart redefined what was possible in a compact vaping platform.

Still, one of the main criticisms of that timeframe was the quality and characteristics of standardized construction materials. Typically, clearomizers of the first generation of vaping products utilized polymers – essentially hardened plastics. The problem here was two-fold. Over time, the e-liquid material would corrode the plastic material, leading to an unsightly mess. Second, personal concerns arose regarding ingestion of said erosion. And at the very least, the plastics potentially levered a negative impact on e-liquid flavor and quality.

To that end, Kangertech launched the groundbreaking Protank, effectively introducing a platform that is now known today as the glassomizer. As Vapor Authority’s own Jenny Spring discussed, fundamentally, not much separates a clearomizer from a glassomizer except for one critical component: the e-liquid reservoir is constructed using high-grade borosilicate glass.

As an inert material, borosilicate glass is completely resistant to erosion. Therefore, vape enthusiasts can open the floor to the full spectrum of e-liquid flavors. No matter the acidity of the e-juice, Kanger’s glass will remain unperturbed. Obviously, this exponentially enhances the investment proposition of the "glassomizer". Moreover, true connoisseurs of the digital arts can enjoy pure liquified flavors – just as the underlying artisans intended.

The glassomizer’s influence on the vaporizer market cannot be overstated. Prior to Kangertech, most manufacturers held a purely business approach to the vaping arena; in other words, they only cared about the bottom line. That led to an almost remarkable explosion of cheap devices that only facilitated a technical function…and barely at that.

With Kanger’s Protank glassomizer line, it sent a shot across the bow. No longer could vape manufacturers merely offer a device that worked. Instead, due to heightened consumer expectations, enthusiasts demanded the full spectrum: technology with usability, performance with attainability. In the end, this unparalleled commitment to vaping supremacy is the reason why Kanger is one of the few original players still in existence today.

Just as importantly, Kanger’s Protank series also sparked innovations in the e-liquid market. With first-gen clearomizers dominating the arena, e-juice makers merely had to show up. With the imbued quality that Kangertech integrated into their product pipeline, enthusiasts quickly garnered a taste for premium blends.

Their nuanced improvements would be completely lost if the vaporizer industry had continued to support and utilize cheap clearomizers. But with the Kanger Protank and other revolutionary systems and devices, e-liquid players have also learned to invest deeply toward consumer satisfaction; otherwise, they too would be left in the dust of irrelevancy.


The Legacy that Endures

Back when Kangertech first stepped foot onto the vaping arena, the primordial environment meant no standards existed: manufacturers were free to engage Kanger Company Profiletheir craft as intently (or as cheaply) as desired. We know exactly the route Kanger took. However, what we may not appreciate is that the end-user features we take for granted today were pushed long ago by the company’s forward-thinking leadership team.

One of the most impactful developments in vape tank technology was the introduction of the top-fill e-liquid reloading mechanism. Many nuanced mechanizations for this process exist, including threaded top-fill reloads and sliding-top refills. But whatever you call it, you can thank Kanger that such a mechanism is now an industry standard.

Prior to this intuitive protocol, reloading your tank with your choice e-juice flavors was a cumbersome affair. In the dark days of vaping, once your liquid was depleted, you had to unscrew the tank from the vape mod or battery. Then, you carefully removed the tank’s base, revealing the reservoir channel.

In theory, this was a straightforward process. But in practice, it was anything but. For one thing, reloads would necessarily take much longer than desired. Also, enthusiasts who operated under a time crunch would rush through the procedure, often causing unsightly spills and accidents.

Plus, if the tank base wasn’t attached properly to the mod, e-liquid could leak out. This was especially problematic as bottom-loading tanks inherently feature a connected pathway next to core electronic components. If that pathway isn’t sealed perfectly tight, there’s always a vulnerability to critical damage.

Thankfully, Kanger eliminated this cumbersome and problematic chore with the then-radical top-fill reloading mechanism. With this innovation, enthusiasts simply move the tank’s top cap to one side, revealing a fill portal. From there, they can drip in their concoction of choice. Finally, close the top cap and there’s nothing left to do but enjoy a soothing session.

And while other manufacturers have developed their own take on the innovation, it’s Kangertech that first put the concept to work. This corporate heritage is evident in some of the companies leading vape tanks, including the Kanger TopTank Mini and SubTank Mini-C (or otherwise known as the “Protank 5”).

But it’s not just the products themselves for which the Kangertech legacy resonates. Instead, it’s management’s decision from their origination to provide premium devices at a not-so-premium price. As vape enthusiasts themselves, the leadership team engineered their pipeline to reflect the perspective of the customer.

This powerful decision that went against the grain of all economic and business-related expectations sent a ripple effect throughout the industry. If you’ve ever enjoyed a quality vape due from only a reasonable outlay in cost, you can credit Kangertech: they proved more than a decade ago that high quality doesn’t need to accompany a ridiculous price point.


An Unparalleled Product Pipeline

Kanger Gem KitDespite the resounding accolades from both vaping insiders and aficionados, one attribute above all others has made a profound impression: hunger.

Typically, success doesn’t just breed more success, but rather complacency. Once momentum sparks, it’s incredibly tempting for corporate executives to go on autopilot. Thus, so many organizations from across industries steadily fade into the twilight after achieving peak demand.

But that’s not the Kanger way. The company could have easily stopped at improving the clearomizer. They very well could have rested on their laurels after they introduced the unprecedented glassomizer. Yet even with the mass-scale distribution of the Protank series, along with an entire library of vape tanks with top-fill reloading mechanisms, Kanger remains on the hunt for the next innovation.

One of them is the highly anticipated, sleek Kanger Gem Pod System Starter Kit. Featuring an ultra-compact design and a world-class next-generation chipset, the Kanger Gem effortlessly replicates the analog experience, but with all the creature comforts of the digital platform.

With an optimized power output of 11.5W and a supremely efficient 500 mAh integrated battery, the Gem Pod delivers rich throat hit along with a lingering aftertaste that delicately engages your palate. Better yet, the Gem is fully compatible with nicotine-salt e-liquids, which further bridges the gap between the analog and digital arts.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention some of Kangertech’s classic innovations, such as the Kanger TopBox Nano TC Kit. Utilizing a lightweight zinc-aluminum alloy chassis, the TopBox Nano has many of the same features as a much larger vaporizer. For instance, the Nano pushes a maximum output of 60W and runs a resistance range between 0.15-ohm to 3.0-ohms.

For greater creative expression, enthusiasts can also elect the Kanger Topbox Mini Kit. Another revolutionary advancement in a portfolio saturated with them, the Kanger Topbox Mini features similar compact dimensions as the TopBox Nano. The key difference? This platform is a bona fide rebuildable atomizer, or RBA. Thus, the Topbox Mini incorporates a wider base to accommodate various coil configurations.

Finally, those who value their vaping under discretion should consider the Kanger Evod Pro V2 Starter Kit. Incorporating a clean, sleek chassis, the Evod Pro V2 measures less than six inches tall and less than an inch wide. Yet it packs a walloping punch, driving home a max output of 30W via its integrated 2,500 mAh capacity battery. The Evod also utilizes a 4.0-ml e-liquid capacity reservoir, making it an ideal platform for on-the-go readiness.

Most importantly, you’re going to want to stay tuned to Kangertech. Levering an unassailable acumen, Kanger product designers are already developing the next wave of earth-shattering, industry-rippling vaporizers and tank systems. Indeed, the revolution is just getting started.

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- May 09, 2023

Too bad. It seems kangertech is out of business. It’s almost impossible to find many of their coil heads, especially SSOCC coils from USA vendors. If anyone has any, it’s just the 0.5ohm heads, which I don’t use, only 1.2 ohm. Subtanks minis and Protank 4 are hard to find, the few placed that have them are on clearance or have raised their priced sky high. Kanger has not seemed to put out anything new. So all I can guess is that they have called it quits. Too bad because there are so many subtank/protank 4 users out there. Thankfully there are a few places that still sell the RBA and I’m stocking up on those so that I can keep my subtanks running for a long time to come.

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