The 10 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019
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The 10 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019

Everyone enjoys the sweet, delicious, and tantalizing taste of appetizing candy flavors. All across the globe, vapers seek out these delightful confections, making candy flavors among the most sought-after within the industry today. E-Juice crafters have responded to the demand with an endless array of candy-inspired offerings, from fruit-based hard candy treats to bubblegum flavors to delectable chocolate creations. There is no denying that these scrumptious e-liquids are exceedingly prevalent.

As is the case with virtually all e-juice flavor categories, this vast selection is as troublesome as it is wonderful. Inasmuch as the variety provides for an endless assortment, it also makes it exceedingly difficult to identify the best from the mediocre. This is where Vapor Authority comes in. Our vast team of experts, with decades of collective experience, have sampled thousands of candy flavors from hundreds of manufacturers. After meticulous scrutiny, we have identified the very best and composed a list for your convenience.

Without any further delay, this is our list of The 10 Best Candy Flavored E-Juices of 2019, in no particular order.


 The 10 Best Candy E-Juices 2019

Wild Watermelon by Air Factory

Air Factory is among the most highly-respected and prominent crafters of fine e-juices within the industry today. Their remarkable assortment of mouthwatering concoctions is savored by vapers from continent-to-continent. We truly relished all of their delicious flavors, but ultimately selected Wild Watermelon to include in our list of the Best Candy E-Juices of 2019. This smooth and flavorful gem was one that we all loved from the very first hit, and one that we found ourselves coming back to over again for another taste.


The 10 Best Candy E-Juices 2019Our Pick: Wild Watermelon

Wild Watermelon E-Juice by California Grown in one of the most exceptional flavors we have come across this year. The gifted team of artisans at Air Factory did a marvelous job in taking an otherwise simple candy concoction to an entirely new level. This masterpiece delivers the sweet taste of watermelon taffy candy, for an explosion of mouthwatering flavor that blew us away.




10 Best Candy E-Juices 2019


Cotton Fluff by Pop Clouds

When it comes to expertly-crafted and truly special candy creations, few can do it better than the professionals at Pop Clouds. Created by the same team who brought you legendary collections, such as Twist E-Liquids, BRWD, and Fryd, their Candy Pop Series is among their very best work to date. We relished all of the samples we tried, but unanimously selected Cotton Fluff as our choice for the Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019.


10 Best Candy E-Juices 2019Our Pick: Cotton Fluff

Cotton Fluff E-Juice by Pop Clouds is among the most delicious candy flavors you will ever experience. Incredibly accurate in profile, this delight represents the sweet and mouthwatering taste of old-fashioned cotton candy. Freshly-spun, every hit of this vape juice affords an explosion of delectable cotton candy taste that we simply could not get enough of.




10 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019


Unichew by BLVK Unicorn

BLVK Unicorn is one of our all-time favorite e-liquid brands in general, which explains why their remarkable blends have made it to so many of our “Best of” lists. Their award-winning group of artisans have earned the admiration of novice vapers and expert critics alike, making them among the industry’s foremost elite crafters. Within their extensive and exclusive candy-inspired flavors, we felt that Unichew is a necessary addition to our list of the Best Candy E-Juices of 2019.


10 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019Our Pick: Unichew

Unichew E-Juice by BLVK Unicorn is among the tastiest, well-made, and robust candy concoctions we have ever come across. This masterpiece represents an astonishingly authentic and precise depiction of the sweet and delicious soft chewy strawberry candy that we have all grown to love. Bursting with mouthwatering flavor, we never seemed to get enough of this treat, making it one of the most well-received additions to the list.




Best Candy Flavored E-Juices 2019


Strawmelon Sour by The Finest

The Finest is among the most celebrated brands on this list, with a plethora of legendary collections baring their brand name. For years, this distinguished brand has introduced some of the most popular and illustrious creations the vaping community has ever seen. With countless accolades and prestigious awards under their umbrella, their accomplished team knows a thing or two about fine e-juice crafting. We genuinely loved all of The Finest's candy flavors, making it extremely difficult to select just one. However, we eventually chose Strawmelon Sour, as it was one of the most delicious candy flavors we have ever come across.


The Best Candy E-Juices of 2019Our Pick: Strawmelon Sour

Strawmelon Sour E-Juice by The Finest takes the familiar taste of sour belt candy to new heights. We have never experienced a more robust, delicious, and intensely-flavorful mixed fruit belt candy flavor than this gem. Every hit of this mouthwatering delight delivers an explosion of strawberry and watermelon sour belt candy taste that you will never seem to want to put down. The delivery, accuracy, and overall quality makes this flavor a necessary addition to our list of the Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019.




 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019

Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz

Cloud Nurdz has maintained their position as one of the industry’s elite crafters of fine e-juices for countless years. Their renowned assortment of award-winning formulations has received an unprecedented response from the worldwide vaping community. Every offering baring the brand name has been meticulously-crafted to unrivaled excellence, earning the loyalty of vapers and respect of critics. Among their candy-inspired concoctions, we’re particularly fond of Strawberry Lemon, which is one of the shining stars within their esteemed assortment.


Best Candy E-Juices of 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Lemon

Strawberry Lemon E-Juice by Cloud Nurdz is an enticing flavor that we genuinely relished. Exceedingly well-balanced this delightful blend affords a multi-layered profile that provides a different experience with every hit. On the inhale, you will appreciate the taste of sweet strawberry candy, while the exhale is balanced with the delicious taste of lemon candy. Strawberry Lemon takes your taste buds on a delicious journey, making it a well-deserved addition to our list of the 10 Best Candy-Flavored E-Liquids of 2019.




Best Candy E-Juices 2019


Gummy Kisses by Lips & Drips

Lips & Drips has remained a darling of the e-juice community since the brand was first introduced. An award-winning collection of delectable flavors, vapers seeking the very best turn to this distinguished crafter for their e-juice needs. Although the entire line is immaculate, we were particularly impressed with Gummy Kisses, as it brought an immediate smile to our faces the second we first sampled it.


Best Candy E-Juices 2019Our Pick: Gummy Kisses

Gummy Kisses E-Juice by Lips & Drips is a lip-smacking, tantalizing, and overall remarkable candy flavor that we thoroughly enjoyed. Everything from the alluring aroma to the deliciously-sweet taste makes this sensational creation a valuable addition to our list of The 10 Best Candy E-Juices of 2019. This masterpiece very accurately represents the scrumptious taste of strawberry gummy candy. You will be blown away by the authenticity of flavor as well as the balance of notes, providing the sweetness you crave without overpowering the palate.




 Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019

White No. 1 by Twist E-Liquids

For years, Twist E-Liquids has remained at the absolute zenith of the e-liquid industry. All across the globe, this highly-respected crafter has introduced some of the most popular and exceptional offerings the vaping industry has ever seen. They have received countless awards for excellence over the years, accompanied by an endless array of glowing reviews. Although all of their remarkable products are delicious, we particularly love the gratifying taste of White No. 1.


Best Candy-Flavored E-Juices 2019Our Pick: White No. 1

Formerly called "White Gummy," White No. 1 E-Juice by Twist E-Liquids is one of our all-time favorite flavors, and one that we are certain to come back to in the near future. This delicious creation very precisely portrays the sweet and satisfying taste of pineapple gummy candy. Meticulously-crafted to unparalleled perfection, our list of the Best Candy-Flavored E-Juices of 2019 would simply be incomplete without White No. 1.




Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019


Blue Raspberry by Slammin

Slammin is one of the most trusted and admired e-juice brands within the industry today. Vapers from around the world turn to Slammin to satisfy their sweet needs, making this collection among the most popular around. Specialists in the field, we were sincerely awe-struck by how much we enjoyed all of their creations, but narrowly selected Blue Raspberry as our pick for the Best Candy Vape Juices of 2019.


Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019Our Pick: Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Slammin is so incredibly mouthwatering, that we were forced to draw straws to determine which one of us was able to keep the bottle once the list was completed. This multi-layered and truly delicious concoction consists of a brilliant balance between sweet blue raspberry candy and slightly-tart raspberry candy. The combination of notes provides for a vaping experience unlike anything you will ever try, and one that we are certain you will love down to the last drop.




 Best Candy E-Liquids 2019

Strawberry Blast by Glas Basix

Vapers who seek the scrumptious and gratifying taste of sweet gummy candy creations turn to the experts at Glas for their vaping requirements. Experts in the field, their legendary assortment of sweet treats is as delicious in taste as it is premium in quality. There is not a single offering within the collection that we did not love, but Strawberry Blast was the flavor that we collectively appreciated the most. This captivating delight sprung our taste buds to life, with each hit more pleasing than the last.


Best Candy E-Liquids 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Blast

Strawberry Blast E-Juice by Glas Basix is among the most brilliant gummy candy-inspired vape juices we have ever had the pleasure of tasting. When we first opened the bottle and took in the agreeable aroma, we knew that we had found something truly special. The moment you take your first hit of this sensational creation, your tongue is rushed with the mouthwatering taste of strawberry gummy candy flavor. The exhale is enhanced with a touch of strawberry sour belt candy, balancing the flavor brilliantly. The uniqueness, the delivery, and the unequivocal experience this gem affords makes Strawberry Blast one of our most prized inclusions to The 10 Best Candy E-Liquids of 2019.




The Best Candy E-Liquids 2019 

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King

Hats off to the gifted mixologists at Candy King for this absolutely spectacular creation. Made with nothing but the finest USA ingredients, this enchanting flavor is as distinctive as it is appetizing. We were impressed with the accuracy of taste as well as the balance between the various notes, making Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum an e-juice that would make for a splendid all-day-vape.


The Best Candy E-Liquids 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum E-Juice by Candy King is a multi-layered flavor that delivers a different mouthwatering taste with every hit. On the inhale, you will relish the essence of sweet watermelon bubblegum, while the exhale reveals a burst of strawberry bubblegum, complementing the watermelon flawlessly. We genuinely enjoyed every last drop of this phenomenal offering, making it a worthy addition to our list of The 10 Best Candy Vape Juices of 2019.




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