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The 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019

What a different world the vaping industry is today than just a few short years ago. The explosion in innovation, variety, and quality that has transpired in an astonishingly short period of time is nothing short of staggering. Today, there is no shortage of advanced devices to choose from, with touchscreen MODs and high-performance tanks readily available. E-Liquid too has experienced a comparable degree of progression, with new brands and flavors springing up on a seemingly daily basis.

As the electronic cigarette industry has continued to grow and blossom, discerning between the best and the worst has become an increasingly difficult undertaking—particularly with respect to e-juices. Every company claims to be the best, but the reality is that only a select few can be considered genuinely exceptional. To help identify these brands and flavors, each year our skilled team filters through and scrutinizes thousands of e-juice flavors in order to assemble a list of the very best available. This article highlights the top 10 fruit-flavored e-liquids of 2019.

Without any further delay, here are The 10 Best Fruit E-Juice Flavors of 2019 (in no particular order):


The Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2019


Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine by Pachamama:

When it comes to fruit-flavored e-liquids, few can rival Pachamama. Part of the renowned Charlie’s Chalk Dust Company, this assortment of delights has earned a fantastic set of awards for excellence from around the globe. Centered on delivering an authentic, robust, and flavorful vaping experience, Pachamama is truly in a league of their own. Within their remarkable collection, Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine is one of our favorites, and deserves a firm place on our list of the Top 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.


The 10 Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juices 2019 EditionOur Pick: Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine E-Juice by Pachamama represents the mouthwatering assortment of various fruit flavors that complement one another brilliantly. Sweet and crisp fuji apples are carefully blended with the essence of mountain-fresh strawberries for a blast of fruity deliciousness that is out of this world. The flavor is then finished with a touch of juicy nectarines, rounding off the exhale immaculately.

The moment you open a bottle of Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine and take in the fragrant aroma, you will instantly understand why it is on our list!



The 10 Best Fruit E-Juices 2019


Mango Berry by The Finest:

Armed with a team of world-renowned artisans and mixologists, The Finest Collection of premium e-juices is among the most prevalent within the industry. As the brand name suggests, every ingredient used within their celebrated concoctions is high-grade and USA-made. Within their distinguished and coveted assortment, Mango Berry is one of the most delicious, and a flavor that has enjoyed unparalleled enthusiasm from the worldwide vaping community. It's accuracy, balance, and authentic delivery makes it an ideal inclusion in our list of the Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.



The 10 Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juices 2019 EditionOur Pick: Mango Berry

Mango Berry E-Juice by The Finest is an extraordinarily appetizing and accurate fruit blend that will light up your taste buds and bring a smile to your face. The flawless marriage between juicy tropical mangoes and mountain-fresh strawberries, this luscious e-juice delivers an explosion of fruity deliciousness that you will never get enough of. The harmonious balance between the notes makes Mango Berry a delight to vape, making it a great choice as an all-day-delight.

Mango Berry is among the most exceptional fruit-inspired e-liquids available, and an offering that is certain to please even the most selective of enthusiasts.



Top 10 Fruit E-Juices of 2019


Lychee Berry by Xcel Sixty:

Since the very inception of the vaping revolution, Cosmic Fog has remained at the zenith of the e-liquid industry. Their assortment of offerings spans across continents, and has enjoyed unprecedented popularity and recognition over the years. Armed with an award-winning team of artisans and mixologists, every product baring the Cosmic Fog name is truly sensational. Their latest brand, Xcel Sixty, represents the culmination of their group’s collective expertise and experience, making this collection among the very best released so far. Although we love all their concoctions, Lychee Berry stood out as the best fruit flavor, and undoubtedly merits an inclusion in our list of the Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juices of 2019.


10 Best Fruit-Flavored E-Liquids 2019Our Pick: Lychee Berry

Lychee Berry E-Juice by Xcel Sixty is one of the most flavorful, delicious, and natural-tasting fruit-flavored e-liquids you will ever try. Meticulously-crafted to unparalleled excellence, you will relish this gem down to the last drop. The creation begins with the essence of sweet, refreshing lychee fruit, which is so mouthwatering that it would make for a wonderful flavor on its own. This delight is then augmented with an assortment of mountain-fresh berries, enhancing the taste dramatically. The end result is one of the tastiest fruit-inspired e-liquids available today.

Lychee Berry is one of those rare vape juices that can be enjoyed for weeks on end without boring the palate, making it great as an all-day vape and landing it on our list of The 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.



10 Best Fruit E Juices 2019


Electrolar by Space Jam:

Space Jam is undeniably among the foremost leaders of the vaping industry. For nearly a decade, vapers who seek the very best have turned to this trusted brand for their vaping needs. Using nothing but the finest USA ingredients, their proficient team of artisans have concocted some of the tastiest and most popular flavor profiles the vaping community has ever seen. As such, Space Jam stirred quite a buzz when they recently introduced their latest flavors, which have all been met with tremendous enthusiasm. Although a difficult choice, after careful consideration, we selected Electrolar as the addition to our list of the The 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.


10 Top Fruit E-Juices 2019Our Pick: Electrolar

Electrolar E-Juice by Space Jam is an incredibly delicious and natural-tasting fruit-inspired e-juice that brought an immediate smile to our faces when we first tried it. Sweet, well-balanced, and truly delectable, this masterpiece is nothing short of spectacular. It starts with a generous helping of sweet, mountain-fresh strawberries, which is then mixed with the juice of crisp green apples. The fruity concoction is as refreshing as it is delicious, making it the ultimate fruit flavor.

Electrolar is indicative of Space Jam’s mastery in the art of e-liquid crafting, and a flavor that you are certain to relish from the very first hit.



Top 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019


Crisp Fuji by Due Time:

Due Time is one of the newest brands on our list, and one that pleasantly surprised us when we first tried it. A relatively small collection with three flavors, we genuinely enjoyed every offering that we tasted. However, Crisp Fuji was unanimously our favorite, as it provides for an authentic and flavorful vaping experience that we were all greatly fond of. Although a single-flavor profile, we were wonderfully astounded by the way in which every hit revealed a different delicious note.


The Best Fruit E-Juices Flavors of 2019Our Pick: Crisp Fuji

Crisp Fuji E-Liquid by Due Time is among the most exceptionally delectable and natural-tasting fruit-flavored vape juices that we tried. Remarkably well-balanced, we greatly appreciated the accuracy and craftsmanship this gem affords. Every drag delivers a blast of perfectly-sweet and luscious Fuji apple flavor that rolls off the tongue marvelously. Crisp and refreshing, this is among the best apple flavors we have tasted and a concoction that unquestionably warrants a place on our list of The 10 Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2019.



Best Fruit E-Liquids 2019


Aloha Fusion by LYF E-Liquid:

The LYF team of experienced artisans and mixologists are among the most accomplished within the industry today. In fact, their award-winning group maintains decades of collective experience, which helps explain why their creations are so popular. Focused on natural-tasting fruit flavors, the LYF assortment is among the most exquisite, as each and every offering delivers a truly enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience that we all relished. It took quite a while to identify a single flavor to include in this list, but we ultimately selected Aloha Fusion as our favorite.


The Best Fruit E-Juices Flavors of 2019Our Pick: Aloha Fusion

Aloha Fusion E-Juice by LYF is one of the most refreshing and appetizing fruit flavors we have ever had the pleasure of tasting. This treasure represents a masterful blend of various sweet tropical fruit, resulting in a well-balanced and multi-layered fruit profile that is nothing short of flawless. Every hit of this gem floods the tongue with fresh fruit flavors that we simply couldn’t get enough of. The delivery, the accuracy, and the overall experience makes Aloha Fusion a welcomed addition to our list of the Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.


10 Best Fruit E-Liquids 2019


Napa Nectar by California Grown:

As the name suggests, California Grown is headquartered in sunny Southern California. Equipped with some of the most celebrated master mixologists in the nation, every one of their creations is unequivocally delicious. In fact, we enjoyed their entire series so much that it took a tie-breaker to settle on the offering that we would include in our list. We narrowly selected Napa Nectar, as it affords a rich and flavorful vaping experience that is as invigorating as it is mouthwatering.


10 Top Best Fruit E Liquids 2019Our Pick: Napa Nectar

Napa Nectar E-Liquid by California Grown is among the most scrumptious fruit-flavored concoctions we have ever come across. Very natural in taste and exceptionally well-balanced in profile, this delightful vape juice deserves a secure place on our list of the Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juices of 2019. Napa Nectar takes the essence of sweet, juicy tropical mangoes and delivers it in a delectable e-juice platform. Every hit of this gem is like vaping pure mango nectar, without any of the artificial tones that other fruit e-liquids contain.



10 Best Fruit Vape Juices 2019


Apple Mango by Reds:

In the realm of natural-tasting, authentic, and accurate fruit-flavored e-juices, Reds is considered the Rolls Royce of the industry. All around the world, this celebrated and respected brand has earned the trust and admiration of vapers, as every concoction within their repertoire is nothing less than perfection in a bottle. What started as a single flavor has quickly flourished into an extensive and exclusive collection of the very best vape juices on the market today. Apple Mango is the latest release by Reds, and it certainly didn’t disappoint their loyal fanbase. This masterpiece represents some of their finest work to date, thereby landing them, once again, on our list of the Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juices.


The Best Tasting Fruit E-Juices of 2019Our Pick: Apple Mango

Apple Mango E-Liquid by Reds is one of those distinct creations that will have you scratching your head wondering “how did they do it?” As with all of their concoctions, the level of accuracy is truly unparalleled, making you feel as though you are vaping pure fruit juice with every hit. This delight starts with their legendary apple juice flavor, which has itself earned an unprecedented array of awards. The taste is then enriched with the perfect amount of juicy mangoes, giving it a kick of deliciousness that will have you begging for more.

Reds has once again shocked us with their expertise with Apple Mango, making it one of our top picks for The 10 Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2019.



Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019


Tropical Kisses by Lips & Drips:

Oh how we love Lips & Drips as a brand. Even the name incites a euphoric sensation. Backed by the same team of artisans behind celebrated collections, such as Burst and Slammin’, the Lips & Drips Series is their latest release, and in our opinion, among the best. A four-flavor line, we genuinely enjoyed everything about this assortment, with Tropical Kisses at the pinnacle of the pack. We particularly enjoyed the balance between the various notes, resulting in an extraordinary taste that we simply couldn’t get enough of.


Best Fruit E Liquid 2019Our Pick: Tropical Kisses

Tropical Kisses E-Juice by Lips & Drips is one of the most delectable fruit medleys you will ever experience. Every included flavor brilliantly complements the others, with no one note overpowering the others. It starts with a selection of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, which are mixed with the juice of refreshing blood oranges. This tropical treat is then finished with a touch of juicy mangoes, rounding off the taste flawlessly. The way in which these fruit flavors work together harmoniously as well as the spotless craftsmanship, makes Tropical Kisses a necessary addition to our list of the Top 10 Fruit E-Juices of 2019.



Best Fruit E Liquids of 2019


Maui Waui by Smoozie:

Smoozie is a relatively new e-liquid brand that has been gaining some well-deserved recognition as of late. The line consists of two staggeringly delicious flavors, with the mentholated and nicotine salt variations also available. We were unsure what to expect when we first tried Maui Waui, but were absolutely blown away once we tasted it for the first time. Each of our trained and experienced team members were equally enchanted by this creation, forcing us to draw straws to determine who gets to keep the bottle. Sweet, precise, and unparalleled in delivery, Maui Waui is a valuable part of our list of The 10 Best Fruit E-Liquids.


Best Fruit Flavors E-Juice 2019Our Pick: Maui Waui

Maui Waui E-Juice by Smoozie is a masterful blend of various fruit flavors that delivers a blast of appetizing taste you will not soon get tired of. Sweet, crisp, and downright refreshing, this remarkable concoction is like a vacation in a bottle. This treat begins with luscious Hawaiian pineapples, which are then complemented with the essence of juicy tropical mangoes and sweet, mountain-fresh strawberries. Every inhale and exhale of Maui Waui exposes a different fruity note, making it a great choice as an all-day-vape.



Best Fruit E-Liquids 2019


Strawberry Pleasure by Pleasure Factory:

The talented team behind Pleasure Factory are the same folks who brought you celebrated collections, such as Ruthless and Loaded. Maintaining their place as one of the foremost leaders of the industry, this company knows a thing or two about fine e-juice crafting. Their Pleasure Factory Series has enjoyed particular prevalence and enthusiasm, as each and every formulation is tastier than the next. Although we sincerely enjoyed the entire assortment, Strawberry Pleasure was the one we chose to be added to our list of The 10 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2019.


Top 10 List Best Fruit E-Liquids 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Pleasure

Strawberry Pleasure E-Liquid by Pleasure Factory is among the most mouthwatering profiles you will ever come across. True to its name, this delight delivers a blast of fresh, sweet strawberries with every hit. Your taste buds will spring to life with each session of this tasty fruit flavor, making you come back for more and more. You will find those around you commenting on how wonderful the aroma is, so don’t be shocked when you find strangers coming closer and closer to you with Strawberry Pleasure I your tank!



The Top 10 Fruit E-Juices of 2019


Honeycomb Berry by Fresh Pressed:

Fresh Pressed has been a Vapor Authority favorite for some time now, as their distinguished and vast assortment has never let us down. Masters in the field, the uniquely delicious flavor profiles this company consistently unveils is among the most superlative we have experienced. Honeycomb Berry is one of their most recent additions, and in our opinion, among the best. We were truly shocked with the way these distinctive notes work together so brilliantly. The refreshing sensation Honeycomb Berry provides is one of the many reasons we absolutely had to include it in our list of The 10 Best Fruit-Flavored E-Liquids of 2019.


Top 10 List Best Fruit E Juices 2019Our Pick: Honeycomb Berry

Honeycomb Berry E-Juice by Fresh Pressed is an exquisite combination of various flavors that enhance one another flawlessly. A choice selection of mountain-fresh berries commences this remarkable concoction. The fruit medley is then enriched with the sweet taste of rich honey, then rounded off with a squeeze of refreshing lemon. Honeycomb Berry is one of those rare vape juices that takes your tongue on an adventure through various notes, providing for an exceptional vaping experience that will never let you down.



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