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The Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019

One of the most pleasurable aspects of vaping is undeniably the vast selection of e-liquid flavors to choose between. From delectable desserts to fresh fruits to confectionary candies, there is certainly no shortage of options for vapers to enjoy. However, with this immense variety comes an often-frustrating obstacle—finding the best. Although the prices of e-juices have come down significantly over the past few years, purchasing full bottles of vape juices that you don’t like can be rather costly.

Some elect to frequent local vape shops where they can taste products of interest prior to purchasing; however, brick-and-mortar locations generally offer a limited selection and higher prices compared to larger online retailers. As such, vapers are often left either guessing and taking a chance on a new e-liquid flavor or restricting themselves to what their local vape shops carry. This is where Vapor Authority comes in. Our vast team of experts have sampled thousands of vape juices from virtually all reputable USA manufacturers and identified the very best within specific flavor categories.

This article details the very best dessert-flavored e-juices of 2019. In no particular order, here is our list of selections:


Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019


Mango Smoothie by Xcel Sixty

Xcel Sixty is the latest and perhaps greatest new line by the renowned Cosmic Fog Vapors company. For nearly a decade, this manufacturer has offered some of the most delicious and highest-quality e-juices the vaping community has ever seen. Within the new collection, Mango Smoothie has been particularly popular, and for good reason—it’s absolutely mouthwatering. Our team was truly surprised by the robustness of taste and exceptional balance between notes this delight affords, making it a necessary inclusion to our list of the Best Dessert E-Juice of 2019.


2019 Best Dessert E-JuicesOur Pick: Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie E-Juice by Xcel Sixty is among the tastiest dessert-inspired e-liquids you will ever try. Fresh, juicy, and sweet mangoes provide the base for this treat. It is then mixed with a medley of other tropical fruits and rounded off with a touch of fresh cream. The entire concoction is then blended to a velvety consistency, resulting in a fruit smoothie flavor that is out of this world.




Best Dessert-Flavored E-Juice 2019


Strawberry Crunch by Tailored Vapors

In general, Tailored Vapors is among our favorite e-liquid crafters. Their talented team of artisans and mixologists have created some of the most delectable offerings we have ever come across. Within their vast assortment, the Tailored House collection represents some of their finest dessert-inspired flavors, with Strawberry Crunch as our top pick. As with all of their premium products, we enjoyed the authenticity of taste, flavor intensity, and flawless balance, making this delight great as an all-day-vape.


Best Dessert Vape Juice 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Crunch

Strawberry Crunch E-Juice by Tailored House is among the most delectable e-liquid concoctions we have tasted so far this year. Rich, smooth, and unequivocally flavorful, we enjoyed every drop of this gem. The flavor starts with a generous portion of classic strawberry crunch ice cream that shines through with every hit. On the exhale, you will relish the taste of freshly-baked sugar cookies, which balances the rich ice cream taste brilliantly.



The Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019

Moist by Confection E-Liquids

Confection E-Liquids are one of the few crafters of premium e-juices that specializes exclusively in dessert-inspired flavors. Their team has decades of collective experience, making them among the foremost leaders of the space. Staunchly devoted to unmatched excellence and flawlessness in all regards, the amount of time that goes into every aspect of their celebrated creations is truly staggering. The meticulous fine-tuning results in a more limited collection, but one that is genuinely first-rate. Within their mouthwatering assortment, we selected Moist as our inclusion to the Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019.


 Our Pick: MoistBest Dessert Vape Juice 2019

Moist E-Juice by Confection is an exceptionally delicious dessert flavor that has earned countless awards from across the globe. This delectable blend starts with a freshly-baked lemon cake that is as authentic as it is lip-smacking. Warm and fluffy, this delightful taste is then enhanced with just the right amount of sweet lemon frosting that results in a bright and scrumptious finish that is certain to satisfy even the choosiest of enthusiasts.




Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019


Vanilla Custard by The Milkman

For years, vapers who seek the highest-quality and most robust dessert-inspired e-juices have turned to The Milkman for their vaping needs. Everything from their signature milk box packages to their scrumptious assortment of offerings sets this company apart. They have recently released a variety of new additions to their celebrated collection, with Vanilla Custard as among the tastiest. Smooth and genuinely enjoyable, this remarkable creation is one that we had to include in our list of the Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2019.


Best Dessert E-Juices - 2019Our Pick: Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard E-Juice by The Milkman is among the most delightful and indeed delicious dessert-flavored e-liquids we came across. Made with only the finest USA ingredients, we found ourselves coming back again and again to relish another hit. As the name suggests, this masterpiece very accurately represents the appetizing taste of rich vanilla custard. Rich and creamy, this delight  delivers the perfect amount of sweetness without overpowering the taste buds in any way.




2019 Best Dessert E-Juices


The One Apple by Beard Vape Co.

Beard Vape Co. is among the most prominent and respected players within the e-juice industry. From continent-to-continent, their exclusive assortment of creations is enjoyed by vapers with all needs and preferences. Their coveted The One collection has been especially admired, as it includes some of their most delicious concoctions in large, 100ml bottles. Although we genuinely love all the offerings within the series, we narrowly selected The One Apple to be included in our list of the Best Dessert Vape Juices of 2019. One of the newer additions, this lip-smacking flavor is nothing short of magnificent.


2019 Best Dessert E-JuicesOur Pick: The One Apple

The One Apple by Beard Vape Co. represents a combination of various mouthwatering flavors that work together in perfect harmony. It begins with a sizable portion of your favorite crunchy apple cereal swimming in a bowl of ice-cold milk. A side of warm donuts is then added to the mix, followed by slices of fresh apples. This delectable taste is then finished with a whisper of aromatic cinnamon, rounding off the exhale flawlessly.




Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2019


Original Granola Bar by Yogi

When it comes to granola-flavored e-juices, no one can compete with the experts at Yogi. Their renowned team of artisans specialize in this flavor category, making them the foremost leaders of the space. The entire Yogi collection is unequivocally flavorful and exceptionally authentic is taste. We sincerely relish each and every one of their remarkable concoctions, but ultimately selected the original granola creation to be included in our list of the Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019.


Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2019Our Pick: Original Granola Bar

Original Granola Bar E-Juice by Yogi is one of the most precise, well-made, and distinguished flavor profiles you will ever enjoy. Premium oats are carefully toasted to a golden brown, then sweetened with the taste of delicious honey, resulting in an incredibly natural-tasting granola bar flavor that you will simply not get enough of. You will be impressed with the way the various notes balance one another, with no one profile overpowering the others.




Best Dessert E-Liquids 2019


Glazed Donuts by Loaded

A three-part series, including Loaded, Overloaded, and Loaded Twist, this collection of first-rate e-juices is coveted around the globe. Available in large, 120ml bottles, the Loaded series is as great of a value are it is remarkably delicious. It was tremendously difficult to identify which creation to include in our list of the Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2019, as each flavor deserves a place. However, after careful consideration, we selected Glazed Donuts.


Best Dessert E-Liquids 2019Our Pick: Glazed Donuts

Glazed Donuts E-Juice by Loaded is a staggeringly accurate portrayal of the classic dessert. Sweet, hand-kneaded doe is carefully shaped then fried to a beautiful golden brown. Piping hot, this tasty treat is then covered with rich, sweet, and mouthwatering glaze, providing for an explosion of taste that you will simply not get enough of. From the authenticity of taste to the balance of notes, we loved Glazed Donuts down to the last drop.




Best Dessert Vape Juice of 2019


Strawberry Pie by Pie Factory

In the realm of authentic-tasting and unparalleled pie-inspired concoctions, no other e-liquid crafter does it better than the experts at Pie Factory. Their enchanting assortment of offerings is sought-after by vapers from all across the globe, making this remarkable series among the most popular today. We particularly enjoyed Strawberry Pie, as it provides for a truly exceptional taste that we found ourselves coming back to time and again.


Best Dessert Vape Juices of 2019Our Pick: Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie E-Juice by Pie Factory is a genuinely spectacular, multi-layered flavor that will have your taste buds dancing with joy from the very first hit. Homemade pie crust is stuffed with a generous helping of sweetened strawberries, then thrown into the oven. Freshly-baked, this warm pie is then served with a side of rich vanilla ice cream and topped with a touch of whipped cream. You will surely enjoy how authentic-tasting and well-balanced Strawberry Pie is, making it an ideal addition to our list of the Best Dessert E-Juices of 2019.




Best Dessert Vape Juices 2019


Frosted Sugar Cookie by Cookie Twist

Whether you are a veteran vaper or just beginning your vaping excursion, chances are that you have come across the Twist E-Liquids brand name. From mouthwatering fruit flavors to sweet candies to scrumptious desserts, we have never tasted a Twist E-Liquids product that we did not enjoy. Within their wide-ranging gamut of offerings, we truly relished Frosted Sugar Cookie and found it to be a worthy addition to our list of the Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2019.


Best Dessert Vape Juices 2019Our Pick: Frosted Sugar Cookie

Frosted Sugar Cookie E-Juice by Cookie Twist is sure to please even the most selective of vapers. Rich, flavorful, and genuinely delicious, our entire team was thrilled with this creation. Incredibly natural in taste, this gem begins with a freshly-baked, classic sugar cookie. Hot out of the oven, it is then enhanced with the perfect amount of creamy vanilla frosting, rounding off the exhale immaculately. The robustness of this flavor is unmatched, as is the flawless balance between the various notes.




2019 Best Dessert E-Liquids


Fried Banana – Fryd

Who doesn’t love the taste of deliciously deep-fried desserts? Although some health-conscious individuals may resist the temptation, the taste is universally loved. Enter Fryd E-Juices. This phenomenal collection of premium e-liquids delivers the mouthwatering taste of deep-fried treats without any of the unwanted calories. Rich, tantalizing, and tremendously flavorful, we have enjoyed each of these creations, with Fried Banana as our favorite.


2019 Best Dessert E-LiquidsOur Pick: Fried Banana

Fried Banana E-Juice by Fryd is an incredibly tasty dessert-inspired e-juice that begins with a sweet banana picked at the pinnacle of ripeness. Battered and deep-fried to a golden brown, this delight is then smothered with a handsome helping of sweet, gooey butterscotch, enriching the banana flavor brilliantly. Smooth, delectable, and lip-smacking with every hit, Fried Banana is a well-deserved addition to our list of the Best Dessert E-Juice of 2019.




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