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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Tobacco E-Juices 2018

Best Tobacco E-Juices of 2018

Without question, one of the most attractive attributes of the vaporizer market is the abundance of flavor options. From fruit-inspired concoctions to candy-coated mixtures, e-liquid manufacturers have no shortage of ideas. However, a consistently popular segment is tobacco e-juices.

Although many vapers have never once touched an analog cigarette, the majority today are still those looking to transition from the traditional platform towards the new digital realm. Because of this dynamic, several vape enthusiasts clamor for the best tobacco e-juices.

Don’t mistake these products for the cheap, “gas station” versions of old: the best tobacco e-juices of 2018 feature astounding draw quality and remarkable accuracy. Vaping modern tobacco-inspired e-liquids is very similar to the analog platform. The only difference is that you receive the benefits of cleaner delivery. Plus, the non-smokers in your life will thank you for it!

Better yet, our list of best tobacco e-juices of 2018 feature incredible diversity. From rich, earthy tones to lighter, flavor-oriented blends, these offerings don’t just appeal to traditionalists. Indeed, even non-smokers will appreciate the robust tones that these e-liquids deliver consistently on tap.

So without further ado, let’s get down to our list of best tobacco e-juices of 2018!



Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns

Best Tobacco E-Liquids of 2018Another premium e-liquid manufacturer, Five Pawns earned its reputation by delivering concoctions that utilized only the best ingredients available. Additionally, the company’s artisans have decades of collective experience in mixology. Thus, they’re better able to provide for a tobacco vaping experience that is truly extraordinary.

Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns is a perfect example of this meticulous attention to detail. Integrating flue-cured Virginia tobacco leaves with dessert-inspired accoutrements such as fresh cappuccino, truffle cream, and walnut sprinklings, the end result is a stunning e-liquid showpiece. Quite simply, you’ve never vaped anything like Black Flag Risen!

Due to the lustrous ingredients on tap, Black Flag Risen is ideal for vape enthusiasts seeking a “downtime” companion. With lush sensation that keep hitting home with every draw, this flagship by Five Pawns demands a prime place on your vaping mantle.


Best Tobacco E-Liquids of 2018


Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Basix

The Best Tobacco E-Juices 2018For the absolute best in premium e-liquids, vapers across the world have only one name they go to: Glas Basix. Unlike many other e-liquid manufacturers, Glas Basix doesn’t rely on gimmicky marketing or advertising techniques. This no-frills, no-fuss company focuses solely on delivering a first-rate vaping experience, and that’s the finest marketing there is!

Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Basix continues this organization’s proud heritage of keeping the hype low and the draw quality to the extreme. Utilizing premium-grade Virginia tobacco leaves, Glas Basix artisans add a choice amount of sweet butterscotch and a dash of warm vanilla. The resultant concoction is one that’s perfectly balanced – not too sweet, not too rich…just right.

Butterscotch Reserve is an ideal companion for winding down a tough day at the office. It’s also well-suited for a night out on the town.



The Best Tobacco E-Juices 2018


Grey Matter by Mister-E-Liquid

The Best Tobacco E-Liquids 2018

Known worldwide for its eclectic flavor offerings and distinctive packaging, Mister-E-Liquid has become a favorite e-liquid provider among discerning vaping enthusiasts. In addition to its attractive personality, Mr. E has consistently delivered an unparalleled end-user experience.

Grey Matter by Mister-E-Liquid represents one of the company’s most prized tobacco e-juice blends. Predominantly earning a reputation as a leading fruit-flavored mixologist, Grey Matter demonstrates that the company can create virtually any flavor profile without losing any of its quality and attention to the details.

Incorporating top-end, sun-dried tobacco leaves, these freshly-cured components are then integrated with subtle undertones of choice vanilla textures and sweetness. The end result is an ideal balance between succulent flavors and the tobacco leaf’s rich, earthy tones. Grey Matter by Mister-E-Liquid is your go-to companion for a night out with friends, or for winding down a busy day.

Best Tobacco Vape Juice 2018


American Patriots by Naked 100

Best Tobacco E Juice 2018If you’ve been vaping for any amount of time, you’re more than likely familiar with Naked 100. A quickly recognized name from vaping publications and industry-specific events, Naked 100 has forged an indelible reputation as a consumer-centric organization. It also helps that they make some of the best tobacco e-juices of 2018!

Case in point is American Patriots by Naked 100. The company’s artisans went an extra step beyond their superior standards of craftsmanship to deliver this stunning tobacco-inspired blend. Featuring premium, sun-dried leaves, Naked 100 spent thousands of manhours balancing the tobacco leaf’s robust aroma with the smooth delivery that vapers crave.

American Patriots hits that rare note where traditionalists can enjoy the unmistakable aura of premium tobacco while still receiving the vaporizer platform’s smooth, flavorful hits.


Best Tobacco E Juice 2018


VCT by Ripe Vapes

The Best Tobacco Flavor E-Juice

Renowned for their remarkable tobacco collection, Ripe Vapes is an irreplaceable fixture of the vaping landscape. So primordial and relevant is their marketing message that enthusiasts are often hit with an insatiable desire to vape once they see the company’s distinctive branding.

With VCT by Ripe Vapes, vaping aficionados are given even more reason to lust after the renowned manufacturer’s products. VCT is the flagship within their esteemed tobacco series of premium-grade e-juices. In particular, this award-winning blend integrates full-bodied tobacco leaves into a base featuring a hint of rich vanilla custard undertones.

The resultant flavor is exactly what you might anticipate: a soothing wall of flavor that tantalizes your senses, while the tobacco leaves instantly catalyzes a pick-me-up sensation. VCT by Ripe Vapes is the perfect liquid to start your day!


Best Tobacco Flavor E-Juice 2018


Honey Roasted Tobacco by Element

2018 Best Tobacco E-JuiceWhile not the flashiest manufacturer in the business, Element earned a reputation through its unparalleled quality and consistently powerful end-user experience. Eschewing the sometimes crass marketing associated with the sector, the company instead focuses on the quantitative aspects of what makes an e-juice resonate with the consumer.

Honey Roasted Tobacco by Element takes everything that you love about this superior-grade organization and translates it into the tobacco e-juice market. While not predominantly known for its traditional blends, Honey Roasted Tobacco quickly establishes itself as a serious contender. Utilizing fresh-cured leaves, and splashed over with a hint of decadent caramel and vanilla extracts, this piece is a true revelation.

An ideal choice for killing time on long road trips or unnecessarily garrulous conference calls, Honey Roast Tobacco by Element can also help unwind your day.


2018 Best Tobacco E-Juice


Toasted Tobacco by Bantam

Best Tobacco E-Liquid 2018

Bantam represents one of the finest members of the e-liquid manufacturing community. Employing artisans who are at the top of their game, Bantam has an uncompromising vision: to produce the world’s best vaping-liquid concoctions. To that end, the company has earned rave reviews from fans and industry professionals alike.

Toasted Tobacco by Bantam is the company’s foray into the tobacco-blend market. Incorporating their unmatched craftsmanship and strict adherence to internal quality control, Toasted Tobacco is an exquisite concoction. Beginning with choice tobacco leaves sun-dried to the perfect magnitude, Bantam’s mixologists than add a touch of creamy vanilla custard to round off the exhale. The end flavor, from the first hit to the last draw, is pure vaping excellence.


Best Tobacco E-Liquid



Tribeca by Halo

The Best Tobacco E-Juice 2018Almost every e-liquid manufacturer lay claim to the fact that they have received industry accolades. But very few sector players have achieved consistent success, year-in and year-out. Halo truly stands on its own, never once resting on its laurels. Instead, the vaunted organization continues to produce some of the best tobacco e-juices of 2018, or of any year!

Tribeca by Halo ensures that the vaping community and professional journalists will be talking about the company far into the foreseeable future. Undeniably their flagship offering, Tribeca utilizes only the finest, aromatic ingredients in its mix. What makes Tribeca stand out is that Halo doesn’t rely on any gimmicks. Instead, the company focuses purely on tobacco extracts, and engineers the concoction to deliver a smooth, elegant draw.

Although enjoyed by all who vape its earthy auras, Tribeca by Halo is undoubtedly for the true tobacco connoisseur. If that’s you, welcome to your destiny!

Best Tobacco E Liquid 2018


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