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Troubleshooting Tips for Vape Batteries and Mods

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The vaping industry has enjoyed astronomical growth over the past decade, with more and more people turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. With this tremendous rise in usership, manufacturers have responded with constant progression, innovation, and technological advancement with both the hardware as well as the e-liquid that is made available to the vaping public. However, irrespective of the cutting-edge devices that exist today, the basic components that make up an electronic cigarette remain the same: a tank, a battery, and an atomizer coil.

Similar to all electronic devices, the battery component of the vaporizer is the part Solutions to Vape Battery Problemsthat provides power to the unit. Although commonly used interchangeably, a vaporizer battery and MOD are two distinct components. A MOD is a unit that houses not only the power supply (battery) but also retains other components as well, depending on the how technologically-advanced the device is. The most sophisticated of MODs will contain microprocessors, touchscreens, temperature control functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, and a host of other features. Conversely, basic electronic cigarette batteries consist of nothing more than a battery housed within a metal frame, and a button that is used to activate it.

Among the spectrum of available MODs and vape batteries that currently exist, there are two basic forms: internal and external configurations. As the names suggest, internal battery units are those that contain a permanent, fixed power supply that cannot be removed. External battery devices, on the other hand, are designed to operate with batteries that can be removed and replaced at will. The vast majority of current external battery MODs use 18650 batteries, which has very rapidly become the standard for such devices.

Regardless of the specific type of battery configuration you are using or the degree of functionality it affords, vapers often encounter difficulties using their MODs and vape batteries, particularly when one is first embarking on their vaping journey. Fortunately, the vast majority of these problems can be easily and rapidly resolved following a few simple troubleshooting techniques, all of which are detailed within this article.

Troubleshooting Tips for External and Internal Vape Batteries:

Whether you are using an internal or external vape battery or MOD, the following are the very first steps to consider in trying to remedy the problem. Following these steps, we will delve into other troubleshooting strategies geared specifically towards external battery arrangements.

Step 1: Make Sure the Device is Turned on:

How to Fix Vape BatteriesBelieve it or not, the primary reason that vape batteries and MODs are inoperable is due to the fact that they are simply turned off. To resolve this and make sure that this is not the reason your device is not working, make sure that it is in fact turned on. Although various manufacturers have different ways to turn the device on or off, the majority of them follow the same procedure.

Find the fire button of your battery, and click it rapidly 5 times is succession. It is important to note that these devices can be very finicky, so ensuring that the five clicks are administered appropriately is critical. The correct fashion in which to turn the battery on is to click the fire button fully, but very rapidly. The slightest delay between clicks can preclude the battery from turning on, so following the proper rhythm is essential as well. Once the battery has been turned on (or off), this will generally be indicated with a series of blinking lights that can be seen surrounding the fire button, and/or the device’s screen, should one exist.

Step 2: Make Sure That the Battery is Charged:

How to Fix Vape ModsAnother very common reason that a vape battery or MOD is not operating is due to the fact that it has simply not been adequately charged. Many vapers, particularly novice ones, assume that the device will be delivered to them fully-charged. Although it is routine for the manufacturer to charge the batteries prior to sending it to the distributors, this is not always the case. Even when the manufacturer charges the batteries prior to releasing them, by the time the unit reaches the end user, much of the charge, if not all, will have been depleted.

To ensure that this is not the reason for your MOD or vape battery not functioning, make sure to plug it in and charge it overnight. Although the majority of batteries can be fully charged within a matter of a few hours, an overnight charge will ensure that the battery has been replenished to its full capacity. Depending on the specific type of battery you are using, the way in which you will charge it depends on its configuration. All internal battery devices can be charge by simply plugging it into a computer, power bank, or USB wall adapter. External battery MODs generally allow for charging within the unit as well, although some may require an external charger to function properly.

Step 3: Check the Connection:

Vape Battery Problems and SolutionsThe three primary components of any vaporizer are the battery/MOD, the tank, and the atomizer coil, which is housed within the tank. Once the battery is deployed by pressing the fire button, power is rushed to the base of the tank, and in turn, to the atomizer coil. This power heats the coil within the atomizer, thus vaporizing the e-juice within the tank. In order for this process to function properly, the atomizer must make a connection with the battery, otherwise the coil within it will fail to heat.

Often when an individual experiences a malfunctioning device, they attribute the failure to the battery, and assume that it is defective. However, often times the battery is working as it should, but is not making a connection with the atomizer. To resolve this, simply follow a few easy steps. First, make sure that your atomizer coil is tightly and securely screwed onto the base of the tank. Second, make sure that the connectors of the battery and the tank are completely clean and free of any debris, e-juice, and the like. Third, make sure that the tank is securely fastened to the battery.

Step 4: Check the Connector Pins:

Resolving Vape Mod IssuesTied to Step 3 above, the issue you are experiencing can due to the contact pins not properly joining. Irrespective of whether you have a simple stick battery or an advanced MOD, they will all be furnished with connector pins that are present to provide a link between the battery/MOD and the atomizer coil. Likewise, the base of the tank also contains a connector pin, which makes contact with the one within the battery on one end and the atomizer coil on the other. If this connection does not take place, then the battery cannot deliver the power needed to heat the coil, thereby rendering the entire device unusable.

A large portion of batteries and tanks, particularly more advanced and recently-released ones, contain self-adjusting, spring-loaded contact pins. What this essentially means is that a spring is located beneath both pins, which enables it to move up or down, according to the height of the other pin. This not only helps ensure a solid connection, but also permits virtually any compatible battery and tank to operate together.

However, sometimes this connector gets stuck at a low position, which then prohibits it from contacting the other pin. This can happen with either the tank’s pin or the one equipped with the battery, or in rare cases, both. Fortunately, the solution to this is very simple. All you need to do is take a small flat-head screwdriver, and slightly prop up both the tank connector and the battery pin. In doing so, you are elongating them enough so that they can securely link to one another. It is important that you don’t pull the pins up to hard, as this can result in it coming off altogether, which will ruin your tank and/or battery. Rather, very gently prop them up so that they are as high as they can go without forcing them.

Step 5: Check Your Atomizer:

Solving Vape Mod ProblemsAnother scenario whereby the battery is erroneously blamed for a non-operating vaporizer is due to a faulty atomizer. As with any electronic device, component, or part, every so often an atomizer coil may simply be a dud. Although rare, this does in fact occur from time-to-time. When an atomizer coil is not properly built, or the two ends of the wire do not connect appropriately to the base, it will fail to heat when met with the power from the battery.

The one and only way to determine if the problem you are experiencing is the result of a faulty atomizer coil is to simply switch it out with another new coil. If the issue resolves, then you know that this was the cause. If the trouble persists, then it is not due to a dud atomizer coil, and you should move onto other troubleshooting strategies.


Step 6: Make Sure Your MOD is Not in Stealth Mode:

Troubleshooting Vape BatteriesThe vast majority of modern advanced MODs are furnished with a stealth mode function. Stealth mode simply enables you to turn your device’s screen off while continuing to use it. This is primarily used to help conserve battery life, as display screens tend to deplete the battery very rapidly. Some vapers also elect to put their MODs into stealth mode when they are in dark places and do not want to draw attention to themselves due to the bright illuminated screen.

It is not uncommon for one to accidentally put their MOD into stealth mode inadvertently. This can happen while attempting to make other setting adjustments or when the vaporizer is carried in a pocket or bag. To eliminate this as the cause of the battery issue, simply make sure that your device is not in stealth mode. Every make and model has a different way to do this, so please refer to the user manual that came with the unit for instructions on how this is accomplished.

Step 7: Check the Screen Brightness:

Tips for Faulty Vape ModsIn line with Step 6, the vast majority of advanced MODs that are furnished with display screen afford you the ability to customize the brightness. At times, the illumination of the screen can be unintentionally reduced down to the lowest setting or turned off altogether. To make sure that this is not the source of the issue you are experiencing, simply increase the screen’s brightness to a high setting.

How you modify the screen brightness will differ from device-to-device. Some can be modified with manual tactile buttons, while others require you to scroll through the menu settings. To identify how your particular MOD screen can be adjusted, please refer to the user manual that came with the unit you are using for further guidance.

Troubleshooting Tips for External Vape Batteries:

As previously mentioned, some vape MODs accommodate external batteries that can be removed and replaced. This ability can be advantageous as it provides for certain capabilities that cannot be enjoyed with internal-battery configurations. First, due to the fact that all rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charging cycles before they are incapable of holding a charge whatsoever, when this occurs with internal-battery devices, the entire unit must be discarded and replaced. External-battery setups, on the other hand, enable you to swap solely the battery and continue utilizing the MOD itself, which is a markedly less costly option. Moreover, the ability to effortlessly remove and replace the batteries affords you the ability to carry charged spares with you in the event that the ones in use are depleted while you’re on the go.

Step 1: Make Sure the Batteries are Properly Installed:

Solutions to Common Vape Battery ProblemsAs simplistic and evident as this may seem, it is not uncommon for individuals to either forget to install the batteries for their MODs or be wholly unaware that external batteries are required for it to function. The easiest, quickest, and most effortless first step in troubleshooting a non-operational vape MOD is to make sure that the batteries are installed.

Once this has been confirmed, the next move is to ensure that the battery or batteries are properly positioned. In other words, check the positive and negative poles of the batteries and make sure that they align with what is depicted in the battery compartment of the device. If the positive and negative ends of the batteries are not positioned the right way, the MOD will not function.

Step 2: The Batteries Have Surpassed Their Lifespan:

Most Common Vape Battery IssuesIf your MOD has been operating appropriately for some time, and began to fail a few months after you began using it, there is a chance that one or more of the batteries have simply surpassed their lifespan. As previously mentioned, all rechargeable batteries have a certain number of charging cycles they can accommodate before they are incapable of holding a charge any longer. There is no rule of thumb as to how many cycles a battery can endure, but is rather quite unpredictable. One battery may last two years while the same make and model may deplete after one year.

There are two way you can check to see if your batteries need to be replaced. The first method is to install the batteries in another device. If the batteries work with it, then they are likely not the problem. Another way you can test this is to install brand new batteries in the MOD. If it lights up and functions properly, then the old batteries need to be discarded, as they have exceeded their lifecycle.

Step 3: The Batteries Cannot be Charged Internally:

Vape Battery Troubleshooting TipsThe vast majority of external-battery vaporizers enable you to internally charge the batteries. That is, you can plug the device into a wall adapter, power bank, or computer and charge them while they remain within the MOD. Although quite rare nowadays, some units do not offer this capability and require you to charge the batteries within an external charger. As a result, you may plug your device in for the night, only to wake up and realize that your vaporizer is still not working. Luckily, determining if this is a potential source of the problem you are experiencing is very easy. Simply refer to your user manual to verify if the MOD allows for internal charging. If not, then you will need to purchase an external battery charger.

Step 4: Make Sure the Battery Door is Securely Closed:

Fixes to Vape BatteriesAlthough quite rare, some advanced personal vaporizers require that the battery door cover is securely fastened in order for the device to operate. This is primarily a safety feature that some MODs possess, in an effort to reduce the chance of injury from a battery overheating. Crossing this off the list as a potential source of the malfunctioning device is swift and effortless. All you need to do is visually inspect the battery door to ensure that it is snugly and securely closed. If the door contains a lock switch, make sure that it is set to the locked position.

In the event that none of the troubleshooting methods stated within this article has resolved the issue for you, then you may very well have a defective MOD. Vapor Authority offers a 60-day warranty on manufacturer defects, and the manufacturer’s warranty will cover you for a longer period of time.

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- May 09, 2023

I have a smok mag p3. And yesterday it stopped working. I bought new batteries thinking that was the issue but it doesn’t turn on. Today it works but only until the batteries are dead and then when I put new ones in it doesn’t work. When it did work it was with the old batteries and not the new ones. It’s not in stealth and the door is closed right.

giancarlo mangoni

- May 09, 2023

my Sigelei 1 show UNBALANCED on screen.Will not work

Mark blackham

- May 09, 2023

I have purchased a smok vfin kit and as soon as I put the charger in it states battery error. Any ideas?

Susan Applegate

- May 09, 2023

The batteries are not tight in the battery holding unit where they sit while you use the device. They are loose and make noise when the device is wiggled. I can hear them. What is wrong? Can I buy a part to stop this?

Nadia clements

- May 09, 2023

I just bought a vstorm vapor m1 about one month ago, have only used it one time, it turns on and changes settings but when I try to preheat it the fire buttons flashes red one time and the mod doesn’t work.. I can’t seem to find anything to help me troubleshoot?! Any ideas?

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