Cosmic Fog E-liquid

Cosmic Fog E-liquid

Cosmic Fog E-liquid

In October of 2013, President and Founder of Cosmic Fog Vapors, Robert Crossley, set out on a mission—to offer the world the most spectacular line of e-juices ever seen. With this firm commitment to matchless excellence and uncompromising perfection in mind, Crossley commenced on a journey that has now developed into one of the most recognized, coveted, and well-respected e-liquid manufacturers around—Cosmic Fog. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Cosmic Fog’s expert team of craftsmen and mixologists create some of the highest-quality and mouthwatering e-juices available today. 

Each and every Cosmic Fog E-Juice flavor begins with the painstaking effort by their experienced craftsmen who meticulously scrutinize even the most microscopic aspect of the flavor. A Cosmic Fog e-liquid will not be released until it has met their incredibly stringent standards. In fact, every one of their concoctions takes between 7 to 10 months to reach the development stage. Once formulated, the newfound e-juice profile will undergo an extensive multi-step testing process before being announced and released to the public. It must be unequivocally flavorful, rich, robust, and enduring. Cosmic Fog wants to ensure that each of their e-liquid flavors represent an all-day-vape that will not tire the tongue over time.

This devotion to unparalleled excellence has earned Cosmic Fog Vapors a genuinely extraordinary amount of awards, accolades, and rave reviews from all around the world. This dedication to consistent quality has also earned the trust and admiration of vapers from continent to continent, making Cosmic Fog one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the market today.

However, flavor alone does not make a truly exceptional e-liquid. Rather, the quality of the ingredients is equally important. In order to achieve the absolute best product possible, Cosmic Fog only uses 100% USA-made ingredients, all of which are of food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade quality. Cosmic Fog never uses ingredients that are foreign or imported, thereby ensuring that their e-juices are extremely premium and choice.  All of their award-winning series, including the Original Cosmic Fog line, the Lost Fog Collection and the Salty Fog assortment represent some of the highest quality e-juices in the industry. 

Once a Cosmic Fog e-liquid has been formulated, tested, and subsequently created, it is then sent to the bottling and packaging phase. The bottles chosen by Cosmic Fog to house their e-juices have been carefully selected to help preserve purity. Plastic bottles are never used with Cosmic Fog e-liquids, as plastic will erode over time due to the acidic composition of e-juices. Unlike plastic, which will compromise the flavor of the liquid, the glass bottles used by Cosmic Fog are entirely impervious to the acidic environment. This, in turn, results in a substantially cleaner, truer, purer, and more flavorful taste.

It is of utmost importance to the Cosmic Fog team that every vaper is capable of enjoying their remarkable e-liquids. As such, they have not only made them affordably-priced, but have also made sure to develop a wide selection of e-liquids that cut across all flavor categories. Whether you enjoy fruit, dessert, tobacco, menthol, or drink flavors, Cosmic Fog has the perfect e-juice for you.

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