Aspire Nautilus X Tank

By Aspire
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Aspire Nautilus X Tank 

Since its inception in 2013, Aspire has been one of the few brand name vaping manufacturers that has demonstrated their dedication to offering high-end hardware, made with only the finest materials. One of the most popular tanks in the history of the vaping industry has undoubtedly been the Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini clearomizers—particularly for mouth-to-lung vapers. As such, it is with immense enthusiasm and pleasure to introduce the latest in this legendary line of tanks—the Aspire Nautilus X Clearomizer.

Aesthetically, the Aspire Nautilus X is a genuinely beautiful device. Available in stainless steel, black, and copper, you can select the color that best compliments your battery or MOD. Both the top and bottom rings of the Nautilus X are graced with intricate grooves, which not only substantially adds to its stunning visual appearance, but also provides for a grip to make removal and replacement easier. Regardless of the specific color you choose, all of the Aspire Nautilus X Tanks are furnished with a spectacular matte black drip tip, which perfectly enhances its overall look.

The Aspire Nautilus X is fabricated with the very best materials, which have been precision-machined to absolute perfection. The body of this masterpiece is made with high-grade 304-stainless steel. Carefully combined with several materials, such as nickel, zinc, and chromium, 304 stainless steel is very solid, durable, lightweight, and exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion. These marvelous characteristics makes the Nautilus X a long-lasting tank that can be used for years to come.

The e-juice reservoir of the Aspire Nautilus X is fabricated with frosted Pyrex glass, thereby greatly adding to the overall superior performance of this phenomenal device. Due to the acidity contained within all e-juices, plastic tanks are vulnerable to deterioration over time. This results in not only an unsightly tank, but also a distorted taste from your e-liquids, as trace amount of plastic is slowly seeping into it. Glass, on the other hand, is wholly resistant to such erosion, and therefore provides for a much cleaner, purer, and truer flavor, as well as a tank that is never tarnished or weathered.

As with the vast majority of glassomizers on the market, the Pyrex glass tank that is pre-assembled with the body of the Nautilus X Tank is entirely transparent. However, in an effort to provide for greater aesthetic customization, Aspire niftily includes a separate frosted Pyrex glass tube that can be used in place of the clear one. This affords you the ability to determine which appearance best suits your overall setup and personal preferences. Moreover, the second Pyrex glass tube is very beneficial, as it provides for a back-up piece in the event that the one in use accidentally break or cracks.

The Aspire Nautilus X is topped with an exceptionally high-grade Delrin (Polyoxymethylene) drip tip. As an engineering thermoplastic that is used in a wide range of complex applications, Delrin is broadly utilized due to its unique and advantageous characteristics. Polyoxymethylene demonstrates extremely high resistance to abrasion, it exhibits a very low coefficient of friction, low water absorption, and perhaps most importantly, extraordinarily high resistance to heat. This helps ensure that your mouthpiece will remain cool to the touch while in use.

In line with Aspire’s commitment to provide for the most enjoyable and hassle-free vaping experience possible, the Nautilus X Tank has eliminated the need to unscrew it from the battery and remove the base in order to refill it with e-juice. Rather, Aspire designed the Nautilus X with a convenient top-fill feature, whereby the tank’s top can be effortlessly unscrewed to allow for rapid refills without being forced to detach it from the battery. This dramatically reduces the aggravation associated with one of the primary continuous chores required to vape. Moreover, the extremely large opening allows you to either drip your e-juice in the tank, or simply pour it in for even swifter refills.

One of the most aggravating occurrences that one may experience with a vaping tank is the all too frequent incidents of leaking. The vast majority of the time leaks take place, it is through the bottom-positioned airflow control valve. Aspire wisely addressed this common frustration associated with vaping by engineering the Nautilus X from the top-down in order to achieve a completely leak-free design. The positioning of the airflow valve, as well as the state-of-the-art seals and gaskets, accomplishes this goal with flying colors. The Nautilus X is virtually leak-proof without sacrificing performance or flavor production whatsoever—a truly remarkable feat.

The top of the Aspire Nautilus X Tank is fitted with an advanced airflow control valve, which is designed to allow for extremely precise air intake control. By simply rotating the adjustment ring, you can easily fine-tune the amount of air that is drawn into the tank while taking a hit. The top positioning of the Nautilus X’s airflow control valve is spectacular for two reasons. First, it provides for a dual-purpose airflow control, as it will allow you to modify the temperature of the vapor produced, as well as the airiness of the hit. You can enjoy your customized combination of airy-to-tight, and warm-to-cool vapor, based on your preferences. Secondly, since the vast majority of leaking is experienced through bottom-positioned airflow control valves, the Nautilus X Tank’s top valve placement drastically assists in preventing e-juice trickling out.

Adding to the overall convenient and user-friendly nature of the Aspire Nautilus X is its ability to be wholly disassembled. Each and every component can be detached from the other, thereby providing for easy access to all the small crevices. This allows you to effortlessly clean and maintain your Nautilus X, in order to keep in performing optimally.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the Nautilus X Clearomizer is the groundbreaking Aspire U-Tech Atomizer Coils that have been engineered to operate with it. The U-Tech Coils are designed unlike any that have ever been released to the market. The head’s U-shaped configuration forces the air and vapor to pass through the Kanthal coils twice before reaching the mouthpiece to be inhaled. The result is a noticeably richer and more intense flavor, which is complemented by incredibly thick vapor production. Moreover, with the Nautilus X Tank’s oversized juice holes, this marvelous clearomizer can accommodate e-juices with a VG consistency as high as 80% without clogging.

In every way, shape, and form, the Aspire Nautilus X Tank is one of the most impressive devices to be released to the vaping community thus far. This sensational clearomizer offers not only exceptionally tasty flavor and immense vapor cloud production, but also provides for an easy-to-use and leak-free experience you are sure to be delighted with.

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Aspire Nautilus X Atomizer Coils

Order Replacement Coils for the Aspire Nautilus X


Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Glass Tube

Purchase a 4ml Adapter for the Aspire Nautilus X

Purchase an Acrylic Drip Tip for the Nautilus X






    2 ml






    1.5 Ohms


    Aspire Nautilus X Tank Specifications:

    Manufactured by: Aspire

    Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

    E-Juice Capacity: 2ml

    Threading: 510

    Available Resistance: 1.5 Ohms

    Recommended Wattage: 14W - 22W

    Atomizer Coil Compatibility: Aspire Nautilus X U-Tech Atomizer Coils

    Hit Type: Mouth-to-Lung

    Available Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Copper

    Height: 1.77 Inches (45mm)

    Diameter: 0.87 Inches (22mm)


    Aspire Nautilus X Tank Includes:

    1 x Aspire Nautilus X Tank

    1 x Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Glass Tube

    1 x Aspire Nautilus X U-Tech Replacement Atomizer Coil (1.5 Ohms)

    Aspire Nautilus X Tank Features:

    Utilizes the Revolutionary U-Tech Atomizer Coils

    Top-Fill Design for Easy E-Juice Refills

    Entire Tank Can Be Completely Disassembled

    Made with Durable 304 Stainless Steel

    Leak-Proof Design

    Stunning Aesthetic Design

    Comes with a Clear and Frosted Pyrex Glass Tank

    Top Airflow Adjustment Valve

    Delrin Drip Tip for Superior Heat Resistance

    E-Juice Reservoir Made with Pyrex Glass

    Provides Incredibly Rich, Robust, and Flavorful Hits

    Produces Absolutely Immense Vapor Clouds

    Extremely User-Friendly Design

    Can Accommodate Up to 80% VG

    Perfect for Mouth-to-Lung Hits

    100% Authentic Aspire

    How to Fill the Aspire Nautilus X:

    One of the greatest aspects of the Aspire Nautilus X Tank is its top-fill e-juice system. Refills have never been easier, as you can add liquid without needing to remove the tank from your battery. To fill your Nautilus X Tank, simply follow these easy steps:

    1. Unscrew the stainless steel lid located at the top of your Nautilus X.
    2. Add your e-juice. You can do this by using a dropper or simply pour the e-liquid in for faster filling. Make sure you don’t fill passed the seal line, as this may result in flooding, gurgling, and leaking.
    3. Screw the top back on, and you’re all done!


    How to Replace the Atomizer Coil for the Aspire Nautilus X:

    1. Detach the Nautilus X Tank from your battery.
    2. Turn the Nautilus X upside-down, so that the mouthpiece is pointed towards the floor.
    3. While holding the Nautilus X, unscrew the base by rotating it in a counter-clockwise direction. This will expose the atomizer coil.
    4. Remove the atomizer coil by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction.
    5. Discard the old coil, and screw in a new atomizer head.
    6. Prime the new coil by adding a couple of drops of e-juice onto the dry cotton wick.
    7. Screw the base back onto the body of the Nautilus X.
    8. Screw the entire tank back onto your battery, and you’re done!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Kathie S
    Great service

    Vapor Authority had the product that I wanted at a fsir price. It was shipped quickly and packaged to arrive without damage
    Definitely will use them again.

    Rich Payne
    Best Nautilus to date and it uses the same atomizers !

    I catn stress enough how many different types of mods and tanks I have tried. The nautilus X addresses every concern I ever had with tank vaping. You can top-fill very easily, no waste no spill. You can change the atomizer while the tank is full ! It has not leaked a single drop in three weeks using the same atomizer at 10.4 watts. This was easily the best tank I've ever owned and I've been vaping since 2012.

    Michael Bosch

    Iamvery happy with all that I received but I did not get my order of vape

    Collis Harris
    Nautilus X Tank

    I should have bought this tank when I first started vaping because, instead of sub-ohm, I really wanted mouth-to-lung experience. Satisfied with the Nautilus. And, added bonus, leak-proof!

    Nanette Forbes
    The Best!

    I am very pleased with the Nautilus X. I would highly recommend for anyone. Love the copper color. Would definitely order another soon.


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