Eleaf ID Coils/ Atomizer Heads (5 pack)

By Eleaf
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Eleaf™ ID iCard Coils / Atomizer Heads (5 pack)

Although vaping innovations have largely focused on the sub-ohm sector, the mouth-to-lung drawing style is catching on like wildfire. In addition to the growing number of ex-smokers looking to transition to the vaporizer format, MTL-specific devices offer their own advantages, such as durability and reliability.

Recognizing a tremendous opportunity, legendary vape manufacturer Eleaf introduced the iCard Starter Kit. Utilizing a sophisticated, yet stylish aesthetic, the iCard quickly became a fan-favorite for combining performance and portability. In addition, the iCard was far more flexible than many other MTL devices, and this attribute is in no small part due to the Eleaf ID 1.2 Ohm Coils.

One of the most advanced atomizer systems within the MTL subsector, the Eleaf ID 1.2 Ohm Coils produce astoundingly tight draws that accurately replicate the analog smoking experience. Not only that, the ID 1.2 Ohm facilitates strong throat-hits, the hallmark signature of the traditional tobacco platform. Among other benefits, the ID allows the analog-to-digital transition to occur very smoothly.

But what has captured most vaping enthusiasts’ attention is that the Eleaf ID 1.2 Ohm Coils are compatible with nicotine-salt e-liquids. This flavor innovation allows vapers to experience a much more robust nicotine hit than would be otherwise possible with standard nicotine e-juices.

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Eleaf ID iCard Replacement Atomizer Coil Specifications:

Manufactured by: Eleaf iSmoka

Available Resistance: 1.2 Ohms

Wattage Range: 5W – 15W

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

For Use with: Eleaf iCard


Eleaf ID Replacement Atomizer Coil Includes:

5 x Eleaf ID Replacement Atomizer Coils

Eleaf ID Replacement Atomizer Coil Features:

Made with Organic Cotton Wicks

Manufactures Great Vapor Production

Delivers Rich and Flavorful Hits

Compact Stature

Great for Mouth-to-Lung Hits

100% Authentic Eleaf iSmoka

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Annette Walker
They work great in my device

I have not had any issues with mine. They are quite tasty and last long. I always get them in 2-3 days. Very good!

Devin Walsh
perfect coils

never a dry hit, lots of flavor. very happy

Tammy South
Genuine Eleaf™ ID Coils/ Atomizer Heads (5 pack)

good life and reliable!

Genuine Eleaf™ ID Coils/ Atomizer Heads (5 pack)

Love the vape but the replacement coils burn out in a day or two :( original coils that came with it lasted 4-6 days

Genuine Eleaf™ ID Coils/ Atomizer Heads (5 pack)

They are authentic and were shipped super fast!


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