Eleaf iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

By Eleaf
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Eleaf iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

Among the vast array of vaping products currently on the market, the Eleaf iStick line of advanced box MODs is undoubtedly one of the most popular and prevalent. Since the release of the very first iStick in 2015, Eleaf iSmoka has designed and distributed multiple versions of this iconic device. Although each version offers various options and features, they all share one primary commonality—uncompromising quality. Eleaf has now announced the release of the most powerful and feature-rich iStick to date—the iStick TC 200W.

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is certainly one of the most aesthetically striking among the iStick series. Unlike the rectangular shape of the others, the TC 200W was designed in a rounded hexagonal frame, giving it an exceptionally alluring appearance. Its shape is not only visually attractive, but also makes it particularly comfortable to handle throughout the day. The front of the iStick TC 200W MOD is elegantly furnished with the OLED screen, the large stainless steel tactile fire button, and the operation buttons which are artfully situated in a triangular formation. Placing all of these components on one side of the device makes it much easier to monitor and operate.

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W MOD is capped with a stainless steel 510 thread connector, making it compatible with the vast majority of tanks on the market. At the center of the connector rests the self-adjusting, spring-loaded center pin. This ensures a solid and secure connection between your iStick TC 200W and the tank you wish to use with it.

In order to allow for vast atomizer resistance versatility, Eleaf engineered the iStick TC 200W with variable wattage functionality. By utilizing the operation buttons, you can easily adjust the output wattage from between 1W to a mammoth 200W. This breadth of available output wattage permits you to use your iStick TC 200W MOD with atomizer resistances as low as 0.05 ohms to a high of 3.5 ohms, depending on the mode in which the device operating.

Accompanying the device’s variable wattage functionality is its temperature control, sensing, and limiting capacity. When paired with a stainless steel, nickel, or titanium atomizer coil, this impressive device allows you to regulate the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. This, in turn, provides for noticeably richer and more flavorful hits, while concurrently eliminating dry and burnt ones.

Eleaf intelligently configured the Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD to be powered by three external 18650 batteries (sold separately). The tri-battery design is fantastic, as it will allow your device to operate at high wattage for extended periods of time between charges. Moreover, the fact that the batteries are removable allows you to carry fully-charged spare batteries with you in the event the ones in use die before being in a position to charge them. Once the batteries have reached the end of their lifespan, you can simply replace the them rather than being forced to purchase an entirely new device, as would be the case with an internal battery MOD. It is very important to note that all three of the batteries must be identical. That is, they must be the same brand and model batteries. Failing to do so can lead to potential hazards and can be dangerous.

When battery removal and replacement is needed, Eleaf made doing so effortless with their innovative Flip-Open battery door design. To access the battery housing, you simply slide the battery cover forward, and it will pop open. To lock it, you simply close the door and slide the latch back into place. This is a very simple and convenient design that ensures the batteries will remain firmly in place at all times.

To guarantee your device remains up-to-date, Eleaf designed the Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD with firmware upgradability. As soon as new firmware versions are released, you can easily connect your iStick to your computer and download the latest edition. This is a truly fantastic option, as it allows you to remain current as new technologies are made available.

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is not only a beautiful, powerful, and feature rich device, but one that is also furnished with an array of safety features. It is armed with Dual-Short-Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Over-Charging Protection, and Over-Discharging Protection. It can also be turned off and on by clicking the fire button 5 times in rapid succession. This enables you to deactivate the device when you are carrying it, in order to helps reduce the chance of unintended firing.

With its uniquely stylish hexagonal shape, a massive 200W of available power, and a wide range of advanced features, the Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is a very welcomed addition to the iStick family. With its incredible versatility, this masterpiece is sure to satisfy beginner and advanced vapers alike.

Note: Batteries Sold Separately

Note: It is important that all three of the batteries be identical. That is, they must be the same brand and model batteries. Failing to do so can lead to potential hazards and can be dangerous.

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Eleaf iStick 200W User Manual  Download the Eleaf iStick 200W User Manual




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External (Sold Separately)




Adjustable Wattage






Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: Eleaf iSmoka

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 1W – 200W

Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F (100°C - 315°C)

Resistance Range (Temperature Control Mode):  0.05 Ohms - 1.5 ohms

Resistance Range (Wattage Mode): 0.1 Ohms - 3.5 ohms

Pin Type: Spring Loaded, Self-Adjusting

Available Colors: Black, White, Grey

Batteries: Takes 3 x High Amp 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately) – (All 3 Must Be Identical)

Height: 3.3 Inches (84mm)

Width: 2.2 Inches (57mm)

Depth: 1.4 Inches (37mm)


Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD Includes:

1 x Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD Features:

Variable Wattage Capability

Temperature Control Sensing and Limiting Functionality

Self-Adjusting, Spring-Loaded Center Pin

Takes Three External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Whopping 200W of Maximum Power Output

Convenient Flip-Open Battery Cover Design

Firmware Upgradable

Can Accommodate Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, and Kanthal Coils

Built-In Ohms Meter

Battery Level Indicator

Puff Counter

100% Authentic Eleaf iSmoka

Gorgeous Hexagonal Shape

Dual-Short-Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Over-Charging Protection

Over-Discharging Protection

To Turn Battery ON: Click the fire button 5 times rapidly.

To Turn Battery OFF: Click the fire button 5 times rapidly.

To Lock/Unlock the iStick TC 200W, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dalton Croft
still chuggin

I got mine about 6 month ago, and while my old batteries have died and needed to be replaced, this bad boy is still chuggin away.

Mason Briggs
No frills perfection

Great device for the price. No fancy bells and whistles, just a solid MOD to heat your heavy duty coils.

Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

Best deal out there!!

James Oscar
Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

God I love this mod. 200 watts for $40?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?! There's no way you can go wrong. It works great and I can fire my nasty low coils on this baby. Couldn't be happier.

Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

So I have bought 2 of these battery mods. And I have been disapointed twice. The first mod I purchased while on vacation after my previous one broke. I was leaving the next day and knew I wouldn't be able to bring it back to the store, the attendant and I even joked about it before I left. Well the day I returned home I noticed the battery door was a little loose, I thought nothing of it until I woke up the next day and the mod was turned off, I immediately started fiddling with it and realized the battery door was breaking the connection periodically. Which ment the device constantly turned off. I contacted customer service (in china) and they told me without the box (which I threw away before the return trip) there was nothing they could do. SO I pulled the ol' switcheroo by buying a new identical mod and returning the defective one at a local retailer. Weeks later the second mod is doing the EXACT SAME THING very disapointed in this product and do not recommend.


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