Genuine Geek Vape™ Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod (Waterproof & Shockproof)

By Geek Vape

12 reviews
List Price: $84.99
Sale Price: $51.99

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Geek Vape™ Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod (Waterproof & Shockproof)

Easily one of the most advanced vaporizer manufacturers within the industry, GeekVape has earned substantial accolades from both vaping professionals and everyday enthusiasts alike. Combining supreme functionality with exceptionally attractive styling, their devices routinely achieve top honors. And the same can very likely be said about the company’s latest vaporizer, the GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod.

The remarkable GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod picks up where the predecessor Aegis left off. Featuring the original mod’s resilient construction, the Legend is designed to be taken wherever you desire. Want to head-off to do some mountain biking or nature hikes? The GeekVape Aegis can handle its fair share of tumbles. Or what if you accidentally pour water on your device? Again, the Aegis has you covered with its water-resistant design.

But what truly makes the Aegis Legend Mod stand out is its gorgeous looks. Typical box-mod vaporizers are boring affairs – there’s just not that much you can do with a purely rectangular box design. This is where the ingenuity of GeekVape engineers shines bright. With multiple, “bezeled” layers, the Aegis Legend’s chassis has a weighty aesthetic. Better yet, the overall design has a timeless element that screams quality without saying a word.

Not only that, the Aegis Legend has leather-stitched handguard panel that is one of the Aegis’ most distinctive styling components. Blended seamlessly with the rest of the chassis, this GeekVape flagship device exudes a luxurious quality that can only be found among the most elite vaporizers. However, the handguard panel isn’t just for looks: it’s incredibly comfortable to hold, helping to prevent accidental “spills and thrills.”

Indeed, ergonomics is probably the top reason why several vape enthusiasts clamor over the GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod. At only 3.56 inches tall (90.5 mm), the Legend can easily fit in most places without sticking out. Moreover, at 2.3 inches wide (58.5 mm) and 1.2 inches deep (30.6 mm), the Legend Mod has the perfect “circumference” for comfortable, everyday carry.

As you can see, GeekVape does everything to make sure you’ve got a tight grip on your Aegis Legend. But should the unfortunate or the unforeseen ever occur, you have the assurances of military-grade protection backing you up. Featuring a shockproof MIL STD 810G-516.6 high-grade silicon construction, the Legend is perhaps the most durable vaporizer in the market.

Furthermore, water exposure doesn’t have to spell the end of your device. GeekVape integrated IP67 waterproof and dustproof construction materials into the Aegis Legend Mod, representing phenomenal protection. IP, which stands for Ingress Protection, or International Protection, has two numbering systems. In this case, the 6 stands for total protection against dust, while the 7 stands for water immersion between 15 cm (5.9 inches) and 1 meter (3.25 feet).

Another excellent feature of the GeekVape Aegist Legend Mod is its remarkably clear full-color digital display interface. Irrespective of ambient environment, you can almost always pick out critical performance metrics that the Legend Mod is communicating to you. The company’s latest tech, the all-new AS chipset, facilitates this stunning lucidity.

However, that’s not all that the AS chipset is good for. Many average vaporizers must be utilized in near-ideal temperatures and ambient conditions before they can perform adequately. And this is an area where other durable vaporizers fall short – yes, the materials may be shockproof and water-resistant, but what good are they if the internals can’t keep up?

Again, this is where GeekVape stands alone in the durability arena. The AS chipset is specially engineered to work in almost any environment. Thus, if the device suffers an accidental drop, or incurs water exposure, the AS chipset will keep the Aegis Legend Mod functioning as if nothing has happened.

Underlining the Legend are two 18650 batteries (sold separately). On a convenience scale, vape enthusiasts will appreciate the ubiquity of the 18650 format. They’re available at any tech-related retailer, although we at Vapor Authority carry an array of 18650 batteries and at prices that cannot be beat! In particular, the GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod responds extremely well with the latest Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 battery, which lasts considerably longer than the competition.

Furthermore, the Legend Mod has a maximum power output of a blistering 200W. That’s more than enough for virtually all everyday enthusiasts, and is very satisfactory for even professional cloud-chasers and vape competitors. With such an exceptional powerplant, the Legend delivers a temperature range between 200F at the low to 600F at the high.

Finally, the GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod features a micro-USB port for easy firmware updating. GeekVape is one of the best manufacturers in terms of quality control and customer support, so you’ll want to take advantage of their updates. Also, the port can double as a battery charging process.

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Vape MOD Batteries

To Purchase Batteries for the Legend MOD, Click HERE

GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod Specifications:

Manufactured by: Geek Vape

Threading: 510

Maximum Wattage Output: 200W

Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F (100°C - 315°C)

Resistance Range: 0.05 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Battery Compatibility: Dual 18650 (Sold Separately)

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc and Silicone

Height: 3.56 Inches (90.5 mm)

Width: 2.30 Inches (58.5 mm)

Depth: 1.20 Inches (30.6 mm)


GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod Includes:

1x Aegis Legend MOD

1x User Manual

1x USB Cable

1x Warning Card

GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod Features:





Adjustable Wattage

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Clear and Concise OLED Screen Display

Dual 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Durable, Rugged, and Exceptionally Strong

Power, VPC, TC-TCR, and Bypass Mode Enabled

Extremely Beautiful Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic Geek Vape

Reviews for Genuine Geek Vape™ Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod (Waterproof & Shockproof)
4.7 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
from Tennessee on
So far this has been a good purchase. Feels sturdy in the hand and easy to use for even most beginners. The battery compartment stays secured and little worry about them falling out. Buying from Vapor Authority has been a great experience and is my go to site for mods!
from New York on
2 thumbs up for the Aegis. Extremely well constructed heavy duty mod. Simple operation. Had it about a month now. Not one negative comment to say in this review I've recommended it to several friends would highly recommend it to anyone that vapes
from Texas on
I have been vaping for 4 years now and have always had the Inokin Coolfire 4 or the TC version for the durability aspect of the box. When I needed a replacement; I shopped for a few weeks before settling on the Aegis Legend. The fact of it being shock and water proof is what made up my mind. Upon arrival it was larger than my coolfire and a bit heavier, after a while getting use to it and experiencing the performance that concern was gone. Straight forward operation and so easy to set up I was vaping in minutes. I am a very active outdoor person and look forward to putting it through my paces "Welding, Grinding, Building Fence, Working with the tractor, and Working Livestock while in the rain sometimes. With the construction of this box; I don't think it will have a problem keeping up with me. The only down fall I have noticed is the rubber incorporated in the housing makes it a bit difficult to get in or out of my pocket, however I do not have to worry about it falling out of my pocket anymore or the cup holder on the tractor or the truck/car console or cup holder. I want to thank Joe at Vapor Authority for making the transaction to this box easy for me. Vapor Authority is my go to place from this point forward; keep up the good that yall doA
from Texas on
This is the most durable mod that I’ve owned by far! I’m a horse trainer and have gone through many mods in the past due to mishaps of my own or a horses fault.
In the last 6 months of owning this mod, it has been dropped several times, fallen into water, and even been ran over and it still works the same as the day I pulled it out of the box.
Just bought a second one just because I wanted another color choice.
Now if Geek Vape could design a tank as durable as this mod it is, I would be in heaven!!!
from Ca on
So far, so good, kind of. I like the water resistant idea. I killed a few mods due to leaking. The shockproof side is a plus to me. It is very nice looking. It does have a little bit more heft to it compared to my other mods but I think that’s due to the rubber-like skin around some of the parts. If that helps in a dropped mod to keep functioning, I’m ok with that.
The battery compartment lid was a bit tight at first but after a while of changing batteries, it seems to have resolved itself. I ripped a couple of battery skins on the edges. It is tight inserting them in and removing. I don’t know if it’s me being thoughtless or the Wells need to be beveled a little. When my next set of batteries arrive I can make a better determination.
I have not updated the firmware yet. The unit is working well in its basic power mode. That fits all of my needs.
I would recommend this mod with caution to the battery port. But then again, that hiccup could be due to me, user error, or just this specific unit.
from Detroit on
An absolute beast of a MOD. Super reliable!
from Dayton, TX on
This is my first mod and I liked the fact that it's waterproof and shockproof, ya gotta have something that ya can carry all day and not have to pamper.
I have nothing else to compare it to but here is my opinion.
The Good:

200 watts...more than I will EVER need. I "burn" at 35 to sometimes 75 watts and the batteries last all day (after the software update).

The case is made of substantial cast/machined metal housing, not stamped metal or cheap plastic.

The display glass, though larger than I would like seems small enough that it shouldn't be too prone to breakage from an accidental drop.

The controls and settings are pretty strait forward (though basic), after you figure it out (remember, this is my first mod).

NOW, the Not so good..

Some bugs in the programming...I've had more that a few occasions that I change the tank or coil and hit the fire button before hitting the "New Coil Old Coil" screen and it keeps burning until I acknowledge the +/- button....that can cost a wick or coil if things aren't prepped right (I know, it should be turned off during changes...but we are human).

The recharge port is a little tight, but you can trim the plastic off of the cord you want to use to make it fit...that's the price of being waterproof...not a big issue!

All in all, I Love it and would definitely buy again if it's present performance continues!!!

from Louisiana Bayous on
Bought this mod (Stealth black)and a pair of Hohmlife 18650s from VA about a month ago. The Aegis is my second high power regulated mod after leaving stinkies 4 years ago using vape pens and small tanks with expensive coils. The batteries compare very well with LG HGs. The mod looks great and works perfectly. Feels like custom made for my hand. Being a noobe with wicking and coil building I've made made a few mistakes resulting in tanks leaking all over the mod which would probably have destroyed my Cylon. The Aegis? I just held it, tank and all, under the faucet and wiped it dry. I wish I'd bought the Aegis first and highly recommend it as a first mod to any beginner along with at least 2 pairs of Hohmlife or other high capacity/high amp 18650s. It does go through low capacity batteries quickly so don't skimp!

Vapor Authority processed my order quickly, packed it securely and shipped it fast. They also included a free 30 day buyer protection plan/guaranty from Norton/Symantec which eased my concern about my first order! I am pleased to recommend them without qualification to anyone! Vape on!
from Republic of weaseldonia on
Mod good! Mod tough! Thag think door of battery maybe stiff, maybe just hate Thag. Thag like Vapor Authority, Dey send stuff Good! Thag think mod waterproof, not weaselproof, not put in weasel. Ask Thag if Thag buy again? Thag say no, already have one, not buy again. That think Dat stooopid question. Thag love Vapor Authority, Thag like Cameron, Thag like San Diego, not smash. Thag say Bye! Thag say Banana!
from Boerne, TX on
Disclaimer: DO NOT DO WHAT I HAVE DONE. For some reason I trusted the mod, I threw it into the bottom of my pool so like 9-10 feet pulled it out of the water after 60 seconds or so, gave it a nice little shake and I was good! I don’t know who would give this mod less then 5 stars! Low key it loves to take batteries so my personal suggestion is to always have a back up pair somewhere, I have too many 18650’s so it’s not a big deal for me but it may be for you. After multiple occasions of my friends thinking I’m dumb and then I would hold it under water and the leather or whatever is on it hasn’t changed a bit. And trust me I’ve probably had this for around a month and the leather seriously hasn’t changed I basically did everything to the mod that they advertise and I gotta say, this will probably be the last kind of mod I’ll get, it’s too great for me.
1 2