Aspire Breeze / Breeze 2 Replacement Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)

By Aspire
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Aspire Breeze / Breeze 2 U-Tech Kanthal Replacement Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)

The Aspire Breeze and Breeze 2 are some of the most convenient vaping setups on the market today. Compact and light, yet exceptionally well-performing, this wonderful device is truly in a class of its own. Carefully designed to offer a pleasant mouth-to-lung vaping experience, both Aspire Breeze versions require virtually no skill or knowledge to use whatsoever.

Of course, one of the key components that enables the Aspire Breeze to deliver such phenomenal vapor and flavor production is the superior atomizer coils that have been designed to operate with it. Set to a resistance of 0.6 ohms or 1.0 ohms, these sensational coils offer rich and flavorful hits, accompanied by satisfying vapor clouds. Internally, the Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coils are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton wicks, which are entirely void of contaminants, such as bleach, colorants, pesticides, and fungicides. The result is substantially and noticeably cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your e-juices.

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Aspire breeze Atomizer Coils Specifications:

Manufactured by: Aspire

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Available Resistance: 0.6 Ohms, 1.0 Ohms

For Use with: Aspire Breeze Kit; Aspire Breeze 2 Kit


Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coils Includes:

5 x Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coils

Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coils Features:

100% Organic Cotton Wicks

Perfect for Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

High-Quality Kanthal Resistance Coils

Produce Hefty Vapor Clouds

Deliver Rich and Robust Flavor


100% Authentic Aspire

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Brenda Lango
Great deal

Got it quickly


My issues could very well be user-error, but I only get 1-3 days out of these coils. I had the exact same issue with the Smok Nord and its coils which is why I bought the Aspire Breeze 2. I've tried priming with a few drops in just the side holes, just the top, the sides and the top, those variations with a lot of drops, and just putting the coils in and letting them sit in the juice - all produce the same 1-3 day lifespan result. The only thing that seems to help is using juice with a lower VG% - like 50/50. To be fair, I vape salt nic and VERY heavily. I'm giving the Smoant Pasito with the RBA deck (rebuildable coil) a try.

Stacy C.
They ALL Work

No issues

Rachel Ivon

They came quickly, but have a burning taste

linda godwin

Arrived on time, worked as stated


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