Aspire Mulus 80w Pod System Starter Kit

By Aspire
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Aspire Mulus 80w Pod System Starter Kit

Known for packing incredible power and performance in a compact package, Aspire starter kits – particularly those offered in pod mod formats – have set the industry benchmark for both incredible quality and value. Nevertheless, the revered company has never rested on its laurels. The latest Aspire Mulus 80W Pod System Starter Kit is proof-positive of this corporate ethos. Featuring a robust, versatile platform in an attractively arrayed and convenient chassis, the Aspire Mulus 80W is the perfect device for the socially mobile vape enthusiast.

Opening the package for this striking pod kit, you quickly realize how visually satisfying the Aspire Mulus 80W Pod truly is. While photographs are great, they don’t do the Mulus justice. Wrapped in a thin, compact chassis, this latest Aspire device measures 3.83 inches tall (97.4mm) and 1.97 inches wide (50mm). Further, with a depth of only 0.94 inches (24mm), you can easily tuck the Mulus away should the need arise.

Additionally, each Aspire Mulus offers attractive color and styling elements, which effortlessly accentuates the subtle bezel design of this pod vaporizer. As well, the resin drip tip incorporates dynamic coloring, infusing the overall chassis with a touch of pizzazz. Further, this mouthpiece component incorporates a tapered design, which many enthusiasts will find much more comfortable and intuitively ergonomic than the “straight down” cylindrical format.

Underlining the Aspire Mulus 80W Pod System Starter Kit is a single 18650-format high-amperage mod battery (sold separately). Contrary to other pod systems, the Mulus elected an external battery source rather than an internal one. Obviously, this means that you can extend the range of your Mulus 80W Pod indefinitely – you are only limited to how many 18650s you wish to purchase. Therefore, if you find yourself on the road, the Mulus should be at the top of your short list of prospective vaporizers.

Despite the single battery format, this next-generation Aspire pod can easily stand up to several dual-battery powered competitors. Thanks to its advanced chipset, the Mulus churns out a variable wattage range from a subterranean 5W to a blistering 80W. As well, voltage output ranges from 0.5V to 8.0V, providing enthusiasts with several experimentation options. Better yet, the power comes on smoothly and reliably, no matter what setting you elect.

Further, the Aspire Mulus 80W Pod System Starter Kit offers a resistance range between 0.2 ohm to 0.8 ohm. Included in the starter kit are four of the most remarkable Aspire atomizer coils: 0.4-ohm Tigon Coil, 1.2-ohm Tigon Coil, 0.7-ohm Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil, and 1.8-ohm Nautilus BVC Coil.

Granted, the above choices represent an eclectic spectrum of vaping methodologies. Typically, though, many compact vaporizers lack the capacity to accommodate such a wide range. What separates the Aspire Mulus from the rest of the pack is the integrated Nautilus coil adapter base, which facilitates compatibility with either Nautilus or Tigon coils.

Moreover, the adapter base utilizes an airflow control ring. Open up the airflow channels for a free-streaming pathway to your lungs, which is perfect for flavor-lovers and cloud-chasers. On the other hand, you can restrict airflow, providing a tighter hit for traditionalists seeking to mimic the analog format.

Lastly, the Aspire Mulus 80W Pod System Starter Kit doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to convenience and safety. Instead, it leads in these core but sometimes underappreciated categories. For one thing, the Mulus 80W Pod features a massive 4.2ml e-liquid reservoir capacity – an unheard of capacity for such a small device.

An important consideration for the Mulus is the refilling process. Most of the pod is integrated into the device’s architecture. To access the refilling portal, simply pop out the magnetically attached back cover plate. From there, slide out the silicon stopper that’s plugging the e-liquid reservoir, which then reveals a large fill portal. Drip in your choice e-juice concoction, install the stopper back in along with the magnetic plate, and you’re good to go.

This distinctive design also prevents e-liquid from spilling out accidentally. Therefore, you can carry this device – even fully loaded – without worrying about causing a mess.

On the safety end, the Mulus’ chipset affords several confidence-inspiring features, which include: 10-second overtime cutoff, short-circuit preventative mechanism, open-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection. Though the Aspire Mulus has several attributes desirable to advanced enthusiasts, these protective mechanisms provide assurances for vaping connoisseurs of any skill level.

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Aspire Mulus 80w Pod System Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Aspire

Wattage Range: 5W – 80W

E-Liquid Capacity: 4.2ml

Resistance Range: 0.2 Ohm – 0.8 Ohm

Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 (Sold Separately)

Threading: 510

Available Colors: Shale Black; Lava Flow; Psychedelic Blue; Deep Valley

Height: 3.83inches (97.4 mm)

Width: 1.97 inches (50 mm)

Depth: 0.94 Inches (24 mm)


Aspire Mulus 80w Pod System Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Aspire Mulus 80W Device

1 x Aspire Mulus Pod

1 x Coil Adapter

1 x 0.4ohm Tigon Coil

1 x 1 x.2ohm Tigon Coil

1 x 1 x.8ohm Nautilus BVC Coil

1 x 0.7ohm Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Aspire Mulus 80w Pod System Starter Kit Includes:

Brand-new compact vaporizer from Aspire

Unique, colorful aesthetic elements

Magnetic backplate covers

Tapered and ergonomic drip tip design

External 18650 battery (sold separately)

Variable wattage from 5W to 80W

Massive 4.2ml e-liquid pod capacity

Compatible with Nautilus and Tigon coils

Convenient e-liquid spill prevention

100% authentic Aspire

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Aspire Mulus 80w

The Aspire Mulus is a plug and play simple pod and coils. Battery has a good life and can last for days. A very colorful, artsy selections to choose.

Aspire Mulus 80w Pod

Aspire Mulus 80w Pod is a nice small kit. Perfect for on the go use.

Aspire Mulus 80w pod kit

Exactly what I was looking 4, a simple kit with enough power I can enjoy the flavors.

Andrew Cramer

Love the one I just ordered. After a week, its safe to say, this might be my favorite vape ever.

Andy Fellsworth

Lots of coil options, good capacity and great flavor. All around, very impressed


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