Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick 30W Box Mod Full Kit

By Eleaf

62 reviews
List Price: $51.99
Sale Price: $30.99

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Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick 30W Box Mod FULL Kit

The Eleaf iStick Box MOD by iSmoka has rapidly gained a lot of notoriety from vapers around the world. This phenomenal device is loaded with a host of features, setting it apart from virtually any other box MOD on the market today. The Eleaf iStick is the perfect size for comfortably carrying around and using on a daily basis—something that is generally difficult to do with other box MODs.

As a company, Eleaf iSmoka has gained an unprecedented following due to their revolutionary Advanced Personal Vaporizer, the iStick. Just months after the release of this magnificent product, they have improved on the original version with the release of the iStick 30W APV.

The iStick 30W is packed with all of the wonderful features of the original iStick, but with great additions that are sure to further enhance your overall vaping experience. First and foremost, the new iStick 30W is capable of reaching a wattage output of 30W, compared the 20W maximum afforded by the original iStick. This is a phenomenal feature, particularly for those who wish you use sub-ohm atomizer coils.

Similar to the rest of the Eleaf iStick family, the iStick 30W is a variable voltage and variable wattage device. The voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 8V, while the wattage can be adjusted from between 5W to a whopping 30W. This not only provides a fantastic vaping experience, but also provides for a highly versatile one, as you are able to use the iStick 30W with a very wide range of atomizer resistances.

Unlike the original iStick, the iStick 30W is capable of reading sub-ohm resistance atomizers, all the way down to 0.4 ohms. This affords even higher levels of flexibility with the tanks that can be used with it.

As with the original iStick, the Eleaf iStick 30W is a passthrough battery. What this means is that when the battery has depleted all of its charge and needs to be plugged in, it can still be used. This ability essentially ensures you that you will never be without a functioning electronic cigarette, so long as you are near an outlet, a computer, inside a car, or otherwise able to provide a charge to your device.

The Eleaf iStick 30W is furnished with a high-quality OLED screen, which displays the Voltage, wattage, battery level, vape timer, and atomizer resistance. This information allows you to always experience the best vape you possibly can, with no unpleasant surprises.  The iSmoka Eleaf iStick 30W is also armed with all the necessary safety features, including over-discharge protection, automatic shutoff, low voltage protection, and on/off functionality. With these safety measures in place, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you are well-protected.

In every possible way, the Eleaf iSmoka iStick is one of the very best electronic cigarette products on the market today. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper, the iStick 30W APV is an absolute must-have device.

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Eleaf iStick 30W User Manual  Download the Eleaf iStick 30W User Manual



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Adjustable Wattage






Eleaf iStick 30W Specifications:

Voltage Output: 2V – 8V

Wattage Output: 5W – 30W

Battery Capacity: 2,200 mAh

Length: 77mm

Width: 32.5mm

Depth: 23mm

Weight: 0.2 Pounds

Available Colors: Black, Stainless, Magenta, Blue

Thread: 510


iSmoka Eleaf iStick 30W Kit Includes:

 1 x Eleaf iStick 30W

1 x 510-to-eGo Thread Adapter

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Wall Adapter

1 x User Manual

Eleaf iStick 30W Features:

Sub Ohm Resistance from 0.4 ohm 

2200mAh Li-Ion Battery

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage Capability (6W - 30W) / (2V – 8V)

OLED display

510-Thread (with 510-to-eGo adapter)

Passthrough Capability

Low power Alert

Power On/Off

Accurate Metering

Low-Voltage Protection

10-Second Automatic Shutoff Protection

Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection

Low-voltage Protection

To Turn Battery ON: Click the fire button 5 times rapidly.

To Turn Battery OFF: Click the fire button 5 times rapidly.

To Lock/Unlock the iStick 30W, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously.

To switch between Wattage Mode and Voltage Mode, click the fire button 3 times rapidly.

Reviews for Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick 30W Box Mod Full Kit
4.9 out of 5, based on 62 reviews
from Illinois on
Been using the iStick 30W for about a week now and I really dig it. Vapor Authority shipped it quickly and it was packaged very nicely. The thing works great and the display is easy to understand. I use it with the Aspire Nautilus and it's a great combo. I was previously using a Vision Spinner but I wanted something that was a little more compact and had more power. It really looks and feels "solid state"... like its put together with quality components. I'm thinking about getting another one. When I find something that works well, I stick with it (no pun intended). Even though I've been vaping for four years, I just quit smoking the day this iStick arrived and after 42 years...this time I think I'm going to actually be able do it. That's how great this thing works!!!
from Hollywood, FL on
I bought this to replace my mini iStick, which lasted a long time but finally has to be retired to be used as a backup.
I am really pleased with the iStick 30W; I agree with the other reviewers regarding battery life and power. Quite adequate for my taste. I'm using it with an Aspire Triton mini, which I also just bought. So far the combination is perfect for me. My goal with vaping is to not pick up cigarettes again. This does the trick for me.
from Texas on
So far so great. If it quits working I WILL BE BACK and I won't be nice. That being said it exceeded my expectations. Battery life is excellent and it runs my iclear 30 like a boss. Also Vapor Authority has given me excellent service and they were quick to reply to my emailed questions with accurate information. It's nice to find a company that does what it says.
from Oklahoma on
Ready to go out of the box.
The best go-to Vape.
Good price. Good 4 day delivery.
5 Stars with no hesitation.
from NE Florida on
ELeaf gets better all the time. Bought as a back-up with an Aspire Nautilus tank. If you’re new to this, consider a metal cover for the Pyrex container and a silicon battery cover. I have been very satisfied using ELeaf and Aspire products together.
from Michigan on
I had owned 2 of these in the past, got back into vaping so this was a natural choice for me. Superior manufacturing and easy to understand adjustments make this iStick the best choice for anyone. 2200 mah lasts all day using a Melo 3 Nano and .75MTL coil. I couldn't ask for a better setup.
from New York on
I’ve used the Eleaf iStick 30W mod for almost 2 years. When I decided to finally quit smoking, I went on You Tube and watched video after video, review after review. I wanted to quit so badly and needed to figure out what would work for me. I wanted a battery that would pretty much last all day. I ended up choosing the 30W iStick and I’m so glad I did! I really knew absolutely nothing about batteries but knew I didn’t want to use separate batteries, I wanted a device that was small, easy to use and have enough power to make me feel like I was really smoking. Once that was figured out, I needed a tank but which tank? I ended up pairing it with a Kangertech Nano tank and that did it for me. Then, I needed a good online vape shop for help and support in answering the questions I had, placing orders, etc. I found Vapor Authority and they are awesome!!! I have to say that they played a big part in my success of finally putting cigarettes down. I always receive my orders in record time. The Eleaf iStick 30W is awesome and the people at Vapor Authority are awesome too. Once I called them freaking out because I put my mod in my cup of coffee. Believe it or not, I’m still using that iStick and that’s since March or April. I don’t think anyone could go wrong with an iStick 30W and I mean that! I give the Eleaf 30W iStick a 5 out of 5 and I give Vapor Authority a 10!!! Thank you everyone at Vapor Authority for all your patience, help, and support!!! You guys are the best!!!
from Missouri on
I love the Eleaf30 and have been using it for almost 2 yrs. They last about a year before you need to replace and the price is great! I keep 3 of them in case I can't get them charged immediately after the battery dies. One battery lasts almost all day depending on how much I use it. Great product, great quality and quickly delivered!
from Wallington on
I love this one. I order bigger or smaller or better and they are all sitting in a box. I keep ordering this one. I have learned my lesson and I am not going to try any other ones. This is my 5th one. The only reason I order new ones is because the screws loosen up after a while and I can't seem to find new screws to fit.
from Vancouver, WA on
Another excellent product by iSmoka Eleaf. I have two of their 50-watt mods (you have to have a back-up, right?) and they are amazing. But sometimes you don't need that huge hit, like in the morning. The 50-watt can punch you. Just took my first puffs from my new 30-watt. Very impressed. Exactly what I'm looking for. Smooth, consistent, well-made.
It even ramps up and delivers good clouds, if you want. Since I already have those, this will be my mellow smoker. Have it paired with a Melo III Mini, which fits nicely and looks awesome. And, as always, excellent service by VA. Thank you, very appreciated.
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