FreeMax FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank

By FreeMax
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FreeMax FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank

In the immediate advent of sub-ohm vaporization, a few core manufacturers introduced their products to the world. Fast forward a few years later, and these same companies represent the gold standard of sub-ohm vape tanks, in part due to their first-to-market advantage. But because of the immense popularity of vaping, new innovations, such as the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank, have taken center stage.

Although a very new debutante into the vaping sector, the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank has all the right ingredients of a stellar, standout device. Featuring exquisite design elements that distinguish the FireLuke from even the most stylish of sub-ohm tanks, FreeMax has a true winner on its hand. Moreover, exceptional quality and attention to fine details underline the FireLuke, helping to lift it above the competition.

Upon opening the package, the first impression that you receive from the FreeMax FireLuke is its unique aesthetics. Capturing your gaze is the delicately etched borosilicate glass, e-liquid reservoir, which unlike so many other sub-ohm tanks, utilizes an asymmetric convex design. The reservoir is thicker at its bottom-third, which gives the FreeMax FireLuke a classic, lithe posture.

What is also particularly stunning is the accoutrements that surround the FireLuke’s e-liquid reservoir. The metallic rings feature industrial-chic indentations that are a perfect contrast to the reservoir’s seductive lines. In addition, the atomizer coil housing’s stainless steel glimmer provides the finishing touch to the overall design.

Vape enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that FreeMax not only provides different color schemes for its FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank, but that each color choice is accompanied by a slightly different take on the tank’s framework. Thus, choosing a color also means enjoying a distinct styling design. This is an incredible option that FreeMax offers, and it’s frankly surprising that more manufacturers don’t follow suit.

Despite its youth, FreeMax has already established a reputation for excellent user-centric functionality, and their latest product is no exception. For instance, the e-juice reservoir’s convex design provides additional volume for your choice liquids; in its native form, the FireLuke has a 5.0 ml capacity, making it an ideal platform for long road trips and unexpected business meetings.

Additionally, the 5.0 ml capacity is larger than the FireLuke’s several competitors. However, the added space results in this sub-ohm tank being less portable. In situations where dimensions are at a premium, FreeMax offers a 4.0 ml glass tank, which has a thinner, “bubbled” profile.

Moreover, the FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank utilizes a threaded top-fill system. Unlike other devices which require unscrewing the tank from its base, vape enthusiasts can instead deliver their choice e-liquids straight from the top. This process is much more quicker and convenient than the traditional bottom-loading route. Additionally, a vaper can reload without having to expend what is currently in the tank.

Aside from their extraordinary quality, beautiful aesthetics, and end-user convenience, FreeMax is renowned for delivering tremendous value for your money. The FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank takes this attribute to the next level. The default offering in the FireLuke package is the 0.15 Ohm sextuple coil. This powerhouse atomizer coil can run 60W to 140W of pure vaping energy.

This range also represents the ideal balance for flavor lovers and cloud chasers. At 60W, enthusiasts enjoy robust cloud production in addition to cool, soothing vapors. Dial the FireLuke up to 140W, and you’ll easily see why this sub-ohm tank was named as such. Brawny draws are followed up immediately with saturated layers of dense clouds – the phenomenon has to be seen to be believed!

But what really stands out for the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank is the inclusion of a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) section. This platform features a stacked, two-post build deck with two terminals per post, designed for the ultimate in massive cloud production. Moreover, each terminal features a 2.5 mm opening, providing the perfect spacing for extensive and complex personalized builds.

Indeed, with vapers increasingly stepping into the rebuildables arena, standard build decks just wouldn’t cut it. Today’s enthusiasts demand both extraordinary power facilitation and the convenience to stack complex, creative setups. Anything less would simply be subpar.

FreeMax could already rest on its laurels at this point, and the FireLuke would already be a phenomenal outperformer. However, the company didn’t brand itself “FreeMax” for nothing! Within the RTA section, engineers utilized dual-airflow channels, featuring 5.0 mm by 4.5 mm dimensions for each channel. The end result for the vaping connoisseur is boundless supply of practical energy, pumping out an audacious volume of clouds.

Just as importantly, FireLuke users will enjoy the subtle tastes and nuances that emit from this sub-ohm tank so generously and effortlessly. It’s no exaggeration to say that in RTA mode, the FireLuke belongs in a class of its own. The unusually delectable flavor profile is further aided by FireMax’s inclusion of corner wicking cutouts. This elegant, unassuming feature provides that extra touch that pushes FireMax above the premium sub-ohm tank manufacturing competition!

If that weren’t enough, the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank also includes a dual-adjustable bottom airflow control system. Utilizing 14.0 mm by 3.5 mm dimensions for each air slot, this distinct bottom flowing system is perfectly spaced to deliver the right “air/fuel” mixture for your draws. An overlooked but valuable attribute is that the airflow control system can be fully closed, allowing the vaping expert to truly fine tune his or her draws and overall experience.

Finally, the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank includes a proprietary 13mm bore drip tip. This almost outrageously convenient system allows the vape enthusiast to intake the desired amount of vapor to produce a specific flavor profile. Few manufacturers offer this technology – especially at this price point – which again makes the FireLuke prominent among the competition.

In a word, the FreeMax FireLuke is stunning. Most newcomer vape manufacturers enter into this highly competitive arena wide-eyed and frozen at the amount and magnitude of industry innovations that are forwarded, and seemingly on a weekly basis.

But rather than cow down in fear, FreeMax delivered an astonishing sub-ohm tank in the form of the FireLuke. Featuring something for everyone, the FireLuke is an uncompromising blend of power, performance, aesthetics, and all-around usability. Get yours today while they’re still available!

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4 ml






0.15 Ohms


FreeMax FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: FreeMax

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 4.0 ml

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Atomizer Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Fill Type: Top-Fill

Wattage Range: 60W – 140W

Diameter: 0.98 Inches (25 mm)


FreeMax FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank Includes:

1 x FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank

1x FireLuke Atomizer Coil (0.15 Ohms)

1 x Pair of Pre-Built Clapton Coils

1 x Spare 4ml Glass Tube

1 x Proprietary 13mm Wide-Bore Drip Tip

1 x Flathead Screwdriver

1 x Bag of Spare Parts

1 x User Manual

FreeMax FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank Features:

Outstanding new sub-ohm tank from FreeMax

Expert workmanship and superior construction materials

Broad power range between 60W and 140W

Almost unbelievable cloud production

Convenient threaded top-fill system

Massive 5.0 ml capacity e-juice reservoir

Two-post build deck with two terminals per post

Includes pair of prebuilt Clapton Coils

Innovative dual-adjustable bottom airflow control system

Incredible value for your money

Customer Reviews

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Matthew c

Me and my fiancé love them he won’t use any other tank and same here

Kevin post
Poor shipping

poor shipping... when I finally received the correct tank it rocks wish I didn't have to wait 12 days to get it

Genuine FreeMax™ FireLuke Sub Ohm Tank

Really nice tank works great with mesh and has full flavor . So far I like alot . Holds good amount of juice and doesn't flood .


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