Genuine Herakles 3 Sub Ohm Tank by Sense™

By Sense

4 reviews
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $14.99

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Sale herakles-3-tank-by-sense

Sense™ Herakles III Sub Ohm Tank

The sub-ohm vaping industry is an incredibly competitive arena, dominated by a few powerful elites. While this makes choosing among the options easier for consumers at some level, the lack of robust manufacturing diversity also presents challenges. Fortunately, the Sense Herakles 3 Tank looks to break the mold, delivering rich, powerful vapes at incredible prices.

The Sense Herakles 3 Tank is forwarded for strictly no nonsense performance. Constructed out of premium-grade stainless steel, and featuring a resilient borosilicate glass reservoir, the V3 Herakles has the right stuff to compete with the big boys. Moreover, its 4.5ml e-liquid capacity, flip-hinged top-fill system, and interchangeable V-jet coils ensure that the latest variant Herakles has plenty of top-class innovations to satisfy the most demanding of vapers!

One of the first things you’ll notice when you open up the Sense Herakles 3 Tank package is how striking the overall design is. Evoking the industrial-chic framework that is the signature of sub-ohm manufacturers, Sense also integrates its own distinct lines that make the Herakles 3 Tank standout from the crowd.

In addition, vape enthusiasts will love the plethora of color options that are included with this latest tank. But whether you go with the classic stainless steel look, or the bold rainbow-colored design, every Sense Herakles 3 is imbued with the quality construction for which the underlying company is famous.

Starting from the beautifully crafted Delrin drip tip, this often overlooked component helps cool down the vapor before it enters your lungs. Just as importantly, the Sense’s drip tip is designed to help prevent gunk from building up in your tank. Finally, Delrin is a much more comfortable material than metal, and it doesn’t hurt your teeth upon accidental contact!

As mentioned previously, the Sense Herakles 3 Tank features a 4.5ml e-juice reservoir capacity. This is incredibly important for two reasons. First, it provides extended range for vapers who either live busy lives, or who are away for extended sessions. The added e-liquid capacity also cuts down on unnecessary reloading time.

Second, and more practically from a budget perspective, Sense delivers this extra capacity without breaking the bank. Too many of the top manufacturers either have substandard capacity for their sub-ohm tanks, or charge an arm and a leg for upping the volume.

With Sense, you’re dealing with a manufacturer who are vapers first, and businesspeople second. They understand the working enthusiast’s needs, and therefore, price their Herakles 3 at a very reasonable entry point.

One of the best and most convenient features of this innovative tank is the flip-hinge top-fill system. Such a function eliminates one of the more frustrating elements of the vaping process, where e-juice reloads typically occur by unscrewing the base, and refilling from the bottom. With a top-fill system, no cumbersome actions are required – just fill and enjoy.

Additionally, you have the benefit of reloading without having to drain out any remaining e-liquid. With the Sense Herakles 3 Tank, the company’s engineers went a step further with the flip-hinge design, which is far more easier to modulate than most other top-fill systems.

However, when the system is closed, it remains that way, helping to prevent accidental e-liquid spillage. That’s smart thinking from an organization known for their vaper-first attitude.

Moving further along, the Sense Herakles 3 sub-ohm tank is armed with the latest coils from the V-Jet Coil series. This includes the 0.4-ohm and 0.6-ohm coil heads, which are both vertically integrated and rated for 40W to 100W. If you want the latest in reliable, robust power, look no further than these V-Jets!

Combining forces with the atomizers is a triple 9x2 mm adjustable bottom airflow system, which delivers smooth and efficient airflow. The airflow can also be completely closed, thereby allowing for a full sealant of the entire vaping system.

For the enthusiast, the end result of all this technology is a powerful, mid-wattage device that delivers absolutely delectable vapors. Each draw is silky smooth, and can be modulated per vaper preference. With choice e-liquids, the Herakles 3 extracts all the tones and nuances in the flavor profile, which should make this tank an instant success.

Keeping with enthusiast trends, but striking forward on its own path, the Sense Herakles 3 sub-ohm tank is a distinct entry into the competitive vaping industry. With gorgeous lines, extended range, and reliable performance always on tap, the Herakles 3 is your go-to sub-ohm tank!

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Sense Herakles Atomizer Coils

To Order Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Herakles 3 Tank, Click HERE






4.5 ml






0.4 Ohms, 0.6 Ohms


Sense Herakles 3 Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Sense

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 4.5ml

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Atomizer Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Fill Type: Top-Fill

Wattage Range: 40W – 100W

Available Resistance: 0.4 Ohs, 0.6 Ohms

Height: 2.47 Inches (62.8 mm)

Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24 mm)


Sense Herakles 3 Tank Includes:

1 x Herakles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x 0.4 ohm Kanthal V-Jet Coil (40W – 100W)

1 x 0.6 ohm Kanthal V-Jet Coil (40W – 100W)

1 x  Replacement Glass Tank Section

1 x Spare Parts Pack

1 x User Manual

Sense Herakles 3 Tank Features:

Latest sub-ohm tank from Sense

Large 4.5ml e-liquid reservoir

Superior craftsmanship and quality

Excellent vapor profile and consistency

Convenient flip-hinge top-fill system

Robust and reliable V-Jet Coils

Tremendous value for the money

Attractive aesthetics and ergonomics

Reviews for Genuine Herakles 3 Sub Ohm Tank by Sense™
4.3 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from Ohio on
I picked this tank up on sale for $14.99 a couple of days ago... it was so worth it. Easy to use and a great all around tank.
from Beards Fork, WV on
Typical sub ohm tank, 4.5 ml capacity - Vet jet coils, good vape production with dual air flow valves..
from Portland on
I decided to try this tank because I have two Sense Blazer 200 tanks and I really like them, and while looking for different places to get replacement coils for the Blazer 200 (I was hoping to find them cheaper than where I was getting them from) I found the coils for this tank, and being that there was five in a pack for this tank where as a pack of coils for the Blazer have only three and cost more I decided to look into this tank. I looked around at different reviews for this tank and they were good, so instead of buying another Blazer 200 tank and more coils for the Blazer I got one of these tanks (rainbow) and a pack of coils and received it on the 10th, and then a few days latter when I got my paycheck for that week I bought a second one (black), I know I should have waited until I had a chance to use the first tank but if I had done that I would not have bought the second tank at all, the reason is because the rainbow tank leaks, I had a few bottles of E-liquid left (ones that I did not really like) and so I kept using my Blazer until I got my new set of ejuice, it came the same time I got the black tank, before I started using the Herakles. Made sure both tanks where set up right, rings set right, and made sure the coil itself was also tight, some times the little white o-ring on the coils are not seated tightly, then filled them up, the black tank is great, no problems but the rainbow tank leeks, It leaks right after installing a new coil, it leeks right after being filled, and it leeks even after its been filled for hours, yes the air flow is closed when I fill and I have made sure the coil is seated properly and tightly. I have used three coils now, the two that came with the tank and one from a brand new pack of coils I got from here, it just leaks, it will leak for a while and I will wrap a rag or paper-towel around the base where the airflow is while the airflow is open and give a few light blows into the mouth piece to clear out the liquid that might have gotten into the bottom where the air flow is and it will stop for a time but then anywhere from a few min to a few hours later its leaking again. As I said the black tank is fine, no leaking at all, but the rainbow tank does leak, not sure if I got a defective tank or what is going on. They have great cloud production (not too important to me) and produce good flavor.
from CA on
Great tank, pretty dank flavor, decent clouds. All in all, great purchase. No issues at all.