Innokin Scion 2 Sub Ohm Tank

By Innokin
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Innokin Scion 2 Sub Ohm Tank

You will not find a single vape enthusiast who doesn’t love the innovations that have been forwarded by today’s top manufacturers. Seemingly every year, we have new technologies that push past prior limitations and offer bountiful modularity and customization options.

Yet the one drawback of these advancements is price. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and while vapers today enjoy no shortage of choice, it’s extremely difficult to find a vaping package that offers both performance and accessibility. This is where the Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank takes front and center stage.

The Innokin Scion 2 Sub-Ohm Tank is the successor to the original – and wildly popular – Scion, the company’s first foray into the high-wattage sub-ohm device sector. Competing against the most established names in the vaping industry, the original Scion scored rave reviews and won multiple awards from the cloud-chasing community.

Naturally, a successor model was Innokin’s top priority, and the Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank lives up to all expectations!

Rip open the packaging, and you’ll find precisely why so many “real-world enthusiasts” have bought up the first iteration in droves. Moving away from the gaudy physical attributes of so many other product offerings, the Innokin Scion 2 has a crisp, clean aesthetic. Rather than catering to adolescent adoration, Innokin instead went for subtlety and maturity.

It might take some time to grow into the latest Scion, but you’ll appreciate it more as the months and years go by. This is especially valid because Innokin engineers wanted the attention to zero in on the Scion 2 Tank’s array of end-user features and conveniences.

The Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank is fitted with a 10 mm Bore 810 Delrin Drip Tip, which is ergonomically designed and comfortable to the mouth. Furthermore, the Scion 2 is compatible with virtually any 10 mm 810 drip tip, distinguishing itself from the original model.

The Scion 2 also features an updated slip-top fill system. Rather than forcing the vaper to unscrew the base ring of his/her sub-ohm tank, and reloading from the bottom, this latest tank from Innokin allows the end-user to slide the top cap away. Upon doing so, you’ll see large fill ports, allowing you to reload easily and conveniently, as well as helping you to prevent unwanted messes. When you’re done reloading, simply slide the top cap back to its original, closed position, and you’re ready to vape!

Of course, the leading attribute of the Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Tank is its exceptionally small dimensions. Designed for pure discretion and inconspicuousness, the Scion 2 certainly deserves its name. Matched with an equally compact mod, you’ll find no issues vaping on the down low.

Nevertheless, what makes Innokin stand out is that they’re able to integrate so many features found in full-sized tanks in diminutive spacings. One of the biggest examples of this is the 3.5 ml e-juice reservoir capacity. You’d expect that something this small would only run a minimum of a 2.0 ml capacity reservoir. However, Innokin engineers designed this component to sit into the bottom base ring, freeing up capacity while maintaining the Scion 2 Tank’s overall ultra-compact stature.

But perhaps the most impressive attribute of the Innokin Scion 2 Tank is its performance metrics. Despite having the disadvantage of limited dimensions, it’s capable of driving massive power ratings. Thus, if you want uncompromising discretion and envelope-pushing performance, you’ll find very few products that match the Scion 2.

Pre-installed in the packaging is Innokin’s 0.28-ohm Parallel Kanthal Coil atomizer system. This setup is quite literally one of the holy grails of sub-ohm vaping. The Parallel Kanthal Coil runs an astounding power band from a low of 100W to a scorching high of 200W! Make no mistake about it. This beast was designed for one thing, and one thing only: deliver outrageous clouds of the likes that have never before been seen!

And does it live up to the hype? In every single, possible way. If you have the chops to handle the Innokin 0.28-ohm PKC, you’re in for the shock of your life! With one huge rip, you can emit a roaring kaleidoscope of thick, voluminous clouds. We have to warn you that this atomizer system is only for hardened veterans of the vaping arts and those who have the skills to take their performance to the next level.

To go for a smoother edge, Innokin also offers the 0.5-ohm Kanthal Coil. Rated between 70W to 100W, the 0.5-ohm version produces much more flavorful and enjoyable draws. You’ll still get the rich clouds for which Innokin is famous; however, the 0.5-ohm variant is designed for more casual sessions, and the experience you’ll get makes this point very conspicuous.

No matter what atomizer setup you elect, the Innokin Scion 2 Tank dual-adjustable airflow system allows you to finetune your sessions to your precise requirements. Innokin engineers drilled the air slots to a dimension of 9.0 mm by 2.0 mm, which provides the perfect “air-fuel” mixture for your draws.

Open up the airflow to introduce an airy characteristic to your draws. Or, if you prefer, you can narrow the airflow for tighter hits, which is usually preferable for vapers transitioning from analog platforms. Finally, this system is fully closable, should you wish.

A major reason why Innokin is such a popular vape manufacturer is not only its attractive price point for its library of products, but the company is an expert at providing value for the dollar. The latest Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank is no exception.

Included in the packaging are two world-class atomizer heads, which we just discussed. In addition, Innokin provides an additional glass replacement tank section, an extra drip tip, an O-ring pack, and one “vape band” which serves as a glass protection component.

At a time when retailers and manufacturers are finding ways to get away with less, the Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank is one of few companies going against the grain by providing more. More power, more performance, and more components, all in a discreet package at an unbelievable price. Innokin hit it out of the park, and you’ll want to buy your Scion 2 at before it flies out our doors!

Scion Coils:

Recommended Wattage (0.28 Ohms): 100W – 200W

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms): 70W – 110W

Plexus Scion Coils:

Recommended Wattage (0.15 Ohms): 60W – 110W

Recommended Wattage (0.13 Ohms): 80W – 110W

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Innokin Scion Atomizer Coils

Purchase Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Scion 2 Tank

Purchase Plexus Replacement Mesh Coils for the Scion 2 Tank






3.5 ml






0.15 Ohms, 0.28 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms


Innokin Scion 2 Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: Innokin

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 3.5 ml

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Drip Tip Material: Delrin

Available Atomizer Resistance: 0.15 Ohms, 0.28 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (0.15 Ohms): 60W - 110W

Recommended Wattage (0.28 Ohms): 100W – 200W

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms): 70W – 100W

Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24 mm)


Innokin Scion 2 Sub-Ohm Tank Includes:

1 x Scion 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x Scion 0.28 ohm Coils (Pre-Installed)

1 x Scion 0.5 ohm Coils

1 x Additional Glass Tank Section

1 x Extra Drip Tip

1 x Extra O-Ring Pack

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x Vape Band

Innokin Scion 2 Ultra-Compact Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

Follow-up to the wildly successful Innokin Scion

Clean, discreet aesthetic for “downlow” vaping

Robust construction designed for the long-haul

Incredibly compact stature that’s easy to hide

Convenient top-fill e-liquid reloading mechanism

Includes two world-class atomizer heads

Facilitates incredible power of up to 200W

Intuitive adjustable airflow system

Incredible value for dollar ratio

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Genuine Innokin™ Scion 2 Sub Ohm Tank

I like this 2nd version of the Scion tank. One small issue. I get juice that's discolored in the stack and in the tip and also on top of the slide mechanism. I've tried filling with less liquid but it's happening every time I need a refill. I hoped to avoid having to clean the tip with this new mechanism. But overall I like the new tank. And the price was great!

Genuine Innokin™ Scion 2 Sub Ohm Tank

I have four of these tanks so far 2 black 2 rainbow. I love them so does my wife.


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