Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers - 5 Pack

By Kanger
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Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers

The Kanger brand is known as one of the very best electronic cigarette hardware manufacturers.  Kanger products have a reputation as very high quality.

The Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers are among the very best poly-filler style cartomizers currently on the market.  They hold a good amount of e-liquids, and produce an exceptionally clean and flavorful vapor and throat hit.

These cartomizers come empty, are easily refillable, and can last up to 20 refills.

Cartomizers are disposable cartridges with atomizers built into them. Simply remove the soft white cap, fill them with your favorite e-liquid and attach to your choice of pen style battery

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Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Coil Type: Horizontal

Available Resistance: 2.8 Ohms

Threading: 510

Length: 1.5 Inches (38.1mm)


Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers Includes:

5 x Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers

Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers Features:

Smooth and Consistent Flavor

Leak-Free Design

Fits All 510-Thread Batteries

Horizontal-Coil Configuration

100% Authentic Kangertech

How to Fill Kanger 510 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers:

  1. Pop out the white rubber plug from the end of the clearomizer
  2. Using either a needle tip bottle or your e-liquid bottle, carefully saturate the filament surrounding the center tube (Do not pour E-Liquid into the center tube or let it overflow into this tube, it is for airflow only)
  3. Either put the white rubber plug back in or replace this with a drip tip (recommended)

Note: For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to soak in before vaping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kelly Johnson
Burn out / short out quick

As much as I love these and have used them for many years, they seem to burn out or short out very fast. Sometimes as soon as I fire it up for the first time. Obviously you dont start a new atomizer on a high W or V, but even on a very low w/v these are saying no atomizer as soon as I put a new one on. Very sad!


I have been using these for quite a few years without issue until recently. I am finding anywhere from 1-3 per box that are not working. Not sure what the problem is, but after putting juice in it and putting it on a new battery I get nothing. The light on the evod just flashes. Try several different fully charged batteries, nothing.

Rick Richmond
Many not working

Been buying this item from you for some time. Occasionally one cartridge doesn’t work, this order on full box of 5 not working. Have not tried the other 4 boxes I received yet. Very disappointing.

Denis Geto


Reliable old tech

Pull the wadding and little cotton sheet out from around the wick, patiently and carefully drip BHO/Rosin down (no more than a gram at a time) so it coats the coils and fills up. These can be refilled but I recommend cleaning with alcohol and making sure all alcohol is gone before filling again. Some last less than 2 weeks, some last more than 2 months.


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