Kanger Arymi Armor CHC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (4 Pack)

By Kanger
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Kanger Arymi Armor CHC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (4 Pack)

The Arymi Armor Tank by Kangertech is a wildly popular device, with rave reviews by vapers from across the globe. It is praised for its ability to deliver large vapor clouds and flavorful hits. With a top-fill design, dual-adjustable airflow valve, and entirely leak-free construction, it is no wonder why the Armor tank is in such high demand. However, it would be unable to provide for such a wonderful vaping experience without the sensational atomizer coils that have been engineered to function with it.

The Arymi Armor CHC Atomizer Coils are made with exceptionally high-quality materials. The rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum-zinc body shields the internal components from the elements. The coil is fabricated with top-she 316L Stainless Steel wire. A low carbon metal, it provides for exceptionally enhanced flavor production, and can be used in both wattage and temperature mode.

Kanger uses 100% pure Japanese organic cotton as the wicking material for the Armor CHC Atomizer Coils. This is an important distinction to standard cotton, as organic cotton does not contain impurities, such as bleach, pesticides, or colorants. This results in a prominently cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your favorite e-juice.

One of the most unique characteristics of the Armor CHC Atomizer Coils is their exclusive configuration. Unlike any other atomizer coil in existence today, the drip tip and coil are fused into one cohesive body. This helps enhance flavor intensity, thereby adding to the overall vaping pleasure.

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Arymi Armor CHC Atomizer Coils Specifications:

Manufactured by: Arymi (Kangertech)

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Wire Material: Stainless Steel (316L)

Available Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

Recommended Wattage: 15W - 45W

For Use with: Arymi Armor Tank


Arymi Armor CHC Atomizer Coils Includes:

4 x Arymi Armor CHC Replacement Atomizer Coils

Arymi Armor CHC Atomizer Coils Features:

Uses Pure Organic Cotton

Made with 316L Stainless Steel Wire

Durable Aluminum-Zinc Body

Exclusive Integrated Drip Tip Design

Produces Large Vapor Clouds

Offer Robust Flavor

100% Authentic Arymi (Kangertech)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gerald Briest
hard to find


hard to find

they work.

Paul Pongratz
Amazingly small diameter air inlet

Had to drill the holes out to .075 to get anything to happen when using as DTL vape, it did however improve the coil to the point where I could use it.
The holes on the .5 ohm are slotted and allow generous airflow, not so with the 1 ohm coils!
I did not bother to measure the stock holes but they were maybe .030 and the coil was unusable as a DTL vape.
Maybe I'm just ignorant but these are almost unusable (for me anyway) as DTL
I've got 12 of them now so what do I have to lose?

Genuine Kanger™ Arymi Armor CHC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (4 Pack)

True Arymi coils, price is cheaper than my local vape shop, and super fast shipping. 5 stars

Genuine Kanger™ Arymi Armor CHC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (4 Pack)

These coils aren't available through retail where I live. True Arymi coils. I'm happy with them. Thanks guys!


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