Poldiac Classic by MMVapors - Mechanical Mod

By Metal Madness Vapors
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Authentic Poldiac Mechanical MOD by Metal Madness Vapors

Manufactured in Greece, the Poldiac Mechanical MOD is one of the highest quality and well-made MODs on the market today. Metal Madness Vapors, who skillfully engineer, design, and manufacture the Poldiac, spared no expense in constructing this masterpiece. They paid careful attention to every detail, from the materials used, to the functionality, to the beautiful aesthetics. In every fashion, the Poldiac represents the “Rolls Royce” of mechanical MODs.



From the moment you lay eyes on the Poldiac MOD, you will notice that this is no ordinary device. Regardless of the angle from which you are looking, the Poldiac is simply a stunning work of art. Available in a variety of prearranged brass and stainless steel arrangements, you can select the “pants” and “shirt” that suits your fancy.

Constructed with high-grade stainless steel and brass, this masterpiece is as solid as it is gorgeous. Regardless of the specific model, the Poldiac MODs are all intricately engraved on the bottom end caps with a serial number, the Poldiac logo, and an elaborate decorative design that looks like it came straight from Ancient Athens. Along the rim of the base are several ventilation slots that not only add to the beauty of the device, but also help dissipate the heat generated by the battery. Although the various designs look different from one another, each and every Poldiac MOD demonstrates the immaculate craftsmanship of the Metal Madness designers.



It is a well-known fact that silver offers the highest conductivity than any other metal in the world, including gold. Taking this fact into consideration, Metal Madness Vapors silver-plated each and every contact component within the Poldiac, giving it the best conductivity than any other MOD on the market today. The silver plating is over 15µ thick, giving it conductive properties comparable to advanced medical devices. Even the spring within the Poldiac is furnished with silver-plating, and fits securely into the bottom cap, allowing it to house 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries (18500 and 18350 additional sleeves sold separately). In addition, the spring acts to lock the battery firmly in place, virtually eliminating any sort of rattling.



The Poldiac revolutionized the MOD industry with their groundbreaking DID Stealth Magnetic Button—the very first of its kind. Consisting of a side-firing switch, the Poldiac MOD eliminates the need for spring-operated buttons by utilizing the law of magnetism. This functions in precisely the same way that magnets do when faced with equal poles. This is a brilliant feature, as the fire button will never lose its repelling property the way that a spring-operated button does over time. It additionally virtually eliminates the possibility of a misfire, as the resistance needed to press and release the fire button remains constant through time, regardless of the level of use. To absolutely ensure that the device will not accidentally fire, MM designed the Poldiac to allow for the shirt to be slightly twisted in order to lock a partially pressed button in place.

Moreover, the Poldiac MOD has been fabricated with an adjustable 510 connector as well as an adaptable battery tube, allowing the atomizer to sit flush with the device’s top cap. This helps prevent the battery from rattling inside the device—a problem experienced with many other mechanical MODs.



From the top-down, inside and out, the Poldiac Mechanical MOD is unquestionably one of the highest-end and well-designed MODs on the market today. It has received a multitude of rave reviews from a plethora of advanced vapers and drippers from around the world, and for very good reason.

If you are in the market for an ultra-high-quality mechanical MOD and won’t settle for anything but the very best, congratulations, you have found your device!

Note: Battery Sold Separately.

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    Poldiac Classic MOD Specifications:

    Manufactured by: Metal Madness Vapors (MM Vapors)

    MOD Type: Mechanical

    Thread Type: 510

    Battery Compatibility: 18650 (18500 and 18350 sleeves sold separately)

    Height: 4.13 inches (105mm)

    Diameter: .89 inches (22.6mm)

    Material: Stainless Steel


    Poldiac Classic MOD Includes:

    1 x Poldiac Classic MOD by MM Vapors

    Poldiac Classic MOD Features:

    Made with Ultra-High-Grade Materials

    Machined to Precise Perfection

    Exceptionally Smooth Threading

    Handmade by MM Vapors Master Craftsmen

    100% Authentic Metal Madness Vapors (MM Vapors)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Amy Lewis
    Genuine Poldiac Classic™ by MMVapors - Mechanical Mod

    I bought an Uma Classic in 18650, and fell in love with it. It puts all my other mechs to shame in performance, build quality, and looks. So I bought two more! I got an Aname Sleek and a Freddy Classic in 18650, and now the Poldiacs are all gone, no more Poldiacs will be made, ever. So very glad I got them while I could.

    jill ahrens
    Genuine Poldiac Classic™ by MMVapors - Mechanical Mod

    This has to be the classiest mech mod I have ever seen. Such a high quality device and virtually no voltage drop. Couldn't be happier!


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