Genuine Smok™ G-Priv 2 LUXE Kit (230W Luxe Edition & Prince Tank)

By Smoktech

6 reviews
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Smok™ G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition Kit (230W Luxe Mod & Prince Tank)

As one of the foremost leaders of the industry, SMOK has been steadfastly committed to progression, advancement, and unparalleled excellence from the moment this legendary company was founded. Their stanch devotion to providing the most cutting-edge and pioneering vaping hardware has certainly differentiated the SMOK brand from others within the industry. Most prominent for their exclusive and powerful tanks, MODs, and coils, every product baring the SMOK name is sure to provide the best vaping experience obtainable. Among their many popular devices, one of the most prevalent releases to date is the renowned G-Priv 2 Kit, which became an instant hit the moment it was offered to the vaping community. They have done it again with the latest edition of this celebrated kit—introducing the SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition. As with the others within the collection, this remarkable setup is equipped with the most hi-tech and state-of-the-art technology, coupled with award-winning design and engineering. Collectively, this masterpiece offers truly unparalleled flavor intensity and vapor production, making the G-Priv 2 Luxe one of the most sensational vaporizers on the market today.  


SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition Box MOD:

As with the others in the series, and indeed with all of SMOK’s marvelous devices, the G Priv 2 Luxe Edition Touchscreen MOD is fabricated using only the choicest of available materials. The structure, frame, and body are built with high-quality aluminum-zinc metal, which is an exclusive amalgamation of magnesium, zinc, copper, and aluminum. With each alloy providing certain key attributes, the resulting material makes the G-Priv 2 Luxe incredibly durable, resilient, rigid, and corrosion-resistant. The G Priv 2 Luxe MOD’s gorgeous carbon fiber paneling is not only aesthetically pleasing, but remarkably strong as well. The MOD’s elegant touchscreen is constructed with premium-grade, shatter-resistant tempered glass, which is designed to withstand the strains of heavy daily use.

Internally, the SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition MOD is equipped with a trailblazing microchip, which offers a vast spectrum of useful capabilities. One of the central of such features is its adjustable wattage operation. By engaging the screen, this phenomenal function enables you to accurately regulate and control the amount of power released by the battery during use. You are afforded the ability to set the output power to a low of 1W and up to a maximum of an astonishing 230W. The wide range of available power permits you to pair the G-Priv 2 Luxe with virtually any resistance atomizer coil you elect, making it fantastically versatile. The ability to govern the device’s power is also beneficial, as it helps eradicate gurgling and flooding, which is particularly useful when switching between various e-juice with differentiating levels of Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Enhancing the user experience, and furthering the progressive nature of the G-Priv 2 Luxe are the virtual buttons that are available to control the device. With no physical buttons, you can more accurately adjust settings, thereby fine-tuning the performance of the MOD to your specifications.

In addition to your ability to manipulate the amount of power unleashed by the device, the SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe is also integrated with temperature control, sensing, and limiting functionality as well. When joined with an atomizer head containing stainless steel, titanium, or nickel coils, this feature allows you to govern the temperature to which the atomizer coils heat. As a result, you are afforded the ability to regulate the temperature of the produced vapor, allowing for cooler or warmer hits, in accordance with your requirements. Additionally, the device’s temperature control operation also virtually eliminates the frustration associated with dry and burnt hits as well.

SMOK judiciously designed the G-Priv 2 Luxe to be powered by two external 18650 batteries (sold separately). Accommodating external batteries rather than internal ones is greatly beneficial, as it affords you the ability to carry charged spares with you at all times, in the event that the ones in use are depleted prior to your ability to charge them. More importantly, since all rechargeable batteries will fail to hold a charge after a certain number of charging cycles, once this occurs with fixed internal battery devices, the entire MOD must be discarded and replaced. However, when the batteries used with your G-Priv 2 Luxe have surpassed their lifespan, you can effortlessly and inexpensively replace them, and continue using the device itself.

Inasmuch as the many features of the SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe are useful and impressive, perhaps the most groundbreaking is its touchscreen arrangement. Similar to smartphones, all of the device’s settings, menus, and functions can be controlled via the touchscreen using your finger. Once initiated, the high-quality OLED screen very concisely and vividly displays a vast range of key data. You can view the temperature setting, the wattage setting, the resistance of the atomizer coil in use, the output current, the number of puffs, the remaining life of each battery, and any errors that may occur. Moreover, the integrated puff monitor permits you to limit the quantity of hits taken, providing you with unsurpassed control. Further enhancing the leading-edge nature of the device is its convenient digital clock, which will display by clicking on the fire button.

To ensure that your G-Priv 2 Luxe is always furnished with the most up-to-date firmware, SMOK brilliantly engineered the device with firmware upgradability. Using the included cable, simply connect the USB end into any personal computer or laptop, visit the SMOK website, and rapidly download the latest release. In doing so, you will make sure that your MOD is operating at optimal levels, and is equipped with the most recent technologies and bug fixes.

SMOK also paid careful attention with safety in engineering the G-Priv 2 Luxe, as it is armed with numerous safeguards. These include Reverse Polarity Protection, Low Voltage Protection, High Voltage Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Overheating Protection. These safety features will provide you with ease-of-mind when using your G-Priv 2 Luxe, with the comfort of knowing that you are protected from potential hazards.


SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank:

The SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition Kit comes complete with the renowned and highly-coveted TFV12 Prince Tank. As one of the most powerful and well-performing vape tanks on the market, this phenomenal device delivers truly unrivaled vapor clouds and flavor intensity. You will be astonished by the way in which your favorite e-juices come to life, as well as the thick, rich vapor offered by this masterpiece. Professional reviewers from across the globe have raved about the unparalleled performance of the TFV12 Prince, making it the ideal choice for this incredible kit.

As with the G-Priv 2 Luxe MOD, the TFV12 Prince is constructed with the most durable materials. The body and chimney are made using premium-grade 304 stainless steel. A combination of steel, nickel, magnesium, and chromium, the qualities afforded by the alloy blend ensure rigidity, solidity, and high resistance to rust and corrosion. In turn, you will be able to enjoy using your TFV12 Prince Tank for extended periods of time without faltering.

To house the e-juice fed to the atomizer coils, the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank is equipped with a high-quality borosilicate glass reservoir. Unlike plastic, which is susceptible to deterioration due to the acidic composition of e-liquid, the Prince’s glass tank is entirely unaffected by the acidity. As a result, you will enjoy markedly cleaner, more accurate, and purer flavor, while simultaneously ensuring that the tank will always remain aesthetically immaculate. In addition, the TFV12 Prince’s basin is extremely high in capacity, capable of holding a whopping 8ml of e-juice. This drastically reduces the frequency of refills.

However, once the liquid has depleted and a refill is in order, SMOK made this task incredibly swift, convenient, and effortless with their advanced top-fill system. Unlike standard bottom-fill tanks, which require you to detach the tank from the MOD, and separate the base from the body of the tank, the TFV12 Prince enables you to access the fill ports directly from the top of the device. Furthermore, as opposed to the majority of other top-fill e-juice systems, which still require you to unscrew the top-cap, the TFV12 Prince’s fill ports can be exposed by simply swiveling the top-cap open and shut, with no need to detach any component whatsoever. This makes refills incredibly easy and mess-free.

Further aiding the unsurpassed vaping experience afforded by the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank is its state-of-the-art airflow control valve. This marvelous component affords you the ability to accurately control the volume of air that enters the tank when taking a hit. In turn, you can enjoy tighter or airier draws, in line with your personal preferences. You can restrict the air intake by rotating the adjustment wheel counter-clockwise, or increase airflow by turning the wheel clockwise. This not only helps facilitate a more customized vape, but also helps eliminate flooding or gurgling as well.

In line with all of SMOK’s exceptional TFV Tanks, the TFV12 Prince is used in conjunction with numerous competition-level atomizer coils. You can choose between the Prince Q4 (quadruple-coil), the Prince X6 (Sextuple-Coil), and the Prince T10 (Decuple-Coil), in accordance to your personal likes, wants, and preferences. Irrespective of the particular variation you select, all of the Prince coils are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic wicks, which are entirely devoid of contaminants, such as bleach, colorants, fungicides, and pesticides.

If you are looking for an incredibly advanced, cutting-edge, well-performing, and easy-to-use touchscreen vaporizer kit, the SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition should be at the very top of your list. Artfully-designed, masterfully-engineered, and loaded with every feature and function available, this gem is sure to satisfy even the choosiest of vapers.

Note: Batteries Are Sold Separately

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SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Atomizer Coils

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SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Drip Tips

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Vape MOD Batteries

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Intermediate, Advanced


50% or Higher VG


External (Sold Separately)


SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Wattage Range: 1W – 230W

Voltage Range: 0.35V – 8V

Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F (93°C - 14°C)

Resistance Range (VW Mode): 0.1 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (Temperature Mode): 0.06 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Battery Compatibility: Two 18650 (Sold Separately) – (Both Must Be Identical)

Threading: 510

Available Colors: Gold, Chrome, Rainbow, Blue, Gun Metal, Black

Height: 3.46 Inches (85mm)

Width: 2.04 Inches (52mm)

Depth: 1.07 Inches (27.3mm)


SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 8ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Drip Tip Material: Delrin

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Available Resistances: 0.4 Ohms, 0.15 Ohms, 0.12 Ohms

Available Colors: Stainless, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Rainbow

Height: 2.48 Inches (63mm)

Diameter: 1.1 Inches (28mm)


SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Kit Includes:

1 x SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition Box MOD

1 x SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank

1 x V12 Prince Q4 Atomizer Coil (0.4 Ohms) - (Pre-Installed)

1 x V12 Prince T10 Atomizer Coil (0.12 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

1 x Bag of Spare Parts

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User manual

SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe MOD Features:

Full Touchscreen Configuration

Shatter and Shock-Resistant Tempered Glass

Variable Wattage Functionality

Variable Voltage

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Firmware Upgradability

Pre-Heat Functionality

Can Accommodate All Atomizer Coil Materials

Lock/Unlock Ability

External Tactile Fire Button

Dual-Battery Level Indicator

Integrated Ohms Meter

Spring-Loaded, Self-Adjusting Contact Pin

Delivers Up to 230W of Power

Three Output Mode Settings Available

Adjustable Initial Resistance

Variable TCR

Takes External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Carbon Fiber Panels

Magnetic Battery Door Cover

Made with High-Quality Materials

100% Authentic SMOK


SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Features:

Groundbreaking Flip-Top Cap

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Dual-Adjustable Airflow Control Valve

Massive 8ml E-Juice Capacity

Cobra Delrin Wide-Bore Drip Tip

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Tank

Entire Tank Can Be Disassembled

Replaceable Drip Tip

Stunning Aesthetic Design

Made with the Highest-Quality Materials

Manufactures Astonishingly Large Vapor Clouds

Delivers the Unsurpassed Flavor Intensity

Better Performance Than Rebuildable Atomizers

100% Authentic SMOK

How to Turn On/Off the SMOKtech G-Priv:

1. Make sure that you have installed the 18650 batteries properly.

2. To turn on the G-Priv, simply click the fire bar 5 times rapidly, then press "yes" on the touchscreen. Please note that you must click the bar rapidly in order for it to turn on. To turn the G-Priv off, click the fire bar 5 times again.


How to Fill the SMOK Big Baby Beast Tank:

1. Press down on the top-cap and rotate it clockwise to swing it open.

2. Add e-juice through the fill port, making sure not to get any liquid into the center airflow tube.

3. Swing the top-cap in a counter-clockwise direction to close it.


How to Change the SMOK Big Baby Beast Atomizer Coil:

1. First, rotate the tank so that the mouthpiece is aimed at the floor.

2. Next, detach the base of the tank (the battery end) from the tank by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Next, remove the old atomizer coil by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

4. Then, attach the new atomizer coil to the base by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

5. Prime the new atomizer coil by adding a few drops of e-juice on the dry cotton.

6. Finally, attach the base back onto the tank by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

7. You can now attach the tank onto your battery for use.

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Reviews for Genuine Smok™ G-Priv 2 LUXE Kit (230W Luxe Edition & Prince Tank)
5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
from So. Cal on
Great mod bought this to replace my Smok Al85, which I really did not care for. Best features are the large tank and easy to use touch screen. I have bought from a lot of different vendors online but VA made me feel like this is going to be the only store I will make my future purchases from.
from United States on
Oustanding kit. Bought again because I lost. I prefer the Prince to all of the other Smok kits I have tried. I can get the perfect taste I want at 100W on this using 12mg juice. Batteries will get me through at least a full day or more of heavy vaping. Get it if you can.
from Philadelphia, PA on
This mod is great! I wish there was somewhere to review Vapor Authority's customer service because they are the absolute BEST! I ordered 3 times and they went over and above to help me out! They were so helpful and so nice! Love the same day shipping and the selection they have! I will order from them forever! ABSOLUTE BEST customer sservice! Thank you!
from Tucson on
Great product very nice looking color and very easy to use and clean even for being a beginner
from Nc on
Just got my vape in today and I am absolutely in love. You can't go wrong with this kit! Pictures don't do it justice!!!
from Here on
This is one elegant vape beast. I have the first release of the Priv2 (Tank sucks, baby X) but the mod works great and this is the basically the same unit but with the most awesome prince tank and coils with more cotton in them, than I have ever seen, which creates some lengthy, flavourful draws without going dry or burnt coils. Beyond the amazing touch screen features, VW mode, temp control, puff and colour control, click to lock, top slide fill and warming function, this is the most stylish, beautifully crafted mod I have seen. I went with the rainbow because wanted a pop of colour and was kind of worried that I should have went with the gun metal, but I definitely made the right choice. The way the mod and tank are beveled creates this non gaudy, beautiful ever changing pops of colour dependent on angle and lighting. When I get a chance I will try and post some pics on Twitter and tag VA but I am not sure the pictures will do it justice. You really have to see it in person because the ad pics don't really capture the fine details that knock this out of the park aesthetically. The tank is one huge, yet totally swank look that compliments the mod. The coils are superior but also a space hog so will probably truly get about 4 to 5 ml of useable fluid which is a hell of a lot better than the 2ml on the baby X. The Mod definitiv goes through a lot of juice very quickly but you are getting lungfuls of great, warm flavour and that is the point. It is easy to fill. When lock the part at the top the directions say to snap it shut and they don't mean a delicate push. The release on it is ok but it is not so effortless and wonder how long that will last. Personally I prefer the simple snap open and shut on the new Wisemec and Vapresso NRG because I am completely confident they will not pop open but I don't plan hauling this mod anywhere so it isn't a big deal for me. This mod charges from the bottom which isn't a big deal to hang of the edge of the counter if position the charging cable correctly.
All I know is this mod is staying at home because it is THE ultimate showpiece and best Mod in my entire collection. One word of warning and this has nothing to do with quality, but this comes preinstalled with a coil and while I've never really bothered to check to see if others are secure , in this case it wasn't tight enough and leaked out the entirety of the tank all over the place. Not only was it a huge mess but lost a good deal of $20 fluid. It could have come dislodged during shipping (it happens) but in the future it is something I will make sure to check and just wanted to give a heads up to others.
After disassembling, washing, buffing out the mod and making sure the new coil was tight, it is a no brainer to assemble. If are on the edge of whether to purchase the Smok 2 with the crappy baby X tank but, certainly the same mod function, even if not as stunning or beautifully crafted piece then the Prince Version, personally, I would spend the extra 10 or twenty bucks and buy something you won't regret. If already bought the first Priv 2, I'd spend that extra money on the Prince tank and pack of coils. Anyway, couldn't be happier with this purchase!! :)
Plus, I was unsure off what batteries to buy and received a prompt email with the link from customer service. Also, I just recently began using Vapor Authority and get packages in like 3 days plus, every bottle of fluid is wrapped in this thick foam so there is zero damage or leaks. The tank and now Smok 2 Prince starter kit arrived beautifully boxed plus the receipt is enclosed is this really classy little black envelope. The service here is stellar and I will definitely be a repeat customer!