Smok Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridges w/ Coil (3 Pack)

By Smoktech
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Smok Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridges w/ Coil (3 Pack)

The SMOK Rolo Badge open-pod vaporizer system has recently been one of the most widespread developments within the electronic cigarette industry. Clear-cut, easy-to-use, and incredibly small, this pocket-sized device allows you to begin your vaping journey with virtually no required skill or knowledge whatsoever. One of the central advantages to the Rolo Badge’s arrangement is the open-pod system with which it operates.  

In contrast to traditional vape tanks, which contain an atomizer coil that must be replaced, and a body that must be rinsed and cleaned every time you wish to alternate between e-liquid flavors, the Rolo Badge configuration affords you the ability to dedicate a specific pod for each flavor, thereby permitting you to effortlessly rotate between e-liquids with great ease. Furthermore, the convenient 2ml pods are designed to accommodate a broad range of e-juice types and consistencies. You can enjoy anywhere from PG-dominant mixtures to those that contain a vegetable glycerin composition up to 70%. The SMOK Rolo Badge Pods also work flawlessly with nicotine salt e-juices, which enable you to enjoy markedly higher concentrations of nicotine, while concurrently delivering an even and smooth hit.

Further augmenting the spectacular hits and overall pleasant vaping experience the Rolo Badge Pods help provide are the state-of-the-art atomizer coils that are integrated within them. Furnished with premium wicks that are made with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton, you will enjoy a substantially purer, cleaner, and more accurate flavor than standard-cotton counterparts. This is due to the fact that organic cotton is wholly devoid of impurities, such as pesticides, bleach, colorants, and fungicides.

Similar to the high-quality materials used to manufacture the Rolo Badge Pods, SMOK designed these wonderful cartridges with proprietary magnetic connectors, which not only enable you to effortlessly remove and replace them, but also ensure a secure and solid connection between the battery and the atomizer coil. In addition, the connectors are fabricated with gold-plated stainless steel, thus providing for unsurpassed electrical conductivity as well.

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SMOK Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridge Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

E-Juice Capacity: 2ml

Pod Type: Refillable

Atomizer Coil Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wicking Material: Cotton

Connector Material: Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

For Use with: SMOK Rolo Badge Kit


SMOK Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridges Include:

3 x SMOK Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridges

SMOK Rolo Badge Replacement Pod Cartridge Features:

Exceptionally Easy to Use

Made with High-Quality Materials

Enable you to Interchange Between Various E-Juice Flavors

2ml E-Juice Capacity

Gold-Plated Magnetized Connector

Wickless Ceramic Arrangement

Pods can be Refilled

100% Authentic SMOK

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chase Samuel

These pods do not disappoint! Smooth and true to your salt nic. Really nice hit on these. I’m grateful I found a place that sells them here and at a really decent place here. Rolo badge is a great device and these pods I’m positive you’ll love.

Terry Watters
no fuss is a must

never have any issues like spitback with these pods. Something I have struggled with in the past.


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